Solaceon Town

Solaceon Town ズイタウン
Zui Town
"Free of Worry!"
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Map description
The temperate climate makes this town a relaxed and casual place for people and Pokémon to live in.
There is a Pokémon Day Care and a Pokémon Center here.
Beyond a path hemmed by stands of trees, one can find the entrance to the Solaceon Ruins.
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Route 210
Solaceon Town
Solaceon Ruins
Route 209
Sinnoh Solaceon Town Map.png
Location of Solaceon Town in Sinnoh.

Solaceon Town (Japanese: ズイタウン Zui Town) is a town in central Sinnoh. It is located between Route 209 and Route 210, while also being the location of Solaceon Ruins. It is a fairly small town with a tiny village community.


Free of Worry! (Japanese: きままに くらせる まち A town of carefree living.)


Solaceon Town is a temperate town where people and Pokémon can relax. According to the town's locals, there was once nothing there but a road, but people and Pokémon gathered and a town formed. Solaceon Town is populated mostly by Ranchers and Cowgirls, and appears to be a farming community. As mentioned by a local, there were big Pokémon ranches around the town in the past. Most of the town residents live on the western side of town, near the main road. The eastern side of town is full of trees and ledges, resembling a maze. Solaceon Ruins is located on the far east side of town.

Close to the town are the Lost Tower, a tomb for deceased Pokémon, and the Hallowed Tower, home of Spiritomb.

Places of interest

Pokémon Day Care

The Day Care in Solaceon Town
Main article: Pokémon Day Care

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Sinnoh's Pokémon Day Care is located here. This is where Trainers can drop off and pick up Pokémon from the old couple that lives there. Pokémon left at a daycare gain experience based on how many steps the player takes. It is free to put a Pokémon into the daycare and it costs $100 to take it out, plus an additional $100 per level increased while in the daycare. The Pokémon Day Care can keep up to two Pokémon at a time. Pokémon kept there will occasionally breed and have a Pokémon Egg, if certain conditions are right. The old man waits outside the house facing the road, informing the player if they have found an Egg. The old woman waits at the counter inside for Trainer to pick up and drop off their Pokémon. There will also be a man waiting at a table there, giving the player a Day Care Checker app for their Pokétch. There must be a Pokémon already in the daycare when entering the building for the man to be there.

Pokémon Nursery

Main article: Pokémon Nursery

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Day Care is replaced by a Pokémon Nursery which appears identical to the Day Care.[1] Unlike the Pokémon Day Care, Pokémon left at a Pokémon Nursery do not gain experience.

Pokémon News Press

Pokémon News Press
Main article: Pokémon News Press

Solaceon Town is also home to the Pokémon News Press building. It is run by two people, who create and print the Sinnoh region's newspaper. The Pokémon News Press is tiny, containing only a TV and a desk, with a writing pad and a computer, but the newspaper is said to have many fans. One of the men asks the player each day to show him a different Pokémon the player has already seen, awarding Poké Balls if the request is granted. The Pokémon he wants to see is often simple to obtain because he only asks for Pokémon already listed in the player's Pokédex. A player who accomplishes this task within 24 hours will be rewarded with three of any type of Poké Ball, except for Master Balls, Cherish Balls, Safari Balls, and Park Balls, as well as a Heart ScalePt. They are featured as a top story of the newspaper on the computer called the "Weekly Poké Ball Roundup". There are featured articles on new types of Poké Balls.

Solaceon Ruins

Main article: Solaceon Ruins

The Solaceon Ruins is a cave found in the eastern side of Solaceon Town. It is the set of ruins where the player can find the Unown in Sinnoh. The first room has no Pokémon in it and there is writing in the Unown alphabet that indicates which exits to take to get to the last room. The second room has only Unown of the "F" variety, the third has "R" and so on, spelling out the word "friend". The dead-end rooms (reached by not following the Unown alphabet instructions) house the other twenty varieties of Unown. The last room holds four items (Nugget, Rare CandyDPBDSP/HM05 (Defog)Pt, Mind Plate, Odd Incense) and an inscription written in Unown script.

Seal woman

In the eastern-most house of Solaceon Town, living near the Solaceon Ruins, is a woman who will give the player a Seal Case, an item which will hold Poké Ball Seals, which can be purchased later in the game in Sunyshore City. There is also a little boy in the house, who is the woman's son. He goes into the Solaceon Ruins every day to learn the alphabet, which he does by watching the Unown, originally found within the cave. If the boy is shown each of the different forms of Unown, he will give the player ten of the corresponding Seal, with the same shape of the Unown.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

The population of Solaceon Town is 28, making it a fairly small community for such a large area. Most of the townspeople live on the west side of town, near the main road.

Pokémon Platinum

The population of Solaceon Town is 31, making it a fairly small community for such a large area. Most of the townspeople live on the west side of town, near the main road. Being the largest town in Sinnoh, it is tied for the title of the largest town in the Pokémon world with Azalea Town in Johto.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The population of Solaceon Town is 29.

Poké Mart

Generation IV

Left cashier
Right cashier

Generation VIII


Item Location Games
  Persim Berry At the Berry patch next to the Poké Mart  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Nanab Berry ×2 At the Berry patch next to the Poké Mart  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Figy Berry At the Berry patch next to the Poké Mart  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Day Care Checker From a man in the Pokémon Day Care after leaving a Pokémon there  D  P  Pt  BD  SP 
  Pokémon History From a Ruin Maniac in the middle of the town  D  P  Pt 
  Pokémon History From a Ruin Maniac in the middle of the town after seeing 50 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex  BD  SP 
  Seal Case From a woman in the far eastern house  D  P  Pt 
  Alphabet Seals From the boy in the far eastern house for showing the respective Unown  D  P  Pt 
Ball Capsule ×12 From the boy in the far eastern house for showing him an Unown after speaking with him in the Solaceon Ruins (one each after showing 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 26, and 28 Unown forms)  BD  SP 
  PP Up On the second to last ledge on the eastern side of town  Pt 
  Honey On a tree in the northeastern corner of the town (hidden)  D  P  BD  SP 
  Big Mushroom On a tree in the northeastern corner of the town (hidden)  Pt 


Pokémon Platinum

On certain days, the player can challenge a Trainer who appears in the Pokémon Center. Depending on the game progress, the Trainer will have teams with higher leveled Pokémon upon rematch.

Trainer Pokémon
Tuesday and Friday
Poké Kid Ariel
マナミ Manami
Reward: $152/248/344
  Pichu Lv.19/31/43
No item
  Pikachu Lv.19/31/43
No item
  Pikachu Lv.19/31/43
No item
Poké Kid Ariel
マナミ Manami
Reward: $392/440
  Pichu Lv.49/55
No item
  Pikachu Lv.49/55
No item
  Raichu Lv.49/55
No item
Trainers with a Vs. Seeker by their names, when alerted for a rematch using the item, may use higher-level Pokémon.



Concept art from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Diamond Pearl Platinum

In the anime

Solaceon Town in the anime
The Solaceon Ribbon

Ash and his friends first arrived in Solaceon Town in Journey to the Unown!, where they visited the Solaceon Ruins along with Kenny. The group was in town because Dawn wanted to compete in the local Pokémon Contest, which was announced by Marian back in Throwing the Track Switch.

The Solaceon Contest was held in Team Shocker!. Dawn, Kenny, and Jessilina all entered the event hoping to win the prestigious Solaceon Ribbon. In the Performance Stage, both Kenny and Jessilina managed to impress the Contest Judges with their performances and advance to the second round. Dawn, however, failed to make the cut and was knocked out of the competition. In the Battle Stage, Kenny and Jessilina faced off in the finals. By using Kenny's Prinplup's techniques to favor her Dustox, Jessilina was able to win the battle. With this victory, she earned her first Contest Ribbon.

Having seen the Solaceon Contest on television, Zoey came to Solaceon Town to tell Dawn what she was doing wrong. She asked Dawn for a battle based on the performance she delivered in the previous day and then explained that, while Ambipom's Swift looked beautiful, it covered Ambipom completely, hiding the Long Tail Pokémon from sight and missing the point of the first round, which is to showcase the Pokémon in an appealing way.

The town was revisited in If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!, where Ash and his friends met up with Angie again. Angie's parents own the town's Day Care Center and left it in Angie's hands when they had to go on a trip. Angie was eager to impress her parents and thus trained a Lickitung a bit much, teaching it how to use Rollout, which caused it to evolve into Lickilicky. She thought she would get in trouble for what happened, as it is against the Day Care rules to let a Pokémon evolve. However, when the Lickitung's Trainer appeared to take it back, he was actually happy about the Evolution.


Pokémon Center Solaceon Ruins Contest Hall Pokémon Day Care
Exterior Interior

In the manga

Solaceon Town in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

Solaceon Town first appeared in Knowledge of the Unown I, where Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum arrived there aboard Fantina's Drifblim. They planned to pass through the town on their way to Mt. Coronet. However, while passing through the town, someone suddenly took a photograph of them. They followed the individual to the Pokémon News Press, where a Belle & Pa revealed that they had taken the photograph because of the blurry figures of two mysterious Pokémon on it. Excited by their discovery, they published the photo on a paper, but Platinum quickly identified the mysterious Pokémon as Unown, dismaying Belle & Pa when they learned that the "mysterious Pokémon" they had been trying to catch on film wasn't mysterious at all. Soon after, the same two Unown approached the Pokédex holders again and led them to the Solaceon Ruins.

In Knowledge of the Unown II, the Pokédex holders returned to the town after saving the two Unown's friends from a sealed chamber inside the ruins. Platinum was approached by the Belle & Pa again, but she refused to tell them anything about the Unown in order to let the Symbol Pokémon live undisturbed. Pearl, meanwhile, was left annoyed when he found out that the News Press had published a manga based on his and Diamond's manzai routine on their newest paper without telling them.

Platinum arc

In the epilogue of The Final Dimensional Duel XI, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum were seen at the Solaceon Town Pokémon Day Care, taking care of a Manaphy that had hatched from an Egg left for them by Looker, and its Phione offspring. They were helped in taking care of them by the Day-Care Couple, who had moved to Sinnoh from Johto.


Pokémon News Press Solaceon Ruins


  • The music heard in Solaceon Town is the same music heard in Pastoria City.
  • This is the only area in Sinnoh where Dive Balls can be obtained in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
  • Solaceon Town is on the longest non-event straightway path in Sinnoh, spanning not only Solaceon but parts of the routes to the north and south of it.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ズイタウン Zui Town From 随 zui (carefree; convenience)
English Solaceon Town From solace and eon
German Trostu From Trost (consolation)
Spanish Pueblo Sosiego From sosiego (serenity)
French Bonville From bon vivre (good life) and ville (town)
Italian Flemminia From flemma (placidity)
Korean 신수마을 Shinsu Maeul From 신수 (身數) shinsu (one's fortune or future)
Chinese (Mandarin) 隨意鎮 / 随意镇 Suíyì Zhèn From 隨意 / 随意 suíyì / chèuihyi (as one wishes)
Chinese (Cantonese) 隨意鎮 Chèuihyi Jan
Polish Solaceon From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Solaceon From its English name
Russian Город Соласеон Gorod Solaceon From its English name
Vietnamese Thị trấn Zui Transcription of its Japanese name


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