Mrs. Grimm

Mrs. Grimm (Japanese: キミヨ Kimiyo) is a wealthy businesswoman and recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. She lives in a large Verdanturf Town mansion with her husband, Tommy, and son Timmy.

Mrs. Grimm.


Mrs. Grimm grew up in a wealthy household and followed her parent's wishes by taking over the family business. As a result of her family's expectations, she was forbidden to have any Pokémon because they were a deemed a distraction. After her childhood Poochyena was forcibly removed from her arms by her parents, she grew up disliking Pokémon entirely. As an adult she forced her new husband, Tommy to give up his Pokémon Coordinator ambitions, because of her upbringing.

She later became increasingly worried for her son Timmy after he brought home a lost Duskull one night. In Disaster of Disguise, Timmy's alter ego, "Phantom", was irritating Mrs. Grimm as she thought the mysterious masked person was going to destroy her son's future as a businessman. However, Ash and his friends tricked her into believing that Brock was "Phantom", much to her relief.

In Disguise Da Limit, Timmy sneaked out of home with the help of his father and went on to compete in the Verdanturf Town Pokémon Contest. Mrs. Grimm later discovered Timmy's escape when Tommy blankly informed her. She immediately drove herself down to the Contest Hall to confront her son. Tommy reminded Mrs. Grimm of her own passion for Pokémon, which led Mrs. Grimm to confront her own past. She went on to cheer Timmy as he competed against May in the final round. Afterwards, Mrs. Grimm chose not to repeat her own parents' mistakes, and gave Timmy her blessing to follow his dream as a Pokémon Coordinator, provided he kept up on his schoolwork.


Mrs. Grimm is an ambitious businesswoman, who hopes to see her son, Timmy, succeed in life. However her parents' expectations caused her to become strict and brutish towards her own family. She was forced to confront her past and her parents' pressures in Disguise Da Limit. Despite her frustrations with her son for running away to become a Pokémon Coordinator, she came around to the idea of supporting his ambitions to avoid repeating her own parents' mistakes.



Poochyena is Mrs. Grimm's only known Pokémon during her childhood. She was forced to give it up as her parents thought that it was too childish. As a result, she was strict with Timmy focusing on his schoolwork only instead of concentrating on Pokémon as it reminded her of the sad past.

None of Poochyena's moves are known.

Debut Disguise Da Limit

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese さとうあい Ai Satō
English Karen Neill
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Caterina Rochira
European Spanish María Jesús Varona

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