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Tommy Grimm

Tommy Grimm (Japanese: タムラマロ Tamuramaro) is a recurring character from the Pokémon anime who appeared in Disaster of Disguise and Disguise Da Limit. He is the father of Timmy Grimm and the husband of Mrs. Grimm.

A resident of Verdanturf Town, Tommy used to be a Pokémon Coordinator when he was younger. However, at the beginning of his relationship with Mrs. Grimm, she revealed she would marry him only if he promised never to allow Pokémon in their house. Although he agreed, his love of Pokémon made it impossible for him to keep his promise, so he made a Dusclops-themed costume to compete in Pokémon Contests as "the Phantom." After a while, he felt that keeping this secret from his wife was too much, leading him to give up coordinating and hide the costume away.

Years later, he was saddened to see his wife constantly yell at their son for training Pokémon and entering Pokémon Contests. She wanted him to study all the time and to not have fun with Pokémon. Tommy knew this was because his wife had her Poochyena taken away from her when she was a little girl because her parents forbade her from playing with Pokémon. He did not want his son to end up like that, so he told Timmy that he could enter Pokémon Contests. Timmy followed his dad's advice, and went disguised as "the Phantom."

When Mrs. Grimm learned about what was happening, she was furious. However, Tommy was able to calm her down and show her that training Pokémon is what Timmy was born to do. Realizing her mistake, Mrs. Grimm apologized to Timmy, and both parents began supporting Timmy in his pursuit to become a great Coordinator.


Status unknown

Tommy Grimm's Dusclops
Tommy Grimm was seeing using a Dusclops in a flashback as "The Phantom." However, it is unknown what happened to it after he stopped being The Phantom.

None of Dusclops's moves are known.

Debut Disaster of Disguise

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小形満 Mitsuru Ogata
English Jamie McGonnigal
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
Italian Stefano Albertini
European Spanish Eduardo del Hoyo

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