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Destiny Deoxys
裂空の訪問者 デオキシス Sky-Splitting Visitor: Deoxys
M07 poster.png
Japan July 17, 2004
United States January 22, 2005
Home video
Japan December 21, 2004
United States February 15, 2005
English themes
Opening None
Ending This Side of Paradise
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending L·O·V·E·L·Y~夢見るLOVELY BOY~
United States Unrated
Great Britain U
Ireland ?
Canada PG
Quebec G
Japan G
Germany 6
Australia G
New Zealand G

Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys (Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション 裂空訪問者 デオキシス Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie - Sky-Splitting Visitor: Deoxys; officially known as Deoxys the Visitor in Japan) is the second Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire movie, and seventh Pokémon movie overall.

It was first in Japanese theaters on July 17, 2004. It then aired on the Kids' WB! programming block for North American audiences on January 22, 2005. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment released the movie on Blu-ray (along with Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias on the same disc) on May 15, 2011. The film was not released on DVD until 2012 in the UK and until 2016 in Australia.

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High-tech Larousse City is a pretty impressive place to visit—and a pretty impressive place for a Pokémon battle, too! Ash heads straight for their renowned Battle Tower, but things don't turn out too well when his battle partner turns out to be a scared boy named Tory. Because of a frightening childhood incident, Tory is scared of all Pokémon—even cute ones like Pikachu!

There's a lot more to be frightened by when Deoxys shows up and takes control of the city, shutting down the machines and taking everyone captive. One Pokémon that is not amused is the Legendary Rayquaza, and it will do whatever it takes to remove this invader from its territory! Meanwhile, Ash, Tory, and all their friends may be caught in the middle, but they're certainly not out of the fight!


Accompanying Professor Lund on a research expedition to a polar region, his son Tory walks over to a group of Spheal, Sealeo and Walrein. As he pets a young Spheal, a meteor crashes down, frightening the Pokémon and making them run towards the sea. Tory is consequently caught up in the stampede and pinned against an ice rock, he is left feeling traumatized by the experience. His dad and research assistant Yuko manage to save him. A mysterious new Pokémon later named Deoxys by Professor Lund, soon appears from the middle of the crash site, having been carried inside the meteor. It clears some of the ice to expose a mysterious green crystal, proceeding to collect it. However, Rayquaza sees this as an invasion of its territory and attacks. A battle starts between the two, destroying most of the researchers' equipment. While Lund is impressed by Deoxys’s regenerative abilities and form transformations, he, Yuko and Tory are forced to evacuate the clash area immediately. Rayquaza ends up blasting Deoxys to the bottom of the ocean, before returning to the ozone layer. The green stone is later found at the crash site and is taken back with the researchers on a helicopter.

Four years later, Professor Lund and his team continue to research the mysterious green crystal. Firing lasers at the greenstone, they manage to get it to start glowing, but the power suddenly cuts out and stops the experiment from progressing. Yuko confirms that a component error was the cause, and Professor Lund asks her to replace it and try again later. Playing outside in the greenhouse, Tory meets his mysterious sprite-like friend again. Meanwhile, the purple core Deoxys has regenerated and bursts through the polar ice to resume its search for its friend.

A ride on the monorail, and soon Ash Ketchum and his friends arrive in LaRousse City with the hopes of competing at the local Battle Tower. Team Rocket, meanwhile are on their trail, managing to sink their Magikarp submarine during a rocky landing. At the same time a wild Plusle and Minun are playing with a high-tech bin, with a Munchlax cleaning up litter.

The group is greeted by a security robot, known as a Block Bot, and given passports to use during their time in LaRousse. May, however, pulls a surprised face as her photo is being taken, and is left embarrassed by her passport card. Stepping from the monorail station, Ash is caught off-guard by the city's moving sidewalks. He tries to run back to his friends, leading a passerby named Rafe to send out his Blaziken to save Ash. Rafe is quick to mock Ash, as are his twin sisters Audrey and Kathryn. Learning that Rafe is planning on competing at the Battle Tower, Ash challenges him to a match. Equally keen to battle Rafe is Rebecca, whom Max has to stop Brock from chasing after. Also accompanying them is another Trainer named Sid, who quickly falls for May's cuteness, much to her embarrassment.

Ash soon reaches the Battle Tower and tries to ask directions from a boy about the same age as himself, who runs away, seemingly scared by Ash and Pikachu. Tory, followed by Ash, runs into an elevator, and the pair soon finds themselves in the middle of a battle. Rebecca, meanwhile, misses her chance to battle Rafe and will have to wait for another time. Ash and Tory are up against Sid and Rafe, so Ash loans his Torkoal to Tory, who reveals that he has no Pokémon. Tory is too scared to give any commands. Ash and Tory lose badly, and Tory runs off after his dad congratulates him on taking part in the battle. Then Yuko tells Ash what happened four years ago, and that Tory is scared of Pokémon. Ash decides to try to help Tory overcome his fear. Tory, after freeing the Minun from earlier from a bin with a stick, goes into the greenhouse to meet with his strange friend.

Deoxys has reached LaRousse City, and creates some strange purple lights in the sky, resembling an aurora. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is trying to get hamburgers from a machine, but as they don't have passports and are trying to destroy the machine, they get attacked by a security robot instead. By this point, Ash and the others find Tory in the greenhouse, but Tory runs off and refuses to tell them who he was talking with. Ash follows after him and tries to get Tory to touch Pikachu. Tory reacts angrily and pushes Ash away. Ash instantly grabs him by the collar demanding answers from Tory, though May and the other intervene. Brock has an idea and prepares some cheese fondue in a park to smooth things over. The food intrigues some of the wild Pokémon, and luckily Brock has also prepared some bowls of Pokémon food for them to enjoy. Tory is feeling more confident but stops himself from petting Pikachu. He thanks them before apologizing and rushing back home. Brock is optimistic that they will eventually help Tory overcome his fear. Max turns his attention to their picnic table to see a wild Munchlax gobbling all of the food. Munchlax finishes the food before leaping off the table and casually walking off. Plusle and Minun approach the group, with Pikachu inviting them to enjoy some food.

Looking from the Pokémon Center balcony, Ash and the others admire another aurora over LaRousse City. Rebecca, with her analyzing computer, is stunned to see an aurora, remarking that it can usually only be seen at the North and South Poles. Unexpectedly, Tory arrives and presents them with some homemade Pokémon-shaped cookies. With that, everyone calls out their Pokémon to have fun on the nearby playground while they enjoy the cookies. The Rocket trio spot an opportunity to steal the leftovers, however, the gluttonous Munchlax reaches the food first. Tory takes Ash aside to talk privately. He admits he has had fun with everyone today. As he is about to touch Pikachu, the unexpected arrival of Ash's Corphish startles Tory and puts him off entirely. Ash orders Corphish to apologize, to which Tory admits he will be fine.

The next day, the arrival of Rayquaza is detected by Officer Jenny's headquarters and separately by Professor Lund. Scanning through the surveillance network, Lund and Yuko soon spot a Deoxys in the LaRousse City area and realize that it has attracted Rayquaza down from the ozone layer. Professor Lund immediately alerts Officer Jenny to the threat that a Deoxys and Rayquaza clash poses for the city, so she orders an immediate emergency evacuation. The Block Bots coordinate the city-wide evacuation of LaRousse City, helping people board the monorail and ferry services to safety. Professor Lund orders his staff to leave as well, while he rushes to the garden to find Tory, who is busy showing Ash and the others his mysterious green sprite friend. On his route to reach his son, Professor Lund is caught off-guard by the rebooted automatic sidewalks and he is forcibly directed outside the city. He tries to go in the opposite direction, only to fall from the Block Bot evacuation bridge before being saved by Officer Jenny's passing boat.

Deoxys makes copies of itself and tries to carry the people and Pokémon being evacuated away, with Team Rocket amongst the first to be carried off. Deoxys creates a force field around LaRousse to stop Rayquaza or anything else from getting in. Deoxys’s force field also manages to overwhelm many of the city's automated technology, leaving Ash, Tory, and the others unable to use their passports and trapped inside the greenhouse building. Ash and the others try to get out but are attacked by multiple Deoxys clones. Sid and his Blastoise help open the doors for everyone to escape. However, the pair is soon grabbed by the Deoxys decoys, leaving Ash and Rafe to try and defend everyone else from the same fate. Rebecca asks if there is another escape route, to which Tory leads everyone through a hidden underground tunnel.

Yuko is relieved to see Tory and the others are okay and takes them to the Lund laboratory for their safety. She explains the situation, revealing that Deoxys has created a force field around LaRousse to stop anything from getting in or out. Rebecca is glad to learn that the backup generators have kept the lights on, but remarks that even the Poké Ball Management System isn't working. While some of the group have managed to call out their Pokémon before the system failure, May and Brock cannot call out any of their party. Yuko reveals that Deoxys is an Extraterrestrial Pokémon and recalls the events from four years prior, during the polar region expedition. Plusle, Minun, and Munchlax have a close encounter with Deoxys, though managed to flee into a pipe, leading them directly to the lab's air duct system where they find Ash and his friends. Everyone realizes they now need food and water, so they go outside and Pikachu shocks a hot dog machine, but again, they get attacked by Deoxys, who steals Minun and the hot dog machine.

Back inside, Tory tries to touch Plusle, but still can't do it. Brock finds water in some boxes. Rafe and Rebecca watch Deoxys take Minun into a domed tower, then drop the hot dog machine into the water. Rayquaza is still trying to break through the force field. Rebecca and Yuko try to work out why the Deoxys dropped the hot dog machine. The others are all trying to get some rest, wrapped up in blankets on the floor, when Surskit becomes agitated and runs around waking everyone up, warning them Deoxys is trying to get in. They run to an underground laboratory, where Yuko tells them that a second Deoxys is dormant inside the recovered green crystal. Tory's friend, the green light soon appears from the crystal, and they work out the light and the aurora share the same frequency of light. The green one is saying "friend" and the other one "where are you?" So Deoxys is just looking for its friend. Rayquaza, meanwhile, is still attacking the barrier.

Ash and the others decide to try to reactivate the second Deoxys, but they don't have enough power. While Yuko will remain at the lab, everyone agrees to generate some extra power using the city's wind turbines. They put their plan into action the very next day, but Deoxys lands in front of them. Ash tries to assure Deoxys that they're not enemies, but it doesn't work, so everyone orders their Pokémon to attack. Rafe holds the Deoxys decoys off long enough to let Ash escape, only for himself and Blaziken to be carried off. Inside the domed building, Rafe meets up with Sid to put the escape plan into action. On the outside, Ash and Tory head one way, while the others rush to the wind park, and Munchlax decides to go its separate way. Ash and Tory soon arrive at the domed building, where Rafe shouts out to them that he has been rigged by the electricity. With that, Ash and Tory have Pikachu and Plusle, respectively, use Thunderbolt on the doors of the dome, freeing everyone inside.

Looking on from a distance, Professor Lund and Officer Jenny watch as Rayquaza blasts its way through the force field, and they fear the situation will only escalate now. Rayquaza is soon detected by Deoxys and swarmed by an army of clones. However, Rayquaza is able to out-maneuver them and launches several Hyper Beams to destroy the decoys. Rayquaza pursues the real Deoxys, causing chaos and destruction across the city.

Ash, Tory, Plusle, and Minun return to the lab, while Sid and Rafe join the others in trying to get the wind turbines moving to generate more electricity. They attach ropes to the inside, before having Blaziken jumping from one blade to another, various Water Pokémon using Water Gun, Flying types using Gust, Metagross using Confusion and Team Rocket pedaling a machine. Everyone’s combined efforts pay off, with electricity soon restored to the lab. Tory turns on the lasers to reactivate the green core Deoxys. However, they're still 20% short on power, so Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun zap the machine and it works. The crystal grows into a Deoxys, who makes Ash and Tory float out of the building.

Meanwhile, Rayquaza and the purple core Deoxys continue to clash. Rayquaza manages to tangle Deoxys in its tail and throws it to the ground. The harsh impact leads the force field to dissipate, and with it now gone, the wind and electronic transmissions return to LaRousse City. Soon, the purple core Deoxys returns with a vengeance and lashes Rayquaza with several attacks. The green core Deoxys arrives on the scene, just in time to stop a finishing blow being dealt to Rayquaza. Deoxys stops attacking, and the two Deoxys change forms and release an aurora after being reunited. Rayquaza bursts from debris and goes on the attack.

Because of the increased power, the block security robots power up and go on overdrive, trying to attack Rayquaza. It gets buried under the Block Bots and, when the Deoxys try to help, they get buried as well. Just then, Tory's father appears on a screen, saying the only way to stop the Bot Blocks is by presenting a passport to the chief robot, allowing them to regain control and shut it down. Ash and Tory ride on a hot dog machine near the tower they need to get up, but miss. Just then, Munchlax, who was hiding in the bottom of the machine, gets out and evolves into a Snorlax, allowing Ash to step over it to a nearby tower. Pikachu realizes the only way to get to the tower they need is by stepping on the Block Bots. Ash follows but drops his passport. Tory throws him over, and Pikachu leaps off to bat it up to Ash. He manages to give the robot the passport, allowing Tory's dad to power down the robots. But Plusle and Minun, who are at the top of a pile of blocks with Tory, fall off. Tory reaches out to grab them but falls off too. They get saved by the green core Deoxys. The purple core Deoxys help Pikachu return to Ash. Rayquaza has seemingly befriended the Deoxys after they tried to save it from the blocks, and it soon leaves LaRousse City to return to the ozone layer.

The Deoxys reunite Ash and Tory with their waiting friends. Yuko and Professor Lund happily greet Tory, grateful that he is okay. Tory remarks that he is only fine because of all of his new friends. And in a remarkable change, Tory is no longer fearful and doesn’t flinch when Plusle and Minun nuzzle him out of affection. The two Deoxys soon soar off into the distance, leaving a brilliant aurora as they go.

Tory, Professor Lund, and Yuko see Ash and the others leave LaRousse City aboard the monorail. While sad to see his new friends leave, Tory has Plusle and Minun to keep him company now. Rafe and his two sisters are the first to get off. Followed by Sid, who is heartbroken to be leaving May’s side. Next, Rebecca waves goodbye to the group, dashing Brock’s chances of love. Later, Ash and his friends are back on the road towards their next adventure, camping out along the way.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.


English dub debuts






Ash Veronica Taylor Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
May Veronica Taylor Haruka KAORI. ハルカ KAORI.
Brock Eric Stuart Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Max Amy Birnbaum Masato Fushigi Yamada マサト 山田ふしぎ
Jessie Rachael Lillis Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Eric Stuart Kojirō Shin-ichiro Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Maddie Blaustein Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Officer Jenny Lee Quick Junsar Chinami Nishimura ジュンサー 西村ちなみ
Narration Mike Pollock Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by
Tory Tara Jayne Tōi Noriko Hidaka トオイ 日高のり子
Professor Lund Sean Schemmel Dr. Rondot Kōichi Yamadera ロンド博士 山寺宏一
Yuko Rachael Lillis Yūko Takako Uehara ユウコ 上原多香子
Deoxys 1 Susumu Chiba Deoxys A Susumu Chiba デオキシスA 千葉進歩
Deoxys 2 Kenji Nojima Deoxys B Kenji Nojima デオキシスB 野島健児
Rayquaza Katsuyuki Konishi Rayquaza Katsuyuki Konishi レックウザ 小西克幸
Rafe Sebastian Arcelus Ryū Kenji Nojima リュウ 野島健児
Sid Matthew Charles Shouta Makoto Higo ショウタ 肥後誠
Rebecca Lisa Ortiz Hitomi Becky ヒトミ ベッキー
Audrey Rebecca Honig Audrey Nana Mizuki オードリー 水樹奈々
Kathryn Rebecca Honig Catherine Maria Yamamoto キャサリン 山本麻里安
Plusle Akiko Kawase Plusle Akiko Kawase プラスル 川瀬晶子
Minun Kumiko Higa Minun Kumiko Higa マイナン 比嘉久美子
Munchlax Darren Dunstan Gonbe Keiko Yamamoto ゴンベ 山本圭子
Ōyama Sean Schemmel Ōyama Susumu Chiba 大山 千葉進歩
Gurū Andrew Rannells Gurū Jon Kabira グルー ジョン・カビラ


Main article: Sky-Splitting Visitor: Deoxys Music Collection

Manga adaptation

Main article: Destiny Deoxys (manga)


  • This movie was released between AG085 and AG086 in Japan.
  • The Japanese home video release of this movie has a large number of visual edits compared to the original Japanese theatrical release. The English dub uses the original theatrical release instead of the edited version.
  • This is the first Pokémon movie:
  • Deoxys's Speed Forme does not appear in this movie, as this movie was released before Pokémon Emerald; Speed Forme had yet to be introduced to the public.
  • LaRousse City is later revealed to be Drew's hometown.
  • In October 2003, Kunihiko Yuyama and his team made a four-day visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to form the basis for LaRousse City.
  • The character Rafe resembles a Cool Trainer from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • Although the Japanese version of the front cover shows more characters on it, it's missing Munchlax, which the English cover shows.
  • For the American audience, this movie marks the first appearance of May's Bulbasaur. This is because Grass Hysteria!, in which May catches Bulbasaur, did not air in the United States until April 9, 2005, a little over two months after this movie was released.
  • This is the second movie in which Ash and his friends do not meet Team Rocket.
  • This movie was never aired on TV in the United Kingdom, but the DVD was still released.
  • In the scene where Deoxys attacks a group of Murkrow, it lands on a clock on top of a pole. This pole is shaped like a DNA chain, possibly a reference to the Deoxys's category.
  • In the dub, when Tory and Brock are catching hot dogs, Brock mentions the series' slogan "Gotta catch 'em all!".
  • This movie is one of the first two Pokémon movies to be available on Blu-ray, released in May 2011 in a two-pack with Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias.
  • There were unusual changes made in several dubs for this movie and Jirachi: Wish Maker:
    • In Latin America, both movies were dubbed in Argentina instead of Mexico, by an entirely different voice cast, and were aired only in some local channels. The voice cast also changed completely in the Dutch and Finnish dubs (in Finland, the same cast was also in the fifth movie).
    • In Spain, the two movies were not dubbed at all.
  • The covers of VHS and DVD releases of the movie refer to it as Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys - The Movie.
  • The concept of a mutating alien species crashing into the North Pole is similar to the 1982 horror film The Thing.
  • The events of this movie are later made canon in Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part 1), as the research done by Professor Lund is later used by Solana.
  • This is the last Pokémon movie:
  • With the exception of Meowth, this is the only Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire movie to not feature any talking Pokémon.
  • This is the first Pokémon movie to have the same CGI title sequence in both the Japanese and dubbed version.
  • This marks the only appearance of a Cacturne in the anime other than the one that belongs to Harley.
  • This was the last movie, and by extension the last work of any Pokémon media, to be produced primarily with cel animation. Although the main series had already switched to digital in 2002, with Here's Lookin' at you, Elekid!, it wasn't until after this film that the movies would make the switch.


The green crystal error
  • In one scene during the opening, several Beedrill have purple heads.
  • When showing the aquatic Pokémon during the opening, some of the Pokémon are improperly layered, causing some Pokémon to appear smaller or larger than normal.
  • When Ash first appears during the World of Pokémon segment, he has no mouth.
  • When Rayquaza knocks a crate aside, the crate duplicates itself.
  • In one scene, Mudkip's lower jaw is the same color as the rest of its body.
  • In one scene, Audrey's Masquerain's wings are white instead of orange.
  • In the DVD's bonus features, Deoxys's Ability is listed as Psychic (which is not an Ability). It is in fact Pressure, and Psychic is its type.
  • In the ending credits, Audrey and Kathryn's shirts are mainly yellow instead of cream.
  • When the two Deoxys land, both of their crystals are colored purple when one should be green.
  • Torkoal's dub voice in this movie differs from how it is heard in the series, having more of a high pitch than usual.
  • In the Arabic dub of this movie, Brock incorrectly refers to Professor Ivy as a male Professor, this is because this movie was not dubbed by the same studio that dubs the series, but rather a 3rd party studio for Miramax who were probably unfamiliar with the supporting characters in the series.

Box office performance

This movie did not make it to the Top 10 box office in Japan due to the success of American blockbuster movies that year, but nevertheless, it was ranked as the number one anime movie that year with $34 million in box office sales, beating Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey ($23 million), Conan ($22 million), Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun ($11 milliion), Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow ($11 million), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence ($8 million), Steamboy ($8 million) and InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island ($7 milliion). Its overall ranking is seventh place.

Dub edits

  • The English version of the entire movie is cut around the sides from the original Japanese, making the movie look shrunk in size and proportions.
  • When Deoxys scans the snow to find the green crystal in the original, its body is covered with a shadow until it uses Psychic. In the English version, Deoxys is illuminated throughout the whole scene.
  • When May is looking at her passport card, she says she won't send the card home in the dub, instead of simply wishing if she could retake the photo.
  • In the dub, Brock tells Yuko that she reminds him of the time he worked for Professor Ivy. In the Japanese version, he says he's surprised that someone as young and beautiful as her could be a lab assistant and that he would also be a good assistant, never mentioning Professor Ivy.
  • When the computer locates Tory in the gardens, its screen is different in the dub.
  • When it first premiered on Kids' WB!, the movie was 87 minutes long, meaning that various scenes were cut to make room for commercials. The Cartoon Network version shows almost all of the 100-minute movie.
  • In the Kids' WB! and Cartoon Network versions, the ending is shortened to one minute. The home video, and Toon Disney versions show the whole ending.

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