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Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
光輪の超魔神 フーパ The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa
M18 English poster.png
Japan July 18, 2015
United States December 19, 2015
Home video
Japan December 16, 2015
United States March 8, 2016
English themes
Opening None
Ending Every Side Of Me
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending Tweedia(トゥイーディア)
United States TV-Y7
Great Britain PG
Ireland ?
Canada ?
Quebec ?
Japan G
Germany ?
Australia G
New Zealand G

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (Japanese: ポケモン・ザ・ムービー XY 光輪超魔神 フーパ Pokémon the Movie XY - The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa) is the second Pokémon the Series: XY movie and the eighteenth Pokémon movie overall. It was released in Japan on July 18, 2015 and premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network on December 19, 2015 after an airing of Arceus and the Jewel of Life and Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon. The English dub first premiered in Australia and New Zealand on November 5, 2015. It first aired in Canada on November 14, 2015 with Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon and Lights! Camera! Pika!, and in the United Kingdom on CITV on December 12, 2015.

A teaser for the film was shown at the end of M17, showing Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. A teaser shown on Oha Suta on December 11, 2014 revealed Kyogre and Groudon along with a Shiny Mega Rayquaza as stars for the film. In the February 2015 issue of CoroCoro, Hoopa was revealed and confirmed to make its debut in the movie. Prior to the reveal of Hoopa, the movie was promoted under the working title Pokémon the Movie XY 2015.

It was featured in the Japanese theaters with the Pikachu short PK27.

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The Mythical Pokémon Hoopa is the star of Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages! When Ash, Pikachu, and their friends visit a desert city by the sea, they meet the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa, who has the ability to summon things—including people and Pokémon—through its magic ring. After a scary incident, they learn a story about a brave hero who stopped the rampage of a terrifying Pokémon long ago. Now, the threat that has been bottled up for years is in danger of breaking loose again! Can Ash help his new friend overcome the darkness within...or will a dangerous secret erupt into a clash of legends?


One hundred years ago in a small desert village, a gigantic mysterious Pokémon appears in midair out of a ring and begins eating the villagers' food. When the townsfolk angrily tell it to compensate them for the food it stole, it uses its rings to summon massive quantities of gold as payment. The village grows and prospers due to this, and the Pokémon takes up residence there. In exchange for food, it grants the villagers' every wish using its teleporting rings. One day, a villager asks if it can defeat other Pokémon in battle, and it begins to summon and defeat a series of increasingly strong Pokémon too much applause and cheer. Egged on by the townsfolk, it eventually summons several Legendary Pokémon to entertain and prove its might. The villagers watch in excitement and the mysterious Pokémon proceeds to show off its power by defeating the Legendary Pokémon easily. However, as it continues to summon and fight Legendary Pokémon, it begins destroying the village due to its pride and negligence. A lone traveler then manages to trap the mysterious Pokémon into a bottle, stopping the damage and causing all the summoned Legendary Pokémon to return to where they came from. The traveler seals the bottle away, hoping that the darkness will never be released from its prison.

Years later, a man with his Braviary finds the bottle in a cave deep in the desert. But as soon as he touches the bottle, he is possessed by the enraged spirit inside.

Meanwhile, in a Pokémon Center out in the desert, Ash and his friends are frolicking in the pool and eating Serena's donut-shaped Poké Puffs. Serena mentions they should visit Dahara City, a famous city with a famous tower. Suddenly, a mysterious ring appears from nowhere and a hand comes out, grabbing Chespin's donut and replacing it with a Tamato Berry. Chespin, not realizing the switch, eats it and begins to overheat from its spicy flavor. Ash then notices multiple rings popping out of nowhere, grabbing all the donuts. He attempts to apprehend the culprit but manages to get pulled into a ring along with Pikachu. The pair soon realize that they now are in Dahara City and the prankster reveals itself to be a talking Hoopa. Always a prankster, Hoopa insists on calling Ash 'Ashkan' and Pikachu 'Pikan'. Hoopa then decides that it wants to show off its power to the two, and summons a large horde of Pikachu, including five Cosplay Pikachu, from its rings. Hoopa makes a game of this and asks Ash which is his 'Pikan', though Ash easily picks out the right one. Eventually, Ash and Hoopa get electrocuted by the Pikachu as they get excited and out of control.

A woman approaches the three and lectures Hoopa on its behavior, but gets electrocuted as well. She soon introduces herself as Meray and Ash ask Hoopa to make a ring to get to his friends, to which Hoopa excitedly agrees to do so. Ash reaches through and grabs the group to Dahara City. After introductions and getting washed with a mass of water Hoopa had brought through its ring, the group decide to go to Dahara Tower, the same place where Meray was heading. However, when they ask Hoopa if they could make the trip shorter by using its rings, the group finds out that Hoopa is unable to go completely through its rings yet, so the team decides to move on foot instead.

Just as they are about to leave, the possessed man with the bottle joins the group, and Meray greets him excitedly. However, the man without a word, releases the dark spirit from the Prison Bottle, transforming Hoopa into the same monster that attacked the village one hundred years ago. The transformed Hoopa then begins to attack the group, even throwing a building at them, but Pikachu swiftly counterattacks with Thunderbolt, shattering the building and sending Team Rocket, who had been spying on the group for a while, blasting off. The man, now introduced as Baraz, is released from his spell and realizes that Hoopa is wanting the bottle. Meray, pleading that it was her plan from the start, grabs the bottle from him and reseals the dark spirit inside. Hoopa transforms back into its Confined form, falling limply to be caught by Ash. The Prison Bottle flies off and lands close by, but as Serena is about to grab it, Baraz forbids her, now knowing that whoever touches the bottle will become possessed by it. Clemont then reveals his Fully Automatic Lifting Machine, which, using the same mechanics as the move Magnet Rise, lifts the bottle without needing someone to hold the bottle.

After everything has settled, Baraz reveals to the group that one hundred years ago Hoopa, in its Unbound form, appeared out of a ring taking the villagers' food. To pay them back, Hoopa offered showers of gold, allowing the town to prosper and grow. The villagers built a house for it, where Hoopa listened to the people's wishes in return for food. The people then began to challenge Hoopa in battle where Hoopa won easily, but eventually, Hoopa became carried away in its desire for power. It soon went mad with power, testing its strength against Legendary Pokémon, only to be stopped by the Prison Bottle wielded by Baraz and Meray's great-grandfather. Baraz shows the group his necklace, with a golden cross-like wheel piece resembling Arceus's body. Baraz comments that his ancestors communicated with Arceus and also received their powers from it. Likewise, his great-grandfather had used these powers to seal away the Prison Bottle and then had settled in Arche Valley. Baraz then reveals that according to his great-grandfather, Hoopa could not pass through its rings until it understood why it had been confined.

Baraz then reflects on his childhood with Meray and Hoopa, including having become lost in the wilderness and caring for Hoopa when it was sick. Having returned safe and sound, he recalls his great-grandfather calling Hoopa as "family too". After this, at Clemont's question, Baraz reveals that he will take the bottle back to Arche Valley. However, at that moment, Team Rocket intervenes, grabbing the Prison Bottle from above in their Meowth balloon.

As Meowth retrieves the bottle, he becomes possessed by the dark spirit, who controls Meowth to release itself from the bottle. It once again attempts to possess Hoopa, but with the help of Baraz and Meray's power, Hoopa is able to overcome it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket had dropped the bottle, and despite Pikachu running to grab it before it made an impact, the dark spirit shatters the bottle, leaving only remnants of it on the floor. Though Hoopa had overcome the darkness, dark spirit then manifests itself into a form like that of Hoopa's Unbound form (the Shadow). It first sends Team Rocket flying, again, and then sets its target on the real Hoopa. Hoopa summons a Lugia to intercept it so that the group can escape. Having run from the chaos, Baraz decides to make a new bottle at Dahara Tower. Meray recalls that they will require the forces of Fire, Water, and Ground to make another one. The group decide to use Serena's Braixen and Ash's Frogadier for two of the forces, and with Bonnie's idea, a wild Hippopotas she had seen close to the Pokémon Center they had visited before. While Hoopa transports them to Dahara Tower since Hoopa cannot pass through its ring, Ash, Pikachu, and Hoopa instead decide to go into hiding.

While hiding, Ash suggests that Hoopa and the Shadow try to get along, only for them to get found by the Shadow who tries to grab Hoopa. Several times the three are found by the Shadow, only to be saved by Lugia attacking the Shadow. Later, Lugia is shot down by the Shadow and as Lugia tries to retaliate, the Shadow sends it back to the sea using its ring.

Ash then decides to battle the Shadow and asks Hoopa to use its rings. Hoopa summons Rayquaza, Latias and Latios which the three ride upon. The three Legendary Pokémon attack the Shadow with Dragon Pulse all at once, but to no avail. Ash, then noticing the tower, decides to head in that direction. But soon they are cornered by the Shadow, who goes on to summon Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, Kyurem, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina and an all-out battle ensues between the Legendary Pokémon.

Meanwhile in Dahara Tower, using Braixen, Frogadier, and Hippopotas, the group begin to reforge the bottle.

Back outside, the battle amongst the Legendary Pokémon continues. The Shadow and its army continue to attack Ash and his group. However, Ash and his allies find renewed strength and speed by Mega Evolving into Mega Latios, Mega Latias, and Mega Rayquaza. In response, Kyurem transforms into Black Kyurem, and the fierce battle continues, with continued destruction to the city. While Ash, Pikachu, and Hoopa are fleeing on Latios and Latias, an attack from Kyurem (now White Kyurem) causes Ash to fall off Latios. As Ash plummets to the ground, he is saved by Hoopa's ring who transports him back onto Latios' back.

The battle then begins to centralize around Dahara Tower, as Latios stops the Shadow's attempts at using its rings to attack the tower. Ash commands Rayquaza to use Twister around the tower along with Latios and Latias' Psychic to impede an all-out assault on the tower. The Shadow's army attacks, but is successfully blocked by the shield they had made. However, the Shadow attacks Rayquaza above, destroying the Twister shield, and Shadow's army proceeds to attack the tower. The Shadow then corners Ash and Hoopa and is just about the grab Hoopa before it is suddenly stopped by Baraz, who has now completed the Prison Bottle.

Shadow's army, now released from the Shadow, stop attacking and Baraz seals the Shadow within the bottle once more. As he does so, the bottle flies from Baraz's hand, which Ash leaps up to catch. Ash is immediately possessed by the Shadow. The possessed Ash then gets angry at Hoopa, but Hoopa tries to heal the Shadow's wounds with the memories that Hoopa had with Baraz, Meray, and their great-grandfather. Through these memories, the evil power disappears as a ray of light and a good Hoopa Unbound is left in the bottle. Out in the distance, the Legendary Pokémon roar, and Hoopa claims that "they were surprised."

However, just as things had settled, a space-time void warp forms around the tower, perhaps since too many Legendary Pokémon had been summoned. Pikachu's Thunderbolt proves useless against the warp which continues to advance towards the tower, destroying everything in its path. The Legendary Pokémon also try to attack the warp from outside, but to no avail. Hoopa then suggests that Ash use the Prison Bottle, allowing Hoopa to willingly transform into its Unbound form. Using its rings, it helps the people inside the tower escape, including Team Rocket. Finally, only Ash and the group with Hoopa are left behind, knowing that Hoopa cannot go through its own rings. Despite this, Ash encourages Hoopa to try and transforms Hoopa back into its smaller Confined form. Meanwhile, the destructive warp continues to close in on the tower and Hoopa's ring begins to shrink in size.

After Serena, Clemont and Bonnie escape through the ring, Ash and Hoopa jump into the ring. However, they are bounced back, unable to go through the ring. Hoopa tries two more times, but Hoopa still cannot go through the ring, and inadvertently helps Meray and Ash escape. Baraz is left alone with Hoopa and the warp is now getting very close to the two. But at the last moment, the rift stops due to the power of Arceus, giving them one more chance to escape through the ring. As everyone lends Hoopa their strength, Hoopa remembers the words that Baraz's great-grandfather had told it - that he considers Hoopa "family too". With these words, Hoopa is able to get through the ring. With only a very small ring left, Baraz is able to narrowly escape with the help of Hoopa.

The rift is then broken, and all that is left is a decimated tower. In the sky, everyone notices Arceus looking down at them, which then goes flying away. After all that happened, Clemont suggests they go back to Arche Valley, but Hoopa declines, saying he has to fix the tower first and wishes Ash the best of luck on his journey to become a Pokémon Master.

Featured Pokémon

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.







Ash Sarah Natochenny Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Serena Haven Paschall Serena Mayuki Makiguchi セレナ 牧口真幸
Clemont Mike Liscio Citron Yūki Kaji シトロン 梶裕貴
Bonnie Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Eureka Mariya Ise ユリーカ 伊瀬茉莉也
Dedenne Megumi Satou Dedenne Megumi Satou シトロンのデデンネ 佐藤恵
Jessie Michele Knotz Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Carter Cathcart Kojirō Shin-ichiro Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Carter Cathcart Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Wobbuffet Kayzie Rogers Sonans Yūji Ueda ソーナンス うえだゆうじ
Narration Rodger Parsons Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by
Hoopa Confined Lori Phillips Hoopa Confined Rie Kugimiya フーパ いましめら 釘宮理恵
Hoopa Unbound Ryan William Downey Hoopa Unbound Kōichi Yamadera フーパ ときはなたれ 山寺宏一
Rayquaza Kiyotaka Furushima Rayquaza Kiyotaka Furushima レックウザ 古島清孝
Baraz Daniel J. Edwards Barza Tatsuya Fujiwara バルザ 藤原竜也
Meray Emily Woo Zeller Mary Shōko Nakagawa メアリ 中川翔子
Ghris Wayne Grayson Ghris Toshiyuki Morikawa 旅人 森川智之
Hippopotas Billy Bob Thompson Hippopotas Shin'ichi Shinohara ヒポポタス 篠原信一
Regigigas Kiyotaka Furushima Regigigas Kiyotaka Furushima レジギガス 古島清孝


Pre-order distributions

In Japan, players could receive an Arceus via a serial code, after purchasing a pre-order ticket at a Pokémon Center store as well as other retail stores from March 7 to July 17, 2015. Each one holds one of 17 different plates or a Silk Scarf that is chosen at random. The serial code only worked in Japanese region games. The codes expired on August 31, 2015.

All players regardless of the 3DS's region could choose one of six Legendary Pokémon to receive via infrared at the store the ticket was bought from June 20, 2015 to August 31, 2015. Players could choose Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, or Kyurem.

Movie distributions

Hoopa distribution artwork

Across Japan, Hoopa was distributed via local wireless from July 18 to August 30, 2015 at theaters screening the movie. It was also distributed at a pre-showing of the movie on July 5, 2015, which was only open to selected people. Like all other local Generation VI events, this event is not region-locked; any player regardless of region and language will be able to receive Hoopa.

Additionally, Ash's Pikachu, Serena's Pancham, Lugia, and Latios, all based on the movie, were made available between July 18 and August 16, 2015, available in pairs. Ash's Pikachu (holding a Light Ball) and Serena's Pancham (holding Black Glasses) were available from July 18 to 31, 2015, while Latios (holding a Latiosite) and Lugia (holding Leftovers) were available from August 1 to 16, 2015.

To obtain these serial codes, players must have completed a stamp rally at 7-Eleven stores. If the player had two stamps, they could choose which of the two Pokémon available. The codes could then be redeemed in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire. Each of the Pokémon can only be obtained once per game.

The event was repeated at Pokémon Center stores after the Rally had ended. Pancham was available from August 17 to 23, 2015, Pikachu from August 24 to 30, 2015, Latios from August 31 to September 6, 2015, and Lugia from September 7 to 13, 2015.


Main article: The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa Music Collection



By The Official Pokémon Channel
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

By The Official Pokémon Channel
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Manga adaptation

Main article: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (manga)



  • When Giratina launches a Shadow Ball at Dahara Tower after Shadow Hoopa breaks the tornado barrier, Mega Latios's forehead briefly turns completely white as it dodges.
  • When Ash is holding the Prison Bottle after it is purified, part of his left glove is missing, showing his un-gloved hand.

Dub edits

  • Every Side Of Me replaces Tweedia as the ending theme.
  • In the initial television broadcast, a number of scenes are removed to shorten the movie's running time. Most notably, the entire sequence of the young Meray and Baraz traveling into the desert when Hoopa falls ill is cut up to the point where they return to Arche Valley. As a result, when they encounter Ghris, his line of "and now you have returned" is referring to an event not shown in the broadcast.
    • The ending credits in the broadcast are significantly shortened, played over a black screen, and utilize a short clip of Every Side Of Me for music.
  • The Japanese texts depicting the Legendary Pokémon's names during the "World of Pokémon" segment was removed in the English dub.

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