Dahara Tower

Dahara Tower
デセルタワー Désert Tower
Dahara Tower.png
Dahara Tower
Region Kalos
Debut Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

Dahara Tower (Japanese: デセルタワー Désert Tower) was an anime-exclusive location in Kalos that appeared in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. It was built on the site where the Prison Bottle was made one hundred years ago and was meant to honor the Mythical Pokémon Arceus.

One hundred years ago, the site of Dahara Tower was a barren rock near Dahara City. Foreseeing a cataclysmic battle between Hoopa Unbound and other Legendary Pokémon that would destroy Dahara City, Ghris traveled to this rock and created the Prison Bottle using earth, fire, and water.

Dahara Tower on Serena's Town Map

In Hoopa — The Mischief Pokémon, Baraz and Meray promised to meet each other at the Dahara Tower, as they had split ways in their search for the Prison Bottle. In Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, Ash and his friends decided to pay it a visit. Along the way they met up with Baraz, Meray, and Hoopa. When the Prison Bottle was accidentally destroyed, Hoopa's evil power manifested itself into a separate Hoopa Unbound. Baraz told the group that he would be able to restore the Prison Bottle at Dahara Tower. Meanwhile, Ash fought Hoopa Unbound and an array of Legendary Pokémon summoned by it. Hoopa Unbound eventually found out about what Baraz and Meray were trying to do, and had the Legendary Pokémon it had summoned attack Dahara Tower. Dialga destroyed part of the tower with Roar of Time. However, Baraz and Meray managed to create another Prison Bottle in time and stopped Hoopa Unbound.

Although Dahara Tower and the city seemed safe now, time and space started to warp around the tower due to too many Legendary Pokémon having been summoned to one place. Ash transformed Hoopa into Hoopa Unbound using the new Prison Bottle, now not turning it evil because the evil power had disappeared. Hoopa Unbound managed to transport the people around the tower to a safe location with its rings. Dahara Tower was eventually consumed by the distortion and completely vanished, but not before Arceus appeared over Dahara City to save Baraz who had been trapped in the middle of the distortion. After this, Hoopa teleported Baraz, Meray, and Ash and his friends back to the site of Dahara Tower, where Hoopa promised it would restore Dahara Tower.

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Dahara Tower appeared in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese デセルタワー Désert Tower From désert, French for desert
English Dahara Tower From desert and Sahara
German Dahara-Turm From desert, Sahara, and Turm (tower)
Italian Torre di Desertopoli From deserto (desert) and torre (tower)
Korean 데세르타워 Désert Tower From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 荒漠塔 Huāngmò Tǎ From 荒漠 huāngmò, desert, and 塔 , tower
Chinese (Cantonese) 荒漠塔 Fōngmohk Taap From 荒漠 fōngmohk, desert, and 塔 taap, tower
Polish Wieża Dahary From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Torre Dahara From its English name

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