Jacore Town

Jacore Town
ジャコールタウン Jackal Town
Jacore Town.png
Jacore Town
Region Kalos
Debut Unlocking Some Respect!

Jacore Town (Japanese: ジャコールタウン Jackal Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos, which appeared in Unlocking Some Respect!. It is located between Couriway Town and Snowbelle City. It has a jewelry exhibit.

Ash and his friends were walking through Jacore Town when Serena came across an advertisement for a jewelry exhibit that was being held in the town. After Serena told the others about it, Bonnie became excited about it along with Serena. Ash, seeing how eager the two girls were to go and see the exhibit, told them that they should all go and see the exhibit, as a detour on their trip to Gloire City.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジャコールタウン Jackal Town
English Jacore Town
Italian Gemmopoli
Polish Miasteczko Jacore From its English name

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