Pikachu Manor

Pikachu Manor
ピカチュウパレス Pikachu Palace
Pikachu Manor.png
Pikachu Manor
Region Kalos
Debut Lights! Camera! Pika!

Pikachu Manor (Japanese: ピカチュウパレス Pikachu Palace) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos, found between Laverre City and Dendemille Town. It was featured in Lights! Camera! Pika!.

The Pikachu Land film set

Pikachu Manor is a large private estate owned by Frank, a movie director and Pikachu enthusiast. As such, a lot of furniture and items inside resemble Pikachu, including a throne. The Manor contains many rooms including a private screening cinema and editing studio. Ash and his friends visited the Pikachu Manor when they met Frank and his granddaughter Jean, and helped them with Frank's latest production titled Lightning Fast! Brave and Strong! Super-Pikachu!.

The estate also offers many scenic movie shooting locations like forests or lakes, and features Frank's village film set, Pikachu Land (Japanese: ピカチュウランド Pikachu Land).

Pokémon seen around Pikachu Manor

Frank's Pikachu (multiple)
Frank's Gurdurr
Frank's Heliolisk
Frank's Magnemite
Frank's Swirlix
Frank's Weezing
Frank's Torkoal

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Villa Pikachu
  Polish Pikachu Willa
  Turkish Pikachu Konağı

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