Pokémon Fossil Research Lab

Pokémon Fossil Research Lab
化石ポケモン研究所 Fossil Pokémon Research Institute
Pokémon Fossil Research Lab.png
Pokémon Fossil Research Lab
Region Kalos
Debut The Tiny Caretaker!

The Pokémon Fossil Research Lab (Japanese: 化石ポケモン研究所 Fossil Pokémon Research Institute) is an anime-exclusive location in the Kalos region that was featured in The Tiny Caretaker!. Is it located between Dendemille Town and Anistar City.

Operated by several Scientists, the purpose-built ecodome is home to resurrected Fossil Pokémon for scientific discovery and Pokémon conservation. Other research laboratory buildings are part of the precinct.

The Team Rocket trio kidnapped a Tyrunt while it was fast asleep, however, it soon woke up and Tyrunt escaped them. Bonnie later found and befriended Tyrunt. She hoped to catch it for her future as a Trainer, but it could not be caught by a Poké Ball, with Clemont suggesting that it must already have a Trainer. As the group tried to find Tyrunt’s true home, they encountered Team Rocket. Tyrunt defended Bonnie during the unfolding battle and evolved into a Tyrantrum before sending Team Rocket blasting off.

Afterward, the Scientists arrived on the scene and invited the group to tour the Research Lab. Tyrantrum happily returned to its friends at the lab before saying goodbye to Bonnie.

Pokémon seen in the Pokémon Fossil Research Lab

Aerodactyl (×2)
Kabuto (×2)
Tyrunt (multiple)
Tyrantrum (×4)

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Laboratorio Fossili
  Polish Laboratorium Skamielin Pokémonów

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