Grace Tower

Grace Tower
グレースタワー Grace Tower
Grace Tower.png
Grace Tower
Region Kalos
Debut Facing the Grand Design!

Grace Tower (Japanese: グレースタワー Grace Tower) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos that was featured in Facing the Grand Design!. It is a rock formation located between Shalour City and Coumarine City. Near Grace Tower is a forest that is home to wild Malamar, Inkay, Ledyba, Bidoof, and Flabébé. The tower is rumored to be a landing site for UFOs, something that aroused great excitement in Ash and Bonnie but skepticism in Clemont when the group decided to explore the tower.

The evil Malamar from A Conspiracy to Conquer!, along with two others, tried to use the top of Grace Tower as the site for them to carry out their grand design - using massive amounts of energy generated by six strange devices in order to alter the world's environment. Ash, his friends, Team Rocket, and Officer Jenny, caught up to them to see what they were doing and try to stop them. The trio of evil Malamar managed to capture everyone except for Clemont, James, and Meowth, in which they escaped.

Clemont, James, and Meowth returned to the Grace Tower with the help from the Malamar and Inkay they befriended in the forest. The forest Malamar and Inkay were able to free Ash, Serena, Bonnie, Pikachu, Jessie, Wobbuffet, and Officer Jenny from the evil Malamar's Psychic. Even though the three evil Malamar were defeated, they escaped with their devices and vowed to carry out their grand design someday. Although they destroyed all evidence of anything having occurred on the tower, there was no visible damage to Grace Tower itself.

Pokémon seen near Grace Tower

Malamar (×6)
Inkay (multiple)
Flabébé (multiple)
Bidoof (multiple)
Ledyba (multiple)


Language Name Origin
Japanese グレースタワー Grace Tower
English Grace Tower Same as Japanese name
French Tour de la Grâce From Japanese name
Italian Torre Sublime From sublime
Chinese (Mandarin) 罕事塔 Hǎnshì Tǎ From 罕事 hǎnshì, rare event
Chinese (Cantonese) 罕事塔 Hónsih Taap From 罕事 hónsih, rare event
Danish Skønnebjerg Literally "Beauty mountain"
Finnish Lumohuippu Literally "Summit of enchantment"
Norwegian Skjønnhetsberget Literally "The Beauty mountain"
Polish Góra Gracji Literally "Mt. Grace"
Swedish Sköna berget Literally "The Nice mountain"

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