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As Gastly as Before
VS ゴース
VS Ghos
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 49 in Vol. 4
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 9 in Blue Returns
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 49 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Celadon City

As Gastly as Before (Japanese: VS ゴース VS Ghos) is the 49th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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As the Gym Leaders watch Super Nerd Miles being lifted up into the dark fog, a sinister figure sneers from a nearby skyscraper. Brock sends out his Graveler while Misty sends out Omanyte, and the two Pokémon try to pull Miles down as Yellow comes to. The dark fog reveals its true form as a Gastly, and Blaine orders a Fire Blast from his Growlithe to blow Gastly away. However, Erika notices a wild Caterpie in the way of the attack, and Yellow valiantly sends Pika to rescue it by means of his fishing rod, despite his injuries. The Gym Leaders marvel at Yellow's bravery and formally introduce themselves, as Erika expresses concern on why Miles was nearly kidnapped.

Deducing that Miles's employer must have tried to silence the only clue to Red's whereabouts, the leaders make plans as the Gastly reappears, releasing thick fog to trap the group. Out of nowhere, an attack pierces through Gastly and faints it; the savior reveals himself to be Blue and his Charizard. Remarking on attacking Gastly by its core as opposed to blasting it away, Blue explains his appearance: he had been investigating Red's disappearance, and has come to the conclusion that the Elite Four was responsible. In particular, the Gastly's attack pattern was signature to Agatha, the Elite Four's Ghost-type specialist. The leaders mull about the Elite Four's strength and their unknown motives, as Blue warns Yellow about his show of compassion and how it led to Gastly's reappearance. Misty shouts at Blue for insinuating that Yellow's kindness was a mistake, to which Blue calmly replies that Red would have found a way to save Caterpie, and defeat Gastly completely. He finishes by telling Yellow to train hard, in order to stand a chance at rescuing Red.

As Blue turns to leave, Yellow requests that Blue train him in order to save Red, and Blue nonchalantly agrees. Brock and Misty give Yellow their Graveler and Omanyte for Yellow's protection, and the two Trainers leave on Charizard. As the Leaders watch on, the Caterpie Yellow saved watches on as well.

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