Blue's Scizor

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Blue's Scizor
グリーンのハッサム Green's Hassam
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Blue's Scizor
Debuts in A Tale of Ninetales
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Prior to Forretress of Solitude
Gender Male
Ability Swarm
Nature Docile
Traded in A Tale of Ninetales*
Original Trainer Blue
Traded for Red's Poli, Saur, and Pika*
Current location With Blue
HOME0123.png HOME0212.png
This Pokémon spent between 59 and 98 chapters as Scyther.

Blue's Scizor (Japanese: グリーンのハッサム Green's Hassam) is a Pokémon that Blue owns in Pokémon Adventures and his starter Pokémon. As of My, My, My Mimic, he is at level 82, and his Characteristic is that he "takes plenty of siestas."


Red, Green & Blue arc

As a Scyther, after spending time with Red

Prior to the start of the series, Blue gave his Scizor, as a Scyther, to Chuck for intensive training. One of the skills that he learned was reading his opponent's moves.

Scizor first appeared as a Scyther in A Tale of Ninetales, when Scyther is accidentally traded to Red alongside Blue's other Pokémon. During the three days that Red has them, he attempts to get them to relax and open up to him, with little success. They later traded back, while keeping the caring attitude that Red instilled in them.

In Go for the Golbat, Scyther battled Koga. Scyther attempted to strike Koga with Slash, but Koga's ninja armor, revealed to be a Grimer, quickly envelops the both of them, preventing any further action from Scyther. Blue attempted to use him again as a last ditch effort to defeat Koga but he was quickly countered by his Ekans and defeated.

As revealed in Entranced by Entei, Scyther was used by Blue at some point during the Pokémon League.

Yellow arc

As a Scyther

In a flashback shown in Growing Out of Gengar, Blue used Scyther as his last attempt to defeat Agatha. Even though Agatha said that Scyther's physical attack will be no use against formless Pokémon, Blue is reminded of what his master once told him; that even though there's no form, you can still slice through an enemy without form so long as you grasp the essence of the foe. Blue then calls for a Slash from Scyther, slicing Gengar and Gastly to pieces.

In Striking Golduck, Scyther is used alongside the rest of Blue's team to attack Agatha's Gengar. Despite a group attack Gengar escapes into Blue's shadow and attacks Scyther. Not wanting to give Gengar more places to hide Blue calls all his Pokémon back.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Forretress of Solitude, it was revealed that Scyther had evolved into a Scizor. In the next chapter, Scizor fought against a group of wild Pokémon that started rampaging due to the Pokémon March playing on a nearby radio. Scizor starts by attacking with Metal Claw and follows up by scaring the Pokémon with his two claws, which resemble heads. Scizor finishes the battle with False Swipe, allowing Blue to capture them all.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Scizor and Blue

In ...Now You Don't, Blue called out Scizor to fight Organism No. 1. Scizor was quickly outmatched by the DNA Pokémon's speed and invisibility before Organism No. 1 fled the battle.

Scizor appeared in Double Dealing with Deoxys, participating in a double battle against Red. Scizor, with Machamp in his pincers, flies above Snor. Scizor then drops Machamp, who proceeds to grab Snor's body. Machamp proceeds to use Seismic Toss and tosses Snor onto the ground and swiftly defeats him. Blue follows this up by having Scizor attack Gyara with Steel Wing, knocking him out too. Red sends out Pika and Aero as his last two Pokémon and has Aero use Take Down on Scizor, which doesn't cause recoil damage due to his Rock Head Ability. Aero follows up by using Dragon Claw on Scizor, forcing Blue to switch him out.

In Don't Doubt Deoxys, Blue sends out Scizor and Machamp to attack Orm's horde of Shuckle, which had bound itself to Blue. Machamp blasts that Shuckle with Hyper Beam, while Scizor attacks with Metal Claw. Rhydon then shows up from underground and defeats the head Shuckle, scattering the rest. Blue reveals that Scizor and Machamp were simply a diversion for Rhydon to attack.

Emerald arc

Scizor battling Rute

In The Final Battle VII, Scizor appeared alongside the rest of Blue's team when he was checking to make sure they all survived the petrification caused by Mewtwo and Darkrai.

X & Y arc

In Scizor Defends, Scizor battled X and a wild Pinsir. Although X managed to get Pinsir to clamp Scizor with his horns, Scizor was too strong for the attack to do any damage.

In Malamar Traps, Blue and the group opposing Team Flare traveled to Pokémon Village to find Team Flare after they went into hiding. Scizor was used to lead them there unseen by following magnetic forces emitted by minerals leading to the village.

Personality and characteristics

Being with Blue since before the start of the manga, Scizor has a personality very similar to him. He is serious, calm, and focused in everything he does and does not take well to Trainers who do not show the same level of commitment. Due to his training with Chuck, he is able to read his opponent's moves. As a Scyther, he was used mainly for his agility and fast attacks and is now used for his high defense capabilities. Blue and Scizor have a strong relationship and have been in thousands of battles together.

Moves used

Using Steel Wing
Move First Used In
Slash Go for the Golbat
Metal Claw Rock, Paper...Scizor
False Swipe Rock, Paper...Scizor
Steel Wing Double Dealing with Deoxys
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Scizor flying
  • Scizor is able to fly, despite what the Pokédex entries in the games state.

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