Treasures of ruin

The treasures of ruin (Japanese: (わざわ)いの(たから) Treasures of Calamity), also known as Ruinous Legends,[1] are a quartet of Legendary Pokémon consisting of Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu. They originated in an unknown land, but currently reside in the Paldea region.

Clockwise from top-left: Chi-Yu, Wo-Chien, Ting-Lu, and Chien-Pao. Artwork from Pokémon HOME.

Shared design

The four treasures of ruin share a primary type, Dark; a category, "Ruinous Pokémon"; and a signature move, Ruination. Their signature Abilities are all variations of each other, sharing the effect of lowering a certain stat by 25% for all Pokémon on the field except themselves when they are in battle.


The four treasures of ruin were once normal objects originated from a distant land in the east of Paldea. These four treasures were a set of wooden tablets, a sword, a vessel, and a set of beads. As time passed, each of the treasures were corrupted by negative human emotions; grudge, hatred, fear and envy respectively, gaining life and cladding themselves in dead leaves, snow and ice, dirt and rocks and fire respectively, to create their bodies, becoming the Legendary Pokémon Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu.

One day, in the ancient times of Paldea, a merchant came from the east in possession of these four treasures, traveled to the Paldea region and presented them to the Paldean king. In excitement, the treasure-obsessed king quickly bought them all, keeping them in his castle with his other treasures. The king's greed however, eventually caused the four treasures to awaken, transforming into their Pokémon forms. The four Legendary Pokémon went berserk and caused a disaster that completely destroyed the castle and almost the entire kingdom with afterwards.

Eventually though, the four of them were defeated and sealed away in different shrines scattered across the Paldea region by Pokémon wielders called out by the Paldean king. Wo-Chien was sealed within the Grasswither Shrine, Chien-Pao within the Icerend Shrine, Ting-Lu within the Groundblight Shrine, and Chi-Yu within the Firescourge Shrine.

Similar movesets

 Dark  Grass 
 Dark  Ice 
 Dark  Ground 
 Dark  Fire 
1 Absorb Powder Snow Sand Tomb Ember
Mean Look
5 Tickle Icy Wind Spikes Flame Wheel
10 Payback
15 Poison Powder Mist Stomp Will-O-Wisp
Stun Spore Haze
20 Mega Drain Ice Shard Bulldoze Flame Charge
25 Leech Seed Swords Dance Whirlwind Incinerate
30 Growth Snowscape Taunt Confuse Ray
35 Ingrain Night Slash Thrash Nasty Plot
40 Dark Pulse
45 Giga Drain Icicle Crash Stomping Tantrum Lava Plume
50 Ruination
55 Foul Play Sucker Punch Throat Chop Bounce
60 Power Whip Sacred Sword Rock Slide Swagger
65 Grassy Terrain Recover Memento Inferno
70 Knock Off Throat Chop Earthquake Memento
75 Leaf Storm Sheer Cold Fissure Overheat
Moves in bold get STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Base stat comparison

Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
Total 570 570 570 570

In the games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The four treasures of ruin are scattered across Paldea, sealed in special shrines. Wo-Chien's can be found in South Province (Area One), Chien-Pao's can be found in West Province (Area One), Ting-Lu's can be found in the Socarrat Trail, and Chi-Yu's can be found in North Province (Area Two). Their shrines are usually locked, but can be unlocked after pulling out eight different stakes scattered across their respective areas. Upon pulling out all stakes, their shrines will unlock and the respective Pokémon can be called out to battle by interacting with their shrines.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Scarlet & Violet arc

None of the treasures of ruin have appeared in Pokémon Adventures so far, though Scarlet, who's a treasure hunter, has mentioned she wishes to find them.


 S  V 
Concept art


Games Location Song name Composition Arrangement
 S  V  When battling the
treasures of ruin
Ruinous Legend Unknown Unknown
Song names marked with an asterisk are unofficial, as they have not received a soundtrack release.


  • The treasures of ruin share similarities to the guardian deities:
    • They are a quartet of Legendary Pokémon situated in a particular region.
    • Both quartets share a base stat total of 570.
    • Each quartet has a shared type: the treasures of ruin share the Dark type, while the guardian deities share the Fairy type.
    • The respective quartets' signature moves, Ruination and Nature's Madness, are differently typed variations of each other, both being moves that deal damage equivalent to half the target's remaining HP.
    • Both quartets also share variations of given Abilities: the treasures of ruin all have variations of Abilities that lower a stat of all other Pokémon on the field when they are present, while the guardian deities all share Abilities that summon a different type of terrain upon entering battle.
  • Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu all have their names romanized in the Wade–Giles format in English, Spanish, and Italian. In French and German, their names are instead romanized in the Hanyu Pinyin format, with their respective names being Chongjian, Baojian, Dinglu, and Yuyu respectively in those languages.

In other languages

Treasures of ruin
Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 災禍之寶 Jōiwoh jī Bóu
Mandarin 災禍之寶 / 灾祸之宝 Zāihuò zhī Bǎo
  French Trésors du fléau
  German Schätze des Unheils
  Italian Tesori portatori di sciagura
  Korean 재앙의 보물 Jaeang-ui Bomul
  Spanish Tesoros funestos
Ruinous Legends
Language Title
  French Légendes du fléau
  German Unheilvolle Legende
  Italian Leggenda rovinosa
  Spanish Leyendas funestas


  1. From the name of their battle theme, "Ruinous Legend ♪"

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