Socarrat Trail

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Socarrat Trail オコゲ林道
Okoge Forest Path
Socarrat Trail SV.png
Map description
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Required for navigation
Connecting locations
North Paldean Sea
North Paldean Sea
Socarrat Trail
Glaseado Mountain
Casseroya Lake
Paldea Route 0
Location of Socarrat Trail in Paldea.
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Socarrat Trail (Japanese: オコゲ林道 Okoge Forest Path) is a subregion of Casseroya Lake in the Paldea region, located in the northwest portion of the region's North Province.

Route description

Places of Interest



Random Encounters (Level 53-56)
Pokémon Biome Rarity Time Games
Forretress Forest Uncommon Any S/V
Heracross Forest Common Any S/V
Slaking Forest Rare Any S/V
Sudowoodo Forest Common Any S/V
Skuntank Forest Uncommon Any S
Zoroark Forest Rare Any S/V
Sawsbuck (Autumn Form) Forest Common Any S/V
Lurantis Forest Common Any S/V
Spidops Forest Common Any S/V
Mabosstiff Forest Uncommon Any S/V
Brambleghast Forest Very Rare Any S/V
Toedscool Forest Common Any S/V
Toedscruel Forest Common Any S/V
Raichu Forest Rare Any S/V
Jolteon Forest Very Rare Any S/V
Honchkrow Forest Uncommon Evening, Night S/V
Leafeon Forest Very Rare Any S/V
Amoonguss Forest Common Any S/V
Pack Pokémon
Pokémon Pack Leader Chance Game
Murkrow Honchkrow 100% S/V
Stunky Skuntank 100% S
Deerling Sawsbuck 100% S/V
Foongus Amoonguss 100% S/V
Fomantis Lurantis 100% S/V
Tarountula Spidops 40% S/V
Maschiff Mabosstiff 100% S/V
Toedscool Toedscruel 100% S/V
Fixed Encounters
Pokémon Level Game
Grafaiai* 40 S/V
Fomantis* 53 S/V
Lurantis 40 S/V
Tinkatuff* 40 S/V
Gimmighoul* 50 S/V
Terastalized Encounters
Pokémon Level Tera Type Game
Tsareena* 65 Psychic S/V
  • An asterisk indicates that this Pokémon is unobtainable as a random encounter in this Area.
  • Not including Pack Pokémon, Socarrat Trail has 23 unique encounters.



In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese オコゲ林道 Okoge Rindō From お焦げ okoge (scorched rice)
English Socarrat Trail From socarrat (scorched rice at the bottom of a paella)
German Knusperwaldweg From knuspern (to crunch)
Spanish Alameda Socarrada From socarrada (burnt) and socarrat
French Forêt Toastée From toastée (toasted)
Italian Bosco Torrado From torrado (Spanish and Portuguese for roasted)
Korean 누룽지 숲길 Nurungji Supgil From 누룽지 nurungji (scorched rice)
Chinese (Mandarin) 鍋巴林道 / 锅巴林道 Guōbā Líndào From 鍋巴 / 锅巴 guōbā / wōbā (scorched rice)
Chinese (Cantonese) 鍋巴林道 Wōbā Làhmdouh

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