South Province (Area Three)

South Province (Area Three) 南3番エリア
South - Area Three
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Southern Paldea
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Paldea South Province (Area Three) Map.png
Location of South Province (Area Three) in Paldea.
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South Province (Area Three) (Japanese: 南3番エリア South - Area Three) is a rocky region in the South Province of the Paldea region east of Mesagoza. It connects to Mesagoza in the west, South Province (Area Five) in the south, East Province (Area One) in the north, and Artazon in the east. It is home to the Titan Pokémon Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan.

Places of interest

South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center

A Pokémon Center is located just east of the Mesagoza (East) Gate along the path to Artazon. A Pokémon League representative here asks the player to defeat seven Pokémon Trainers in South Province (Area Three) for an item reward.

South Province (Area Three) Watchtower

A watchtower is located halfway along the road between the South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center and Artazon. A Chest Form Gimmighoul can be found and battled here.

Poké Mart

Poké Mart Cashier
  Super Potion1 Badge
  Hyper Potion4 Badges
  Max Potion7 Badges
  Full Restore8 Badges
  Poké Ball
  Great Ball1 Badge
  Ultra Ball5 Badges
  Heal Ball1 Badge
  Net Ball2 Badges
  Repeat Ball3 Badges
  Nest Ball3 Badges
  Luxury Ball4 Badges
  Dive Ball5 Badges
  Quick Ball6 Badges
  Dusk Ball7 Badges
  Timer Ball8 Badges
  Burn Heal
  Ice Heal
  Paralyze Heal
  Full Heal7 Badges
  Poké Doll



Item Location Games
  Shell Bell South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center; from the Pokémon League representative after defeating seven Trainers in South Province (Area Three)  S  V 

Rocky Area biome

Item Location Games
  Potion (30.0%)  S  V 
  Poké Ball (30.0%)  S  V 
  Revive (5.0%)  S  V 
  Float Stone (5.0%)  S  V 
  Stardust (7.5%)  S  V 
  Poké Doll (2.5%)  S  V 
  Litleo Tuft (5.0%)  S  V 
  Makuhita Sweat (5.0%)  S  V 
  Energy Root (10.0%)  S  V 


Pokémon Games Terrain Levels Probability Weight Group Rate Group Pokémon
S V 15-17 0 0 40 40 60%
S V 15-17 2
S V 12-17 20
S V 7-15 1
S V 7-17 30
S V 14-17 60
S V 7-12 5 10%
S V 15-17 0 0 60 60 60%
S V 14-17 60
S V 16-17 0 0 0 70
S V 14-17 0 0 40 40 50%
S V 14-17 40
S V 14-17 30
S V 14-17 10
S V 14-17 20 80%
S V 14-17 15 80%
S V 14-17 10 80%
S V 14-17 5 80%
Rocky Area
S V 17 20
S V 10-17 30
S V 10-17 20
S V 7-12 60 40%
S V 14-17 50 40%
S V 7-17 20
S V 7-29 30
S V 7-12 5 10%
S V 10-17 60
S V 13-17 1
S V 15-17 30
S V 9-14 15 100%
S V 9-14 40
S V 9-14 60
S V 10-14 15
Special Pokémon
S V 16 Only one
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.
Probability weight indicates the likelihood that a Pokémon will spawn at a certain point in this location relative to others that can spawn there. A higher probability weight generally indicates that a Pokémon is more likely to spawn.
Pokémon with the highest or lowest level requirements may not spawn in every possible location within this area.
  1. This Pokémon will always have a scale of 255, a Gentle Nature, and will always be female.

  • Despite Slakoth being listed by the Pokédex as a potential random encounter in this Area, it cannot typically appear here due to a lack of appropriate trees, and will only appear in Mass Outbreaks (during which they can spawn on the ground).
Fixed Encounters
Pokémon Level Game
Talonflame** 35 S/V
Hariyama 25 S/V
Staraptor** 35 S/V
Charcadet 13-15 S/V
Growlithe 11, 16 S/V
Klawf 12-15 S/V
Nacli 13-14 S/V
Gimmighoul* 10 S/V
  • An asterisk indicates that this Pokémon is unobtainable as a random encounter in this Area.
  • Two asterisks indicate that this Pokémon cannot typically be accessed without the ability to scale vertical walls.
Terastalized Encounters
Pokémon Level Tera Type Game
Jigglypuff* 14 Water S/V
Dunsparce 16 Poison S/V
  • An asterisk indicates that this Pokémon is unobtainable as a random encounter in this Area.
Mass Outbreaks
Pokémon Biome Game
Slakoth Grass S/V
  • In total, South Province (Area Three) has 28 unique encounters (not including alternate forms of the same Pokémon or Mass Outbreaks).


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Trainer Pokémon
Martina the Student
ミホ Miho
Reward:  484
  Arrokuda Lv.11
No item
Miguel the Student
リョウタロウ Ryōtarō
Reward:  624
  Crabrawler Lv.12
No item
Benjamin the Student
シンヤ Shinya
Reward:  384
  Sunkern Lv.12
No item
  Bonsly Lv.12
No item
Clara the Student
ノリコ Noriko
Reward:  2,720
  Hoppip Lv.17
No item
  Salandit Lv.17
No item
  Barboach Lv.17
No item
Nora the Student
ユキコ Yukiko
Reward:  616
  Luvdisc Lv.14
No item
Rayan the Student
リン Rin
Reward:  660
  Diglett Lv.15
No item
  Luxio Lv.15
No item
Cristina the Student
エミ Emi
Reward:  780
  Gastly Lv.13
No item
  Murkrow Lv.13
No item
Amaia the Student
ミオ Mio
Reward:  416
  Happiny Lv.13
No item
Severino the Office Worker
ヒロハル Hiroharu
Reward:  2,720
  Jigglypuff Lv.17
No item
  Skiddo Lv.17
Adrian the Office Worker
シゲアキ Shigeaki
Reward:  1,380
  Litleo Lv.15
No item
Backpacker Samuel
ハヤト Hayato
Reward:  660
  Starly Lv.11
No item
Arnau the Poké Maniac
シンイチロウ Shinichirō
Reward:  720
  Larvitar Lv.12
No item
Alicia the Musician
サワコ Sawako
Reward:  1,100
  Igglybuff Lv.11
No item
Noelia the Musician
ホノカ Honoka
Reward:  1,300
  Toxel Lv.13
No item
Andrea the Model
マユミ Mayumi
Reward:  1,104
Red Flower
No item
Irene the Artist
ナツミ Natsumi
Reward:  1,400
  Fidough Lv.14
No item
Laura the Artist
マナミ Manami
Reward:  1,200
  Vivillon Lv.12
No item

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

The last meeting and battle with the Glitterati takes place here, after finding them on the edge of the Great Crater of Paldea.

Multi Battle partners

Arven joins the player as a Multi Battle partner against the Stony Cliff Titan.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 南第3區 Nàahm Daih 3 Kēui
Mandarin 南第3區 / 南第3区 Nán Dì 3 Qū
  French Zone Sud nº 3
  German Südliche Zone 3
  Italian Area 3 Sud
  Korean 남부 에리어 3 Nambu Area 3
  Spanish Área 3 (Sur)

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