Inlet Grotto

Inlet Grotto 入り江のほら穴
Inlet Cave
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Inlet Grotto SV.png
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Location: Southern Paldea
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
File:Paldea Inlet Grotto Map.png
Location of Inlet Grotto in Paldea.
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Inlet Grotto (Japanese: 入り江のほら穴 Inlet Cave) is a cave in the south of the Paldea region. The cave's entrance is located on a beach on Poco Path, with the exit being far above the cliffside.


Item Location Games
  Poké Ball Next to the pool of water right of the entrance, on a platform at water level in the back corner of the cave behind the entrance  S  V 
  Potion On the path from the cave entrance before it turns to the right, next to a rock on the left side of the path  S  V 
  TM100 (Dragon Dance) On the path past the entrance area with water, on a ledge to the very left of two stalagmites  S  V 
  Poké Ball Past the breakable rock wall, at the base of the overlooking cliff to the left  S  V 
  Potion Past the breakable rock wall, next to the rock in the center of the room  S  V 
  Poké Ball ×2 Past the breakable rock wall, at the end of the passageway heading down to the right  S  V 
  Revive Right before the passageway covered in glowing moss, to the left of a large stone pillar  S  V 


Random Encounters (Level 3-5)
Pokémon Biome Rarity Time Version
Diglett Cave Uncommon Any Both
Houndour Cave Common Any Both
Yungoos Cave Common Any Both
Pack Pokémon
Pokémon Pack Leader Chance Game
Houndour Houndour 40% S/V

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 海灣洞穴 Hóiwāan Duhngyuht
Mandarin 海灣洞穴 / 海湾洞穴 Hǎiwān Dòngxuè / Hǎiwān Dòngxué
  French Caverne de la Crique
  German Meeresbuchthohle
  Italian Grotta della Baia
  Korean 후미진 동굴 Humijin Donggul
  Spanish Gruta Caleta

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