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Aura trio is a fan term for a trio of Legendary Pokémon consisting of Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. Xerneas and Yveltal reside in the Kalos region, while Zygarde is said to be scattered all over the world.

Xerneas and Yveltal on the cover of the X and Y official soundtrack, by Yusuke Ohmura

Xerneas and Yveltal are the game mascots of Pokémon X and Y, respectively. As a game mascot, Xerneas is depicted in Active Mode.

Xerneas is categorized as the Life Pokémon and has the Ability Fairy Aura, while Yveltal is the Destruction Pokémon and has the Ability Dark Aura, and Zygarde is the Order Pokémon with the Ability Aura Break, which reverses Fairy and Dark Auras. Xerneas spent a thousand years sleeping in the form of a tree before reviving and sharing eternal life. Yveltal absorbs the life-force of all living things and turns into a cocoon when its life comes to an end. Zygarde comes to attack whenever the natural order of Xerneas and Yveltal are disrupted.

History and myths

A legend says Xerneas and Yveltal are great forces, being capable of giving and stealing life energy respectively. Xerneas shares life by glowing its horns in seven colors, while Yveltal's feathers near the gray pattern on its chest glow when it is about to steal life energy. When they are at the end of their lifespan, Xerneas releases all of its life energy into all the living things in around it, while Yveltal expands its wings and steals all of the life energy of every living thing around it. Afterwards, they transform into a tree and a cocoon respectively, to sleep for 1,000 years. Zygarde Cells are always monitoring the balance between Xerneas and Yveltal, and whenever it is disrupted or destroyed, Zygarde comes to unleash its wrath. These three Pokémon, according to Professor Sycamore, are "incarnations of nature that take care of the land". In Pokémon X and Y, there are two legends involving Xerneas and Yveltal as told by a Monsieur in Anistar City depending on which version.

According to one tale in Pokémon X, Xerneas used its shining horns to brighten the Kalos region 800 years ago. During that very moment, both humans and Pokémon were filled with the energy and vitality unleashed by Xerneas. At the same moment, a vast forest was born with Xerneas at the center of it. This legend foretold that when Xerneas reaches the end of its thousand-year lifespan, Xerneas will unleash its remaining life energy and share it with any living things that are near it. The second legend suggests Xerneas appeared 3,000 years ago during a terrible war that engulfed the Kalos region. During that war, Xerneas supposedly rescued every Pokémon that was wounded during the war. It is unknown if this is true. After releasing its remaining energy, Xerneas transformed into a dried-up tree. It has since remained hidden deep within the forest slumbering.

According to one tale in Pokémon Y, Yveltal engulfed the Kalos region in darkness 800 years ago by spreading its ominous wings. Throughout the land, both humans and Pokémon begin to die one by one due to Yveltal's darkness. Afterward, Yveltal lets out a piercing cry before disappearing to an unknown location. The stories say that when Yveltal reaches the end of its one-thousand lifespan, it absorbs the lifeforce of all living things near it in order to transform its own energy. A second legend claimed Yveltal appeared during a terrible war that the Kalos region was in 3,000 years ago. The story claimed a Pokémon appeared during the war and drained the life force out of many living beings, killing them in the process. Some believed the Pokémon was supposedly Yveltal, but it is unknown if this is true. Apparently, when Yveltal finishes storing the life force it obtained, it will transform into a cocoon-like state. There it remains hidden deep within the mountains.


In the anime, a legend says that a long time ago, an oracle named Olympica, had made a prediction that the Yveltal would absorb the life form of all living things. The village's thief decided to send out a man named Jan to find and defeat Yveltal, however, the thief's daughter and Jan's lover, Aila, was deeply worried and tried to stop him, but he promised her he'd defeat the Destruction Pokémon. Suddenly however, Yveltal appears and starts fighting Jan, killing his Talonflame and then Aila using its Oblivion Wing, turning their bodies into stone. Afterwards, Yveltal goes into its cocoon form and falls into a slumber, sucking all the life around it, leaving the area completly devoid of life. Olympica eventually tells Jan about Yveltal's counterpart, Xerneas and instructs him to find it.

Eventually, Jan manages to find Xerneas in its tree form being used by the ruler of a small kingdom, Veofum, who angered by failing to control Xerneas's power, orders his advisor to burn the tree. Jan arrives right in time riding his Gogoat, only to be captured by Veofum's men as he pleads the ruler to put out the fire so Xerneas won't suffer. Suddenly however, many Zygarde Cells start becoming visible around them and then all combine into 50% Form Zygarde to save Xerneas and protect the ecosystem, using Land's Wrath to punish the people and destroy their kingdom, before returning to its cells form. Afterwards, Xerneas returns to its neutral form and leaves as Jan begs it to heal his homeland.

Jan returned in sadness to his homeland to protect it and moves the statue of his lover somewhere else, before encountering Xerneas there once again, that uses its power to heal the lifeless land, returning it to its original glory, but there was nothing it could do for the deceased Aila, who'd be taken care of by Jan as years passed by. Professor Sycamore believes that both Xerneas and Yveltal are incarnations of nature that take care of the land but when the natural order is undone, Zygarde appears to balance it.

Similar movesets

Xerneas's signature move is Geomancy, a non-damaging Fairy-type move that charges on the first turn. On the second turn, it causes Xerneas's Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed to increase by two stages. Yveltal's signature move is Oblivion Wing, a damage-dealing Flying-type move that inflicts damage on the target and restores the user's HP by 75% of the damage dealt. Zygarde's signature moves are Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows, and Thousand Waves, damage-dealing Ground-type moves, and Core Enforcer, a damage-dealing Dragon-type move.

 Dark  Flying 
 Dragon  Ground 
1 Thousand Arrows
Thousand Waves
Core Enforcer
Tackle Gust Dragon Breath
Gravity Double Team Bite
5 Light Screen Taunt
8 Haze
10 Aurora Beam Snarl
15 Nature Power Disable
16 Dig
20 Night Slash Sucker Punch
24 Safeguard
25 Aromatherapy Tailwind
30 Psych Up Roost
32 Crunch
35 Horn Leech Air Slash
40 Misty Terrain Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse
45 Ingrain Psychic
48 Land's Wrath
50 Take Down Oblivion Wing
55 Geomancy Phantom Force
56 Glare
60 Moonblast Foul Play
64 Sandstorm
65 Heal Pulse Dragon Rush
70 Megahorn Hurricane
72 Coil
75 Close Combat Focus Blast
80 Outrage Sky Attack Earthquake
85 Giga Impact Hyper Beam
88 Outrage
Moves in bold get STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Similar base stats

Contrary to most Legendary trios, Xerneas and Yveltal share exactly the same base stat distribution. Although Zygarde 10% and 50% Forme have lower base stats than the other two, its Complete Forme has higher base stats.

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total 680 680 600 486 708

In the games

Pokémon X and Y

In Pokémon X and Y, either Xerneas or Yveltal appears in the Team Flare Secret HQ in Geosenge Town, in which Team Flare uses the powers of the Legendary Pokémon to power the ultimate weapon created by AZ. As the player attempts to stop Team Flare, Xerneas or Yveltal awakens from its dormant state and battles the player. The Pokémon is required to be captured to progress the game. A Zygarde 50% Forme appears in Terminus Cave.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, ninety-five Zygarde Cells and five Zygarde Cores are scattered throughout Alola. If brought to the Aether Foundation lab on Alola Route 16, depending on how many Cells the player has, Zygarde 10% Forme with Aura Break, 50% Forme with Aura Break, or 50% Forme with Power Construct are available.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a 50% Forme Zygarde can be found in Resolution Cave after becoming Champion. After catching Zygarde, a different Zygarde can be obtained from Dexio after battling him in the Aether Foundation lab on Alola Route 16, obtaining the Zygarde Cube. The other two members of the Aura trio can be encountered in the Ultra Space Wilds through Ultra Warp Ride. XerneasUS can be encountered in the Rocky World through a green warp hole. YveltalUM can be encountered in the Cliff World through a red warp hole.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, the aura trio are among the Legendary Pokémon that can be encountered in the Max Lair at the end of a Dynamax Adventure. Although Zygarde can appear here in both versions, Xerneas is exclusive to Sword, while Yveltal is exclusive to Shield; however, it is possible to encounter the opposite version's Pokémon by joining the Dynamax Adventure of a player with that version.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Rumble World

In Pokémon Rumble World, the three appear in different areas, all as special bosses. Xerneas appears in Pixie Glen in Fairy Land, Yveltal appears in Chilling Graveyard in Dark Land, and Zygarde appears in Surveillance Dunes in Starlight Islands.

In the anime

Main series

Xerneas in Active Mode in the anime
Yveltal in the anime
Zygarde 50% Forme in the anime
Main articles: Xerneas (M17), Yveltal (M17), Squishy, and Z2

Xerneas and Yveltal both debuted Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction as major characters. In the movie, Diancie had a responsibility as the Princess of the Diamond Domain to maintain the balance of its ecosystem by making a new Heart Diamond. However, as she lacked the power to create a stable Heart Diamond, she sought help from Xerneas, as its Fairy Aura could revitalize energy. As Diancie's journey began, she bumped into Ash and his friends, who soon decided to accompany Diancie in her pursuit of Xerneas. As the team pursued the Legendary Pokémon, several thieves—Merilyn, Riot, Argus Steel and Millis Steel—were also in pursuit of Diancie to take advantage of her ability to create diamonds. The group were able to catch a moment with Xerneas and bathed under its Fairy Aura, as Xerneas told Diancie that Fairy Aura was not what she needed, but there was a power inside her. The chase led to Allearth Forest and the group's activity awakened and enraged the Cocoon of Destruction, Yveltal. Yveltal went on a rampage with its Oblivion Wing, petrifying the thieves and their Pokémon. Yveltal eventually gained on the group, continually firing harmful beams that triggered extreme emotions within Diancie, enabling her to Mega Evolve. Before Ash's Pikachu was completely petrified by Yveltal, Xerneas appeared to battle it, and its mere presence was able to quell Yveltal's rage. Yveltal finally flew calmly away from the forest. Soon after, Xerneas used its Fairy Aura to revitalize the forest and revive the Pokémon and people petrified, including Pikachu. Xerneas then transformed into its dormant form to look over Allearth Forest for the next thousand years.

A Xerneas also appeared as a silhouette in Foggy Pokémon Orienteering!. However, its antlers could clearly be seen.

A Zygarde Core, named Squishy, has a major role in the XY&Z arc of Pokémon the Series: XY as a target of Team Flare. It traveled with Ash and his friends in Bonnie's bag for the duration of the arc.

All three appeared in The Legend of X, Y, and Z! during a flashback.

Pokémon Generations

Zygarde Complete Forme in Pokémon Generations

A Complete Forme Zygarde appeared inside Terminus Cave in The Adventure.

An Yveltal appeared in The Beauty Eternal, where Team Flare captured it so they can begin the next phase of their plans.

Pokémon Evolutions

A Xerneas appeared in The Visionary under the ownership of Calem. It was used to battle Lysandre's Mega Gyarados and won.

In the manga

Xerneas in Active Mode in Pokémon Adventures

Movie adaptations

Zygarde 50% Forme in Pokémon Adventures
Main article: Xerneas (M17)
Main article: Yveltal (M17)

Xerneas and Yveltal appear in the manga adaptation of the first Pokémon the Series: XY movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game XY!

Manabu and Hiroshi used a Xerneas and an Yveltal respectively in Let's Play the Pokémon Card Game XY!.

Pokémon Adventures

Main article: Xerxer
Main article: Zygarde (Adventures)

Xerneas in its Active Mode, and Yveltal debuted in An X-cuse to Come Out and Play. The two faced each other in a battle, which caused chaos and destruction in Vaniville Town. The two eventually stopped fighting and returned to their dormant tree and cocoon states, which were sought after by Team Flare to power their ultimate weapon. Later after being revived from its tree form, Xerneas took on its Neutral Mode. Afterwards, it befriended and was caught by Y and is nicknamed Xerxer. When Malva arrives and reveals that she had captured Yveltal, the two nearly clashed again before Xerosic stopped them stating that Lysandre ordered a ceasefire as the powers of the two would cause an endless war. Xerxer agrees with this and escaped carrying Y and her friends.

Later Y is soon ambushed by Essentia, who steals Xerxer and commands it to attack Y and X. Zygarde arrives to stop it, absorbing the "forces of nature" into its body. This however, left it defenseless giving Essentia the chance to capture it. Afterwards, near the Pokémon Village, X and Blue are attacked by Yveltal, Xerxer tells them to leave as it and Yveltal are going to have a non-Human battle. As X's group faces Lysandre he orders Essentia to use Zygarde to battle them. During the battle X manages to change her mind, but Lysandre steals Zygarde's Poké Ball, allowing him full control over it. Concurrently Yveltal and Xerxer are slowing down, Xerxer informs X's friends that they are returning to their dormant forms. Because of this Zygarde begins to disintegrate, and X hits it with a combined attack from his team. This resulted in Zygarde exploding into millions of green blobs, and Lysandre begins to fall.

Soon after the battle ended, Blue and Blaine visited Sycamore and mentioned to him about seeing a little green silhouette after Zygarde disintegrated into the blobs. Sycamore reveals to them that such green silhouettes, which he dubs as Zygarde Cells, have been spotted in a far away region as well, and sends Dexio and Sina to investigate them in Alola.


  • Each member of the trio has unique distinctions from each other:

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