Scarlet & Violet arc
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Skillful! Mysterious Treasure Hunter!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 6 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: 巧者!謎のトレジャーハンター!! Skillful! Mysterious Treasure Hunter!!) is the sixth chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSコレクレー VS Collecurei).


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As Scarlet sets off on her treasure hunt, Nemona eagerly follows and tries to convince her to battle her. When Scarlet gets annoyed at Nemona for shouting out her name, Nemona opts to call her "Letty" to help her keep a low profile. Nemona persists in asking Scarlet for a battle, suggesting it would help her prepare for any potential encounters with powerful Pokémon. In response, Scarlet has Tarountula throw a ball of web onto Nemona's face. She then uses its thread to swing herself onto a higher platform, leaving Nemona behind.

Arriving in South Province (Area Two), Scarlet spots a watchtower. After climbing to the top, she finds a Chest Form Gimmighoul and sneaks toward it. Her Rotom Phone begins to beep, startling the Gimmighoul and causing it to attack her. Cassiopeia begins to speak from the phone, but Scarlet dismisses them, sending out her Sprigatito and defeating the Gimmighoul.

After the battle, Scarlet collects the dropped Gimmighoul Coins and thinks back to Nemona's suggestion to train up her Pokémon. Interrupting her thoughts, Cassiopeia informs Scarlet that another Trainer has decided to join Operation Starfall. They then ask her if she is related to Team Star, explaining that her Rotom Phone's location history shows she was inside one of their bases for some time. Scarlet reveals that a year ago, she suffered a fall and was rescued by them.

When Cassiopeia attempts to ask another question, a flashback begins in which a group of Team Star Grunts harass Penny to join them. Scarlet comes to her rescue, having Tarountula pull the Grunts away from her using its web. When they all attempt to battle her at once, Tarountula trips them and wraps them up in a ball of web, sending them rolling down the stairs of Uva Academy.

In the present, Cassiopeia asks Scarlet why she fought against those who rescued her. Scarlet brushes off the question, wondering why they care so much. The scene then shifts to another flashback, where Cassiopeia first tries to recruit Scarlet for Operation Starfall. Scarlet says she will consider their offer, but only if they make arrangements for her to freely enter and exit Uva Academy. Cassiopeia secures her admission into the school, but Scarlet ultimately decides not to join their cause.

The conversation at the watchtower continues, and Cassiopeia attempts to get to know Scarlet by asking what treasure she is looking for. Assuming Cassiopeia only wants to beat her to the treasure, Scarlet tells them to leave her alone.

Days later, in Cortondo, Nemona receives a TM from a Pokémon League representative who complains about a rude Trainer taking on the Gym Challenge. Realizing he is referring to Scarlet, Nemona rushes to the Cortondo Gym, where Scarlet is effortlessly completing the Olive Roll Gym Test. There, Nemona runs into Katy, who is also watching the Gym Test. Katy comments on Scarlet's pale complexion, wondering if she is unwell.

Later, Scarlet meets Katy at the battle court. Katy reveals to Scarlet that she knew she cheated during the Olive Roll by using Tarountula's web to lay a path straight into the goal. She tells her not to worry, and commences the battle. Katy and Scarlet each send out a Tarountula. Both shoot webs at each other, but the two are equally matched, and Katy declares a draw. Scarlet and Katy then send out Sprigatito and Nymble, respectively. When Scarlet notices that Nymble's technique is to flee from its opponents' attacks, she has Sprigatito cut off its escape with Leafage. Nymble panics when leaves surround it, giving Sprigatito the opportunity to knock it out with its claws.

Katy sends out her next Pokémon, Teddiursa, and Nemona is surprised that Scarlet is keeping her Sprigatito in the match. When Katy Terastallizes her Teddiursa into a Bug type, Scarlet recalls her Sprigatito and sends out Pikachu, Terastallizing it into a Flying type. Nemona realizes Scarlet had baited Katy into Terastallizing into a type her Pikachu could easily defeat. After taking an attack from Pikachu, Teddiursa is rendered unable to battle, making Scarlet the winner.

Katy tries to award Scarlet with a Badge, but she refuses. She then offers Scarlet a dessert buffet, assuming she had cheated during the Gym Test because she was desperate for food. While Scarlet does not deny she was hungry, she reveals that her true motives are to find information on the treasures of ruin.

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