Scarlet & Violet arc
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Victory! DJ Piña!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 5 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: 勝負!DJ・ピーニャ!! Victory! DJ Piña!!) is the fifth chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSブロロロームア VS Burororoom).


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At the Pokémon Center by Mesagoza's south entrance, Scarlet sits with her Tarountula and makes string figures. A younger boy walks up to her to ask what she is doing, and she shows him how to make a cat's cradle. When the boy suspects she is a student at Uva Academy, she denies it, saying she is just like him. From afar, Nemona is revealed to be watching Scarlet. She is determined to finish the battle she had started with her on the day of the assembly, but waits for her to finish teaching the boy to make string figures.

Violet, Arven, and a disguised Clavell continue their fight against the Team Star Grunts' Pokémon at the Segin Squad's Base. As the timer ticks down, Arven's Scovillain grows weary, and Clavell stops to heal it. Within the last few seconds, Violet is able to defeat the final Pokémon needed to complete the Star Barrage challenge.

A large tent opens, and Giacomo appears on his Starmobile, blasting music from its speakers. Violet excitedly assumes the final battle will be a race, but to his disappointment, Giacomo sends a Pawniard at him. Before the Pokémon battle begins, Clavell gives Violet a Tera Orb to use, believing he will need it for Operation Starfall.

Violet sends out his Fuecoco and has it use Ember. The Pawniard dodges, then charges for Fuecoco and slashes it with its arm blades. Fuecoco uses Ember again, but the Pawniard dodges once more and lands another hit on Fuecoco, rendering it unable to battle. Violet then sends out his Nymble, commanding it to use Struggle Bug. The attack lands, but Pawniard quickly hits Nymble with its arm blades. As Clavell watches Nymble weakly retaliate, he questions why Nymble's dodges and attacks seem to be a bit off. Arven asks Clavell why he is speaking in such a rhythmic manner, and he points out that Arven is doing the same. The two then realize Giacomo is using his music to throw off his opponent's movements.

When Giacomo announces he is increasing the beats per minute in his music, Violet finally realizes what is going on. He commands Nymble to use Double Kick, and the move knocks out Pawniard. Giacomo then calls on the Revavroom in his Starmobile to attack, prompting Violet to Terastalize his Nymble into a Bug type. Using a powerful Bug Bite attack, Nymble knocks out Revavroom. Giacomo sinks to his knees, but accepts his defeat.

After the battle, Giacomo asks Violet how he was able to see through his technique. Violet explains that he figured out Giacomo was lying when he said he was raising the BPM, and that Giacomo had only increased the speed of his hands on the Starmobile's turntable. Impressed, Giacomo admits he was scratching the records at a frequency that only Pawniard would be able to hear.

Giacomo is about to leave to retire as boss, per the rules of Team Star, but Clavell stops him. He tries to ask Giacomo about Team Star's absence from the academy, but he is dismissive in his responses. He does mention to Clavell that Team Star has been waiting for the arrival of the person who brought them all together in the first place—a powerful Trainer whom they call the "big boss."

Meanwhile, Scarlet finds Nemona sleeping against a tree. Nemona awakens and immediately challenges Scarlet to a battle, but she refuses. Nemona tries to protest, but Scarlet suddenly shushes her, listening for a jingling sound nearby. Spotting a Gimmighoul in the grass, she has her Tarountula shoot a ball of web toward it, then reel the ball back to her. Plucking a Gimmighoul Coin from the web, Scarlet reveals to Nemona that she is a treasure hunter.

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