Scarlet & Violet arc
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Charge! Dark Crew Base!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 4 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: 突入!あく組のアジト!! Charge! Dark Crew Base!!) is the fourth chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSゾロア VS Zorua).


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Violet is shocked that Penny, someone he has just met, already knows to call him "Prince." Penny nervously explains that she overheard it at the school assembly, and Violet accepts this reasoning without hesitation. Soon after, Penny hurries off in the same direction the Team Star Grunts went, drawing confusion from Arven. He tries asking Violet about this, but he has already turned his attention to battling a Mareep with his Paldean Wooper.

Noticing that the sun is beginning to set, Violet talks to Rotojī about booking a hotel for the night, telling Arven to come along. Arven opts to camp out instead, and Violet is intrigued to join him. Delighted, Arven sets up a makeshift "kitchen" on a large rock. While he begins to prepare some sandwiches, Clavell, along with the two staff members assisting him, have a discussion on the clifftop above. The staff members share their concerns about the Team Star Grunts going to warn their boss, fearing that Penny may be unsafe. Clavell permits the two to leave and investigate, staying to watch over Arven and Violet.

Suddenly, Rotojī lets out a cry, catching Clavell's attention. Violet and Arven watch as Rotojī's fake mustache flips, and a mysterious voice begins speaking through him, introducing themself as Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia explains that they have hacked Violet's Rotom Phone. They make a request for his help, and he immediately accepts, causing Arven to chide him for agreeing to help a hacker. Cassiopeia goes on to tell Violet that they would like him to join Operation Starfall—a mission to disband Team Star. When Arven demands to know who Cassiopeia is, they explain they were once a member of Team Star, making him even more suspicious. Cassiopeia shares a map of Paldea with marked locations of each Team Star base, instructing Violet to defeat each boss, starting with the Dark Squad nearby. Promising to reward him, they say they will contact him when he arrives at the base.

Later, Arven is finally able to give Violet his sandwich. Rotojī proceeds to check it for poison, offending Arven. Before Violet can begin to eat, Miraidon snatches it, leading Arven to recall it into its Poké Ball and give it to Violet. They begin to discuss Team Star again, and believing that Violet is using Operation Starfall as an opportunity to train for his next fight against a Titan Pokémon, Arven agrees to help. Violet is confused, as he had already assumed Arven would assist him.

Days later, the two arrive by the gates of the Segin Squad's Base, where Cassiopeia takes over Rotojī once more to greet them. Before they can say any more, Clavell suddenly rides in on a Cyclizar, wearing a pompadour wig and a black jacket. He introduces himself to the boys as "Clive," and while Arven easily sees through his disguise, Violet is oblivious. After Cassiopeia reluctantly lets Clavell join their mission, they detail their plan for Operation Starfall, explaining that Team Star follows a set of rules that allow for a challenger to disperse a Squad—first by defeating a horde of Grunts, then the boss. Cassiopeia then tells Violet that they issued a challenge to each of the bases under his name. Violet rushes toward the base, pulling Arven with him.

When they arrive with Clavell, the staff members shown earlier stumble out from the base, followed by two Team Star Grunts. Assuming Team Star had unfairly overwhelmed them with their numbers, Violet becomes furious. The staff members clarify they simply lost the Star Barrage, where they were required to defeat thirty of Team Star's Pokémon in ten minutes using only three Pokémon. They explain they only wanted to talk to the boss, but were forced by the rules to participate in the Star Barrage anyway. Excited by the challenge, Violet charges in. The Grunts initially try to stop him, but when they recognize him as the one who defeated some of their members earlier, they allow him to enter.

Inside, Violet, Arven, and Clavell are immediately swarmed by Team Star's Pokémon. Nearby, Giacomo, the boss of the Segin Squad, eagerly awaits the battles ahead.

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Scarlet & Violet arc