Scarlet & Violet arc
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Confrontation! Delinquent Team Star!!
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 3 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: 対決!不良のスター団!! Confrontation! Delinquent Team Star!!) is the third chapter of the Scarlet & Violet arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

It is subtitled (Japanese: VSシルシュルー VS Shirushrew).


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The Titan Iron Treads bursts through the sand where Violet had his Fuecoco light a ring of fire. Violet explains he was able to find out the Pokémon was weak to Fire-type moves by using his Pokédex, and he used that information to draw it out into the open. He explains to Arven that Steel is weak against Fire, infuriating him for dumbing down obvious information. Violet is instantly apologetic, making Arven realize that he is actually well-intentioned, despite his arrogance.

Iron Treads uses Earthquake on Fuecoco, rendering it unable to battle. Violet then sends out his Paldean Wooper and Nymble, but both Pokémon are quickly knocked out. Violet immediately tries to rematch Iron Treads, but Arven holds him back, knowing they will not be strong enough to defeat it. For Mabosstiff's sake, Arven decides that the next course of action would be for him to catch a Pokémon so he can fight the Titan with Violet. When Violet asks Arven how he is going to catch a Pokémon without a team, Rotojī announces he has an idea.

Riding along West Province (Area One), Arven determines he will need a Fire-type Pokémon that is resistant to Ground-type moves. Rotojī points out a nearby Scovillain, and Violet, happy that someone is relying on him for the first time, sends his Fuecoco to battle it. He catches the Scovillain in a Poké Ball, and Rotojī tells Arven to trade his Mabosstiff with the Scovillain. Arven hesitantly makes the trade, demanding that Violet keeps the Pokémon safe.

Rotojī then supposes they catch a Grass-type Pokémon. He alerts Violet to a Smoliv that has appeared in the area, and Arven is surprised to see one in such a place. Arven catches the Smoliv with Violet's help, then trades it for his Mabosstiff.

Arven suggests training their Pokémon, but Violet explains that Arven should do it for him, as training Pokémon is beneath him. In response, Arven yells at him for being an irresponsible Trainer, saying he cannot be friends with someone like him. Violet begins sobbing to Rotojī that Arven would say such unkind things to him when he had not been doing anything wrong. Rotojī flies over to Arven and privately encourages him to work with Violet, reminding him that he is also a difficult person who might struggle to make allies. Arven is offended, but eventually agrees to stay. Returning to Violet, Rotojī explains that Arven was only upset because he strongly desired to train with him. Violet cries tears of joy, and Arven, also through tears, feigns excitement.

Meanwhile, Clavell, along with the two staff members who raced with Violet earlier that day, ride on Cyclizar to West Province (Area One) while searching for some truant students. They witness Violet unsuccessfully battling a Flittle with his Pokémon. After pausing to discern its typing, Violet sends out his Nymble and has it use Struggle Bug to defeat the Flittle. As he praises his Nymble, he notices that Fuecoco seems rather restless, and Rotojī suggests that it is eager for a battle. Violet suddenly notices two Team Star Grunts each riding a Cyclizar, and believing a race is about to start, he follows after them on his Miraidon. Watching from above, Clavell and the staff members also begin to follow them.

The Grunts are revealed to be chasing Penny, whom they corner below some cliffs. Because they saw Penny by their base, they assume she wants to be a member of Team Star but is too shy to say anything. As they begin to encourage her, Violet shows up behind them. Believing Team Star to be a racing team, Violet asks to join them. One of the Grunts begins to whisper to the other, noting that strange things happen whenever they try to recruit Penny, and giving up on her may be in their best interest. The other Grunt is angered, saying if they are afraid of a superstition, they will be looked down on and their lives will be "over." He reminds the Grunt that the reason they joined Team Star in the first place was to avoid that.

The same Grunt turns back to Penny to ask if she wants to join, and she suggests that being part of Team Star would give people more of a reason to look down on them. One of the Grunts grabs Penny's arm in an attempt to force her to join Team Star, and Violet yells at them to stop. Arven arrives just in time to see the Grunts send out Shroodle and Yungoos at him.

Knowing Fuecoco is eager to fight, Violet sends it forward to attack the opposing Pokémon. Arven and Rotojī both recommend adding another Pokémon to the battle, but Violet declines, knowing fighting alone is what Fuecoco needs. When the Grunts command their Shroodle and Yungoos to use Poison Fang and Super Fang respectively, Rotojī advises Violet to make some space and go for a long-range move, like Ember. The Grunts taunt him, noting that Fuecoco will tire out from running and its move's power will decrease if used from far away. Realizing that the Grunts' Pokémon are equally incapable of finishing the battle without closing the gap, Violet calls for Fuecoco to let itself get bitten. When Shroodle and Yungoos clamp their jaws on Fuecoco's arms, it blasts them with fire, knocking them both out.

The Grunts flee, threatening to tell their boss about what happened. Violet praises Fuecoco, and Arven feeds it a Pecha Berry for the poisoning it was afflicted with after being bitten. Penny then approaches the two, introducing herself and thanking Violet. When she calls him "Prince," Violet turns to her in confusion.

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