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ロトじい Rotojī
Violet Rotojii.png
Violet's Rotom Phone
Debuts in PASV01
Gender Gender unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Violet
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This Pokémon is fully evolved.

(Japanese: ロトじい Rotojī) is a Rotom Phone that Violet owns in Pokémon Adventures. In addition to possessing a Pokédex app, Rotojī was outfitted with an artificial intelligence, allowing it to communicate with humans.



Rotojī's human counterpart

Rotojī was originally a human butler that served the Lang family. While he and Violet were very close, the butler worried the boy's pampered lifestyle would make him ill-prepared for integrating into regular society. He attempted to slowly convince Violet that he wasn't actually royalty like he was raised to believe, but the butler passed away before he could accomplish this. Wanting to console their grieving son, Violet's parents commissioned a Rotom Phone with an AI copy of the butler's personality installed onto it. Violet later attached a mustache to the phone to make it better resemble its human counterpart.

Scarlet & Violet arc

Cassiopeia speaking through Rotojī

Rotojī debuted in PASV01. After enrolling into Uva Academy, Violet and Rotojī began searching through the student registry for a student named Arven. When Jacq entered the teacher's lounge, he mistook the two for intruders and attempted to stop them. Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, Rotojī had Jacq install a Pokédex app onto it. Later, at the school courtyard, Rotojī and Violet successfully found Arven and dragged him along to help search for the Herba Mystica.

In PASV02, Rotojī traveled with Violet and Arven to Asado Desert, home of one of Titan Pokémon. While traveling, Rotojī informed Arven about Violet's past. Sympathizing with Violet due to issues with his own father, Arven agreed to help Rotojī with easing Violet into regular society.

In PASV04, Rotojī was hacked by someone going by the name "Cassiopeia". The caller recruited Violet and Arven as members of Operation Starfall, a plan to defeat the five squad bosses of Team Star, forcing the group to disband.


Official artwork from
Scarlet & Violet arc[1]


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