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Ingredients (Japanese: 食材 ingredient) are a type of item that appears in Pokémon Sword and Shield. One can be used as the key ingredient when cooking curry. They are stored in the Ingredients Pocket.


When Trainers cook a curry, they have the option to include an ingredient item as a key ingredient. Only one key ingredient can be used per curry, regardless of the number of Trainers participating. It is also possible to cook a curry without using a key ingredient.

The key ingredient used determines the type of curry that is made. For example, curry cooked using Sausages as the key ingredient is always Sausage Curry, with its flavor determined by the Berries used.

The amount of experience Pokémon gain after consuming the curry is determined by the rarity of the key ingredient and the rarity of the Berries used.


There are several common methods to obtain ingredients.

List of ingredients

Item Rarity Acquisition
Rolling Fields
(ingredient seller)
Hammerlocke Hills
(ingredient seller)
Wild Area
Wild Area
hidden item
Poké Jobs
  Sausages 2
  Bob's Food Tin 3 Sw Sw Sw
  Bach's Food Tin 3 Sh Sh Sh
  Tin of Beans 2
  Bread 1
  Pasta 1
  Mixed Mushrooms 2
  Smoke-Poke Tail 4
  Large Leek 4
  Fancy Apple 4
  Brittle Bones 3
  Pack of Potatoes 2
  Pungent Root 3
  Salad Mix 2
  Fried Food 1
  Boiled Egg 4
  Fruit Bunch 4
  Moomoo Cheese 4
  Spice Mix 2
  Fresh Cream 3
  Packaged Curry 3
  Coconut Milk 3
  Instant Noodles 1
  Precooked Burger 1
  Gigantamix 10

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 食材 Sihkchòih
Mandarin 食材 Shícái
  French Ingrédient
  German Zutat
  Italian Ingrediente
  Korean 식재료 Sikjaeryo
  Spanish Ingrediente

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