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If you were looking for the drink in the Mystery Dungeon series, see Health drink → Nectar.

Nectar (Japanese: ミツ Nectar) is a type of item introduced in Generation VII that allows Oricorio to change forms.


List of Nectars

In the core series games


The player can use Nectar on an Oricorio to change it to the corresponding style. This consumes the Nectar.


In Alola, each Nectar can be obtained twice per day from a particular island's meadow, except on Akala Island due to its lack of a meadow.

In the anime

Yellow Nectar in the anime

Yellow Nectar appeared in A Seasoned Search!. It was one of the ingredients Mallow needed to prepare a dish at her family's restaurant, so she and Ash headed to Melemele Meadow to get it. There, they witnessed a Baile Style Oricorio sipping it from a flower and changing into Pom-Pom Style Oricorio.


These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Pink Nectar Sprite.png Dream Purple Nectar Sprite.png Dream Red Nectar Sprite.png Dream Yellow Nectar Sprite.png
Pink Nectar Purple Nectar Red Nectar Yellow Nectar

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 花蜜 Fāmaht
Mandarin 花蜜 Huāmì
Denmark Flag.png Danish Nektar
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Nectar
Finland Flag.png Finnish Nektari
France Flag.png French Nectar
Germany Flag.png German Nektar
Italy Flag.png Italian Nettare
South Korea Flag.png Korean Kkul
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Nektar
Poland Flag.png Polish Nektar
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Néctar
Russia Flag.png Russian Нектар Nektar
Spain Flag.png Spanish Néctar
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Nektar

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