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Health drinks are consumable items in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

They are the only items to have the "Ingest"RBTDS/"Drink"GtISMD option, rather than the "Eat" option. Being hit by a thrown health drink has the same effect as drinking it (but does 2 HP damage instead if sticky); health drinks cannot be caught. They can be blended into a drink at Spinda's Juice Bar. Many are Pokémon Mystery Dungeon equivalents of vitamins; because effort values are not present in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, health drinks instead increase the actual stat by a set amount.

In games prior to Gates to Infinity, health drinks also slightly fill up the Belly.


List of health drinks

Lookalike Items

Main article: Lookalike Item → Mix Elixir

There is a Lookalike Item for the Max Elixir, called the Mix Elixir.



Protein PMD GTI.png Iron PMD GTI.png Calcium PMD GTI.png Zinc PMD GTI.png
Protein from
Gates to Infinity
Iron from
Gates to Infinity
Calcium from
Gates to Infinity
Zinc from
Gates to Infinity
Protein PSMD.png Iron PSMD.png Calcium PSMD.png Zinc PSMD.png Carbos PSMD.png Elixir PSMD.png
Protein from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Iron from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Calcium from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Zinc from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Carbos from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Elixir from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Max Elixir PSMD.png Nectar PSMD.png Power Drink PSMD.png Accuracy Drink PSMD.png PP-Up Drink PSMD.png
Max Elixir from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Nectar from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Power Drink from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Accuracy Drink from
Super Mystery Dungeon
PP-Up Drink from
Super Mystery Dungeon


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In other languages

Health drink

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Helbredende drikke*
Canada Flag.png Canadian French Breuvage*
Germany Flag.png German Getränke
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Hälsodryck*

English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Protein Protéine Protein Proteina Proteína 타우린
Iron Fer Eisen Ferro Hierro 사포닌
Calcium Calcium Kalzium Calcio Calcio 리보플라빈
Zinc Zinc Zink Zinco Zinc 키토산
Carbos Carbone Carbon Carburante Carburante -
Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng 카테킨
Elixir Élixir Elixier Elisir Elixir -
Max Elixir Max Élixir Top-Elixier Elisir Max Elixir Máx. PP맥스
Nectar Nectar Nektar Nettare Néctar 맛있는꿀
Power Drink Soda Puissance Stärke-Brause Sprint Potenza Bebida Potencia -
Accuracy Drink Soda Précision Genauigk.-Brause Sprint Precisione Bebida Precisión -
PP-Up Drink Soda PP AP-Brause Sprint PP Bebida PP -

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