Progress Device

A Progress Device is an item that can be used in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. It allows the player to set up a "Progress Point" in a dungeon. It will allow the player to save progress in a dungeon. This way, if the player is defeated and they select to restart from their save file, it will restart where the player last put a Progress Point down. It will not reappear if one returns to the dungeon on a separate expedition. It is a replacement for quick saving in dungeons in the previous titles.

A Progress Device + will allow the player to set up a different type of Progress Point that will allow the player to save the game, but it also allows the player to quit the dungeon if defeated without the loss of items and/or Poké currency VI Sprite.png.

List of Progress Devices


These are models of the Progress Devices as seen in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Progress Device Progress Device + Progress Point tile Progress Point tile

In other languages

Progress Device

Language Title
  French Enregistreur
  German Speichergerät
  Italian Salvadati
  Spanish Guardaventura

Progress Device +

Language Title
  French Enregistreur +
  German Top-Speichergerät
  Italian Salvadati Plus
  Spanish Guardaventura+

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