Looplets (Japanese: リングル Ringlet) are held items exclusive to Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. When held, they are capable of greatly enhancing a Pokémon's natural abilities.

Looplet artwork

Each kind of looplet has a number of notches, each of which can be filled with any emera the party finds in a dungeon. Each emera set in a looplet grants passive effects to the Pokémon holding it. Using an Emera-Up Orb on a looplet will increase its number of notches by one, up to a maximum of 8, for the duration of the adventure in a dungeon. All emeras set in a looplet disappear upon exiting a dungeon.

Additionally, most looplets have an innate passive effect. Many of these effects are similar to those found on scarves in previous games.

Some ordinary looplets also have a variant indicated with a red outline MDBag Looplet 6 VI Sprite.png in the Treasure Bag. These looplets generally have two extra notches; however, the Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def looplets have only one extra notch. Additionally, with the exception of the Gold Looplet, the buy and sell prices of these looplets are 50% higher. Although variant looplets are generally rare, all looplets sold at Glorious Gold are variants, with the exception of treasures.

Hoopa cannot equip looplets, as it can only be used as a guest Pokémon in dungeons.

Looplets that prevent status conditions

Looplets that promote stats

Other looplets



Looplet from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Gold Looplet from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Ancient Treasures Looplet
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Eight Treasures Looplet
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Never Hungries' Looplet
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Looplet with Awakening emera
from Super Mystery Dungeon


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English   French   German   Italian   Spanish
Looplet Anneau Ringel Cerchi Brazal
Air Looplet Anneau Air Wind-Ringel Cerchio Vento Brazal Viento
Lucky Looplet Anneau Veinard Beschwö.-Ringel Fortuncerchio Brazal Conjuro
Nonstick Looplet Anneau Antiglue Klebschutz-Ringel Cerchio Antiviscido Brazal Antiviscoso
Pecha Looplet Anneau Pêcha Pirsif-Ringel Cerchio Baccapesca Brazal Meloc
Persim Looplet Anneau Kika Persim-Ringel Cerchio Baccaki Brazal Caquic
Resilient Looplet Anneau Constance Senkschutz-Ringel Stabilcerchio Brazal Estabilidad
Wakeful Looplet Anneau Insomnie Insomnia-Ringel Cerchio Insonnia Brazal Insomnio
Weather Looplet Anneau Ciel Gris Klima-Ringel Meteocerchio Brazal Anticlima
Wind Looplet Anneau du Vent Luft-Ringel Cerchio Aria Brazal Celestial
Attack Looplet Anneau Attaque Angriffs-Ringel Cerchio Attacco Brazal Ataque
Blue Looplet Anneau Bleu Blau-Ringel Cerchio Azzurro Brazal Azul
Choice Looplet Anneau Choix Wahl-Ringel Cerchioscelta Brazal Singular
Darkness Looplet Anneau Obscur Dunkelheits-Ringel Cerchio Tenebre Brazal Oscuridad
Defense Looplet Anneau Défense Vert.-Ringel Cerchio Difesa Brazal Defensa
Detect Looplet Anneau Détection Scanner-Ringel Eludicerchio Brazal Finta
Fickle Looplet Anneau Polyvalence Wankel-Ringel Cerchio Varietà Brazal Variedad
Focus Looplet Anneau Puissance Fokus-Ringel Focalcerchio Brazal Crítico
Radiance Looplet Anneau Lumière Licht-Ringel Cerchio Luce Brazal Luz
Red Looplet Anneau Rouge Rot-Ringel Cerchio Rosso Brazal Rojo
Sand Looplet Anneau de Sable Sand-Ringel Cerchio Sabbia Brazal Arena
Sky Looplet Anneau Ciel Himmels-Ringel Cerchio Cielo Brazal Cielo
Sp. Attack Looplet Anneau Atq. Spé. Sp.-Ang.-Ringel Cerchio Att. Sp. Brazal At. Esp.
Sp. Defense Looplet Anneau Déf. Spé. Sp.-Vert.-Ringel Cerchio Dif. Sp. Brazal Def. Esp.
Speed Looplet Anneau Vitesse Initiative-Ringel Cerchio Velocità Brazal Velocidad
Tempest Looplet Anneau Tempête Sturm-Ringel Cerchio Tempesta Brazal Tormenta
Time Looplet Anneau Temps Zeit-Ringel Cerchio Tempo Brazal Tiempo
Wildfire Looplet Anneau Flammes Feuer-Ringel Cerchio Fuoco Brazal Llama
Alliance Looplet Anneau Synchro Kombi-Ringel Sincrocerchio Brazal Alianza
Big Belly Looplet Anneau Réplétion Halbsatt-Ringel Cerchio Addiofame Brazal Sustento
Cover Looplet Anneau Héroïsme Schützer-Ringel Copricerchio Brazal Auxilio
Deflect Looplet Anneau Dérivation Zueigner-Ringel Trasfericerchio Brazal Desvío
Earth Looplet Anneau Continent Land-Ringel Cerchio Terra Brazal Terráqueo
Excavation Looplet Anneau Excavation Schürf-Ringel Cerchio Trovaoro Brazal Excavación
Explosive Looplet Anneau Bombe Explosions-Ringel Cerchio Esplosione Brazal Explosión
Gold Looplet Anneau en Or Gold-Ringel Cerchio d'Oro Brazal Dorado
Grass Looplet Anneau des Plantes Gras-Ringel Cerchio Erba Brazal Hierba
Healing Looplet Anneau Soin Heil-Ringel Curacerchio Brazal Curativo
Huge Meal Looplet Anneau Sasiété Vorrats-Ringel Cerchio Senzafame Brazal Hartazgo
Joy Looplet Anneau Bonheur EP-Ringel Cerchio Felicità Brazal Felicidad
Mist Looplet Anneau de la Brume Nebel-Ringel Cerchio Nebbia Brazal Niebla
Nullify Looplet Anneau Anti-Talent Unfähigk.-Ringel Cerchio Antiabilità Brazal Impersonal
Prosper Looplet Anneau Auriphile Geld-Ringel Cerchio Vivapoké Brazal Bonanza
Satiated Looplet Anneau Modération Pappsatt-Ringel Cerchio Antifame Brazal Saciedad
Sea Looplet Anneau Océan Meeres-Ringel Cerchio Mare Brazal Marino
Unity Looplet Anneau Proximité Team-Ringel Cerchio Unione Brazal Reunión
Warp Looplet Anneau Téléport Warp-Ringel Telecerchio Brazal Teleporte
Water Looplet Anneau de l'Eau Wasser-Ringel Cerchio Acqua Brazal Acua
Well-Fed Looplet Anneau Gourmand Nährwert-Ringel Cerchio Golosità Brazal Gula

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