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The Treasure Collection are items in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon that can be obtained by completing certain dungeons, or by meeting or defeating certain Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

The player is first informed of these Treasures by Ampharos after completing the post-game story.

There are four different types of Treasures. Different Crowns can be obtained by finding all the Treasures of one type. Once the player obtains all the Treasures, the player will be awarded the Completion Crown.



Ancient Treasures

The Never Hungries'

The Eight Treasures

Golden Items




Ancient Crown PSMD.png Food Fighter Crown PSMD.png Treasure Crown PSMD.png Golden Crown PSMD.png Completion Crown PSMD.png Crown PSMD.png
Ancient Crown
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Food Fighter Crown
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Treasure Crown
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Golden Crown
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Completion Crown
from Super Mystery Dungeon
Blank Crown (unused)
from Super Mystery Dungeon


Artwork of the Crowns as seen in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. They appear, hovering with sparkles over a Pokémon's head, if held in dungeons.

PSMD Ancient Crown Sprite.png PSMD Food Fighter Crown Sprite.png PSMD Treasure Crown Sprite.png PSMD Golden Crown Sprite.png PSMD Completion Crown Sprite.png
Ancient Crown Food Fighter Crown Treasure Crown Golden Crown Completion Crown