Glorious Gold

Glorious Gold (Japanese: ゴールドゴージャス Gold Gorgeous) is a shop run by Cofagrigus in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. In Gates to Infinity, the shop is in Post Town and remains closed until a certain amount of job requests have been completed. In Super Mystery Dungeon, the shop is first accessible when the player reaches Lively Town.

Artwork of Glorious Gold from Super Mystery Dungeon

At this shop, Cofagrigus will exchange various items with the player in return for Gold Bars. Cofagrigus can also exchange Gold Bars for Poké (Poké currency VI Sprite.png555 per Gold Bar). After Connecting with Cofagrigus in Super Mystery Dungeon, he will also start to sell treasures, which include various rare or exclusive Looplets, as well as every item in the Treasure Collection that the player has already obtained from their respective dungeons. The Treasure Collection Looplets are one-of-a-kind, and can only be purchased if the ones the player obtained were lost in some way; the consumable Golden Items may be purchased without any other restrictions.

In Gates to Infinity, Gold Bars can be found by digging into sparkling floor tiles in Dungeons, which can be made visible by using a Gold Scope. They can also be obtained, in amounts from one to five, from opening Treasure Boxes at Rampardos Box Buster. In Companion Mode, Glorious Gold will move to Paradise with Box Buster and Gift Shop.

In Super Mystery Dungeon, Gold Bars can again be found by digging up buried Gold Bars (in amounts from one to three), or by opening treasure boxes at Rockin' Lock. They can additionally be obtained by increasing the player's Expedition Rank, or by exchanging 100 items in the Deposit Box for one Gold Bar.

Item list

In Gates to Infinity

Item Cost  
  Reviver Seed 2
  Tough Flag 15
  Limber Flag 20
  Insomnia Flag 20
  Clarity Flag 25
  Cheering Flag 30
  Immunity Flag 30
  Resilient Flag 35
  Prize Ticket 1
  Silver Ticket 2
  Gold Ticket 3
  Red Key 5
  Blue Key 5
  Green Key 5
  Black Key 5
  Joy Seed 15
  Accuracy Manual 3
  Power Manual 3
  PP Manual 3
  Blizzard 50
  Thunder 50
  Dragon Tail 50
  Energy Ball 50
  Fire Blast 50

In Super Mystery Dungeon


Item Cost  
  Reviver Seed ×5 1
  Perfect Apple 2
  Gold Looplet ×2 3
  Mega Donut 3
  Sweet Chocolate 2
  Four-Leaf Cookie 2
  Progress Device + 2
  Lucha Token 1
  Protein 1
  Iron 1
  Calcium 1
  Zinc 1
  Carbos 1
  Power Drink 9
  Accuracy Drink 9
  PP-Up Drink 9
  Struggle Bug 2
  Echoed Voice 2
  Energy Ball 3
  Shadow Ball 3
  Thunderbolt 4
  Ice Beam 4
  Flamethrower 4
  Dark Pulse 3
  Sludge Wave 4
  Focus Blast 5
  Bulldoze 2
  Nature Power 4
  Safeguard 4
  Protect 2
  Sludge Bomb 4
  Cut 2


Item Cost  
  Attack Looplet* 2
  Defense Looplet* 2
  Sp. Atk Looplet* 2
  Sp. Def Looplet* 2
  Healing Looplet* 3
  Persim Looplet* 3
  Pecha Looplet* 3
  Wakeful Looplet* 3
  Warp Looplet* 3
  Resilient Looplet* 3
  Detect Looplet* 3
  Deflect Looplet* 3
  Weather Looplet* 3
  Unity Looplet 5
  Nullify Looplet* 5
  Excavation Looplet 10
  Wildfire Looplet* 30
  Tempest Looplet* 30
  Radiance Looplet* 30
  Time Looplet* 30
  Darkness Looplet* 30
  Sky Looplet* 30
  Red Looplet* 30
  Blue Looplet* 30
  Huge Meal Looplet* 35
  Well-Fed Looplet* 40
  Big Belly Looplet* 45
  Satiated Looplet* 50
  Air Looplet* 40
  Water Looplet* 60
  Mist Looplet* 50
  Sand Looplet* 50
  Grass Looplet* 40
  Sea Looplet* 60
  Earth Looplet* 50
  Wind Looplet* 50
  Golden Spike (40)* 3
  Golden Fossil (40)* 3
  Golden Seed* 24
  Golden Apple* 3
  Golden Banana* 35


In other languages

Language Title
  Dutch Glanzend goud*
  French Or Exquis
  German Echnatolls Goldtausch
  Italian Oro ti adoro
  European Portuguese Ouro glorioso*
  Spanish Esplend'oro

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