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Ancient Barrow いにしえの骨跡
Ancient Boneyard
Ancient Barrow.png
Basic info
Floors: 11
Rest stops: Yes*
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses:
Main type: Poison, Bug, Ground, Steel
Boss: Giratina*
Recruiting: No*
Items: Current
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: Up to 3*

Ancient Barrow (Japanese: いにしえの骨跡 Ancient Boneyard) is a dungeon in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon that is located on the Water Continent. It is a sealed-off dungeon that lies beneath Serene Village. When villagers begin to go missing, they are taken here. When the Serene Village students attempt to investigate the incidents, Pancham and Shelmet are spirited away to this dungeon, now unsealed. The player, their partner, Goomy, Deerling, and Espurr enter the dungeon to pursue the captors.

At the bottom of the barrow, the students find Pancham and Shelmet suspended in the air. Before they can try to free them, they are confronted by the "Dark Land Emissary", a Giratina and its Litwick minions. Despite their disadvantage, the students manage to drive back the Ghost-type Pokémon. The Giratina is revealed to be a projection produced by a Solosis, and the Litwick state they were only trying to scare the villagers so they can feed. While the player's partner coincides that they can't stop them from eating, they demand that Solosis and the Litwick take less drastic measures, and to balance their mischief with good deeds. The Litwick and Solosis agree, and the students leave them in peace, with Pancham and Shelmet in tow.

Once Ancient Barrow is completed, the dungeon cannot be revisited in the main game. From then on, it can only be revisited at Pelipper Island.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Zubat B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Gloom B1F-B11F 21 Unrecruitable
  Koffing B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Spinarak B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Baltoy B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Beldum B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Venipede B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Garbodor B1F-B11F 36 Unrecruitable
  Golett B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
  Honedge B1F-B11F 11 Unrecruitable
These Pokémon are recruited through the Connection Orb rather than fighting them.


Boosts: +100 HP
Boss allies: Litwick ×4
Ghost Dragon
Held item:
Giratina Lv.25
Hidden Power
Normal Special
Normal Status
Normal Status
Psych Up
Normal Status
Ghost Fire
Flame Body
Held item:
Litwick Lv.15
Ghost Physical
Fire Special
Normal Status
Acid Armor
Poison Status


Item Bug
  35-84 Poké B1F-B11F
  Apple B6F-B7F, B11F
  Cheri Berry B2F
  Oran Berry B1F, B4F-B6F
  Elixir B3F, B6F-B7F
  Totter Orb B6F
  Barrage Guard B3F
  Berry Power B6F
  Big Ears B4F, B10F
  Clutch Performer B5F, B11F
  Guard Boost B8F
  Payback B10F
  Power Boost Y B9F
  Sleep Guard B3F
  Super Critical B1F, B5F
  Toughness B7F
  Trap Proof B10F
  Wand Expert B7F
  3 Petrify Wand B7F
  3 Slumber Wand B4F
  5 Truant Wand B8F, B10F

Traps encountered

Image Trap Floors
  Gust Trap B1F
  Slow Trap B2F, B5F
  Slumber Trap B7F, B10F

In other languages

Language Title
  French Ossuaire Antique
  German Modriges Mausoleum
  Italian Cripta Fossilossa
  Spanish Osario Ancestral

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