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Voidlands 虚無の世界
World of Nothingness
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Alternate dimension
Region: None
Generations: VI

Location of Voidlands in None.
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The Voidlands (Japanese: 虚無の世界 World of Nothingness) is the name given to an alternate dimension in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

A Pokémon's spirit is sent to the Voidlands when its body has been turned to stone in the Pokémon world. The Voidlands are strongly connected with Dark Matter, whose goal is to "return the world to the void". They are also home to Void Shadows.

Once the player has returned to the Pokémon world after clearing the Voidlands' four dungeons during the main story, the Voidlands become inaccessible; the dungeons can subsequently only be revisited through Pelipper Island, where they are listed as part of the Water Continent in the dungeon list.



English Japanese
Abyssal Badlands ならくの荒野
Cave of the Deep シンエン洞窟
Calm Craggy Area 静かな岩場
Reverse Mountain 地天の山


Void Shadows attacking the player in the Voidlands

After the player and partner were turned to stone by Nuzleaf at Revelation Mountain, they awake in the Voidlands, where all Pokémon who are turned to stone are sent to. They manage to regroup with the other members of the Expedition Society, as well as the Legendary beasts. Together, they make their way through the Voidlands, thereby crossing Abyssal Badlands, Cave of the Deep, and Calm Craggy Area on their way to Reverse Mountain.

Coming across various runes deciphered by the partner, the player learns that Dark Matter is responsible for the current events in the Pokémon world. Dark Matter appeared in the ancient past, but was stopped before it could spread its influence and destroy the planet by possessing a landmark known as the Tree of Life. Some of the group are captured by Void Shadows, blob-like minions of Dark Matter capable of assuming the forms of Pokémon. The rest of the team manages to reach the peak of Reverse Mountain, where they find that the Door of Light, the gateway to their world, is heavily guarded by more Void Shadows. While the rest of the group holds the Void Shadows back, the player and partner can finally return to their world.

It is stated that the enemy Pokémon found in the Voidlands are not real Pokémon, but illusions made of hate manifested into a physical form.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Monde du Néant
  German Welt des Nichts
  Italian Mondo del Nulla
  Spanish Mundo de la Nada

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