Pelipper Island

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Pelipper Island (Japanese: ペリッパー島 Pelipper IslandSMD, ペリッパーのしま Pelipper's IslandTDSSBL) is a location in some games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky; Blazing, Stormy, and Light Adventure Squads; and Super Mystery Dungeon). Pelipper Island is accessed from the game's main menu.

Pelipper Island in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky
Pelipper Island entrance in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky

Pelipper Island's main purpose is to access previously accepted Rescue Missions by talking to Pelipper on the island. Players who are awaiting rescue may also use Pelipper Island to explore a dungeon that they have already cleared, which is called "Standby Adventure".

Besides Pelipper, Kangaskhan Storage, Duskull Bank, and Chimecho Assembly, can also be found here. The player's team will have no items or money each time it enters Pelipper Island. Before going on a Rescue Mission or Standby Adventure, if the player wants to bring certain items or money, they must withdraw them from the storage or from the bank. After exploration, all items and money must be put away in storage and the bank, respectively, or else they will be lost when leaving the island.

Pelipper Island's music is a remix of the music that plays on the main menu.

Standby Adventures

The following applies to Standby Adventures:

  • One may only visit a dungeon they have unlocked before
  • All restrictions put upon the dungeon apply when in Standby Adventure
  • Pokémon cannot be recruited
  • Items and experience points are gained the normal way
  • One cannot access the deeper part of the dungeon (e.g. Hidden Highland)
  • Bosses cannot be fought
  • Jobs and Rescue Missions cannot be performed in Standby Adventure

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Artwork of Pelipper delivering mail from Super Mystery Dungeon

At Pelipper Island, the player is able to rescue their team if they have fainted in a dungeon or send mail to other players asking for rescue. Mail can be sent and received through passwords, QR Codes, Local Wireless, or IR Connection. The West Pelipper near the northern exit manages the player's mail. Help-Me Mail is created when the player is defeated in a dungeon and can be sent to other players to ask them for help. Reviver Mail is created when a player successfully rescues someone and can be sent back to the rescuee so that they can revive. Thank-You Mail can be created after a player is revived; the player can attach one of their items to Thank-You Mail as a gift to their rescuer. If the player attempts to rescue themselves instead of sending mail to another player, any Pokémon that has fainted cannot be controlled. Other Pokémon recruited through the Connection Orb or unlocked upon the player's first entrance can be used at any time.

Helper Pokémon can be sent and received at Pelipper Island as well. The player can also explore dungeons they have previously visited, including dungeons that cannot be revisited in the main story, such as School Forest or the Tree of Life's trunk.

The player can also enter one of three dungeons only found here while awaiting rescue:

In other languages

Language Title
  Danish Øen Pelipper*
  French Île Bekipan
  German Pelipper-Insel
  Hungarian Pelipper-szigetre[1]
  Italian Isola Pelipper
  Korean 패리퍼 섬 Paeripeo Seom
  Polish Wyspa Pelipperów[2]
  Portuguese Ilha Pelipper*
  Spanish Isla Pelipper
  Swedish Pelipper-ön*


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