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Miracle Sea きさきのうみ
Miracle Sea
Basic info
Floors: 23*
Rest stops: Yes
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Water
Boss: Gyarados*
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Miracle Sea (Japanese: きせきのうみ Miracle Sea) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The dungeon itself consists of 22 floors, with 18 floors for the part called Miracle Sea and 4 floors for Deep Miracle Sea. The player must travel to the bottom to obtain a Phione Dew, a cure-all after Manaphy falls ill. The Pokémon Darkrai can be encountered on the third floor after Manaphy has told the player about Marine Resort, and if the player has either the Mystery Part or Secret Slab in the Treasure Bag. The boss of this dungeon is a Gyarados, who attempts to forcefully relieve the Phione of all their dew. Once Gyarados is defeated, the Phione reward the player with the dew. In any further explorations the player decides to take, the player can recruit a Phione once automatically by reaching the end of the dungeon.

There is a locked room on the third floor of the Deep Miracle Sea that holds a Treasure Box containing an Air Blade, Seabed Veil, Silver Veil, or a Wonder Gummi.


Pokémon encountered

Miracle Sea

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
422E Shellos
East Sea
B1-B5 2 6.4%
073 Tentacruel B1-B18 43-46 -4.5%
080 Slowbro B1-B18 43-46 -12%
091 Cloyster B1-B18 43-46 -4.5%
116 Horsea B1-B18 11-14 8.2%
117 Seadra B1-B18 43-46 -10%
121 Starmie B1-B18 43-46 -4.5%
170 Chinchou B1-B18 44-47 8.2%
171 Lanturn B1-B18 44-47 -4.5%
199 Slowking B1-B18 43-46 -12%
211 Qwilfish B1-B18 43-46 6.9%
223 Remoraid B1-B18 26-29 8.2%
224 Octillery B1-B18 43-46 -12%
226 Mantine B1-B18 42-45 8.2%
230 Kingdra B1-B18 44-47 -12%
319 Sharpedo B1-B18 44-47 -12%
320 Wailmer B1-B18 11-14 4%
346 Cradily B1-B18 44-47 -4.5%
366 Clamperl B1-B18 15-18 8.2%
367 Huntail B1-B18 44-47 -12%
368 Gorebyss B1-B18 44-47 -12%
369 Relicanth B1-B18 44-47 6.4%
370 Luvdisc B1-B18 44-47 8.2%
456 Finneon B1-B18 11-14 8.2%
457 Lumineon B1-B18 44-47 8.2%
458 Mantyke B1-B18 15-18 8.2%
131 Lapras B10-B17 44-45 6.7%
491 Darkrai B3 53 -22% *

Deep Miracle Sea

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
073 Tentacruel B1-B3 46-47 -4.5%
080 Slowbro B1-B3 46-47 -12%
091 Cloyster B1-B3 46-47 -4.5%
116 Horsea B1-B3 14-15 8.2%
117 Seadra B1-B3 46-47 -10%
121 Starmie B1-B3 46-47 -4.5%
170 Chinchou B1-B3 47-48 8.2%
171 Lanturn B1-B3 47-48 -4.5%
199 Slowking B1-B3 46-47 -12%
211 Qwilfish B1-B3 46-47 6.9%
223 Remoraid B1-B3 29-30 8.2%
224 Octillery B1-B3 46-47 -12%
226 Mantine B1-B3 45-46 8.2%
230 Kingdra B1-B3 47-48 -12%
320 Wailmer B1-B3 14-15 4%
456 Finneon B1-B3 14-15 8.2%
457 Lumineon B1-B3 47-48 8.2%
458 Mantyke B1-B3 18-19 8.2%
319 Sharpedo B1-B4 47-48 -12%
346 Cradily B1-B4 47-48 -4.5%
366 Clamperl B1-B4 18-19 8.2%
367 Huntail B1-B4 47-48 -12%
368 Gorebyss B1-B4 47-48 -12%
369 Relicanth B1-B4 47-48 6.4%
370 Luvdisc B1-B4 47-48 8.2%
131 Lapras B3 46 6.7%

Miracle Seabed

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
130 Gyarados Miracle Seabed 46 Unrecruitable Boss
489 Phione Miracle Seabed 40 100%
Gyarados is only fought the first visit; Phione is recruited without a fight



Image Trap
Explosion Trap RTRB TDS.png Explosion Trap
Grimy Trap RTRB TDS.png Grimy Trap
Mud Trap RTRB TDS.png Mud Trap
Poison Trap RTRB TDS.png Poison Trap
PP-Zero Trap RTRB TDS.png PP-Zero Trap
Seal Trap RTRB TDS.png Seal Trap
Selfdestruct Trap RTRB TDS.png Selfdestruct Trap
Slow Trap RTRB TDS.png Slow Trap
Slumber Trap RTRB TDS.png Slumber Trap
Spin Trap RTRB TDS.png Spin Trap
Sticky Trap RTRB TDS.png Sticky Trap
Warp Trap RTRB TDS.png Warp Trap
Wonder Tile RTRB TDS.png Wonder Tile


Rest stop Seabed
Miracle Sea rest stop TDS.png Miracle Sea Seabed TDS.png

In other languages

Miracle Sea

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mer Prodige
Germany Flag.png German Mirakelmeer
Italy Flag.png Italian Mar dei Miracoli
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기적의 바다 Gijeogui bada
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mar Milagro

Deep Miracle Sea

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mer Prodige profondeurs
Germany Flag.png German Mirakelmeerestiefe
Italy Flag.png Italian Fossa dei Miracoli
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기적의 바다 최심부 Gijeogui bada choesimbu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fosa Milagro

Miracle Seabed

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mer Prodige fond
Germany Flag.png German Mirakelmeeresgrund
Italy Flag.png Italian Fondale dei Miracoli
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기적의 바다 깊은 곳 Gijeogui bada gipeun got
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sima Milagro

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