Brine Cave

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Brine Cave
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Brine Cave いそのどうくつ
Beach Cave
Basic info
Floors: 15*
Rest stops: Yes
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: No
Main type: Water
Boss: Kabutops
Omastar ×2
Recruiting: Yes*
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4*

Brine Cave (Japanese: いそのどうくつ Beach Cave) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is unlocked after the player talks to Torkoal when he visits the guild, the player's partner shows him the Relic Fragment's pattern, and Wigglytuff and Chatot reveal the location of the pattern. On the first visit, Chatot will accompany the player. It has 15 floors total, with a rest stop between the ninth floor and the first floor of Lower Brine Cave. At that point, Chatot will chase after Team Skull, leaving the player and partner behind. The boss Pokémon are two Omastar and a Kabutops, who terrorized Wigglytuff and Chatot in the past. Earlier in the game Wigglytuff is seen talking to Lapras about letting the player travel to the Hidden Land.


The jobs here are ranked E and ★2 by default, depending on the floor. Lower Brine Cave is ranked ★2 for purpose of Treasure Boxes.

Floors 1 through 7 of Brine Cave are medium-sized with 3-9 rooms on odd floors and 3-8 rooms on even floors, while later floors are large-sized, with 4-14 rooms on floors 8 and 9 of Brine Cave, 4-8 rooms on floor 1 of Lower Brine Cave and 4-10 rooms on later floors of Lower Brine Cave. There is 1-4 items on floors 1 through of Brine Cave, and 2-5 items on later floors. There's 2-3 starting enemies on floors 1 through 6 of Brine Cave, and 2-4 on later floors. There is a 10% chance each for a room on floors 2 and 6 of Brine Cave and floors 1 and 5 of Lower Brine Cave to be filled with water.

The IQ Booster activates on every even floor (counting Lower Brine Cave as continuation of Brine Cave). The player cannot be rescued if knocked out in Lower Brine Cave. The enemies in this dungeon have 26IQ, granting them Status Checker IQ skill. There is light darkness and water in the dungeon. Gastrodon and Walrein in the dungeon can create rain and hail with Rain Dance and Hail, respectively.

Pokémon encountered

Brine Cave

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Seel 1-5 34 3.9%
  Omanyte 1-7 36-37 6.4%
  Kingler 1-8 35-36 -4.5%
  Pelipper 1-8 36-37 -12%
West Sea
1-9 22-23 8.2%
  Tentacool 6-9 35 8.2%
  Dewgong 6-9 38 -4.5%
  Staryu 8-9 38 8.2%
  Dragonair 8-9 36 -4.5%
Pokémon cannot be recruited during the first visit.

Lower Brine Cave

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
West Sea
1 24 8.2%
  Dewgong 1 39 -4.5%
  Tentacool 1-5 36 8.2%
  Staryu 1-5 39 8.2%
  Dragonair 1-5 37 -4.5%
  Walrein 2-5 36 0.5%
Pokémon cannot be recruited during the first visit.

Brine Cave Pit

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Omastar Pit 35 Unrecruitable Boss
  Kabutops Pit 42 Unrecruitable Boss
Can only be fought the first time
The bosses, Kabutops and Omastar, on the ceiling


Item Floors
  2-120TD/150S Poké B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Gaggle Specs B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Y-Ray Specs B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Def. Scarf B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Heal Ribbon B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Joy Ribbon B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S No-Slip Cap B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Pecha Scarf B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Persim Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Power Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Sneak Scarf B1-4FD/B1-9, LB1-L5SF
  TS Special Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Stamina Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Twist Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Zinc Band B1-9, LB1-L5F
  4-5 Geo Pebble B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Gravelyrock B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Apple B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Blue Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Brown Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Grass Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Green Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Orange Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Silver Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Sky Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS White Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Black Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Clear Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Gold Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Gray Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Pink Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Purple Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Red Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Royal Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Yellow Gummi B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Cheri Berry B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Oran Berry B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Oren Berry B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Pecha Berry B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Blast Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Dough Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Dropeye Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Heal Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Hunger Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Pure Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Reviser Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Reviver Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Slip Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Sleep Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Stun Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Via Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Violent Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Warp Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS X-Eye Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Max Elixir B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Mix Elixir B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Aerial Ace B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Attract B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Brick Break B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Brine B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Bullet Seed B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Calm Mind B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Dig B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Dive B1-9, LB1-L5F
  S Dragon Claw B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Embargo B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Energy Ball B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Explosion B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS False Swipe B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Flash B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Focus Blast B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Focus Punch B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Giga Drain B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Giga Impact B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Hidden Power B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Hyper Beam B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Iron Tail B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Light Screen B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Natural Gift B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Payback B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Poison Jab B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Protect B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Recycle B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Reflect B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Rest B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Roar B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Rock Slide B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Roost B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Safeguard B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Shadow Claw B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Shock Wave B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS SolarBeam B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Stealth Rock B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Steel Wing B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Swords Dance B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Taunt B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Thunder Wave B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Thunderbolt B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Torment B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Vacuum-Cut B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Water Pulse B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Wide Slash B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS All-Hit Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS All-Mach Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Blowback Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Decoy Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Escape Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Evasion Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Foe-Fear Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Foe-Hold Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Foe-Seal Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Hurl Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Itemizer Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Luminous Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Mug Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Petrify Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Quick Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Radar Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Rebound Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  Rollcall Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Scanner Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Silence Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Slow Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Slumber Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Spurn Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Stayaway Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Switcher Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Totter Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  DS Transfer Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F
  TS Warp Orb B1-9, LB1-L5F

Traps encountered

The game will spawn 1 to 3 of the following tiles.

Image Trap Appearance %
  Chestnut Trap 9.10%T/5.26%S
  Grimy Trap 9.09%T/5.26%S
  Gust Trap 10%D/5.26%S
  Poison Trap 10%D/5%S
  Pokémon Trap 10%D/5.27%S
  Selfdestruct Trap 9.09%T/5.26%S
  Slow Trap 9.09%T/5.26%S
  Slumber Trap 10%D/5.26%S
  Spin Trap 10%D/5.27%S
  Summon Trap 9.09%T/5.27%S
  Trip Trap 9.09%T/10%D/5.26%S
  Warp Trap 9.09%T/5.26%S
  Wonder Tile 36.36%T/40%D/36.84%S


Entrance Rest stopTD Rest stopS Lower Brine Cave
Brine Cave Pit Pattern

In the anime

Brine Cave in the anime

Brine Cave made a brief appearance in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness, where Team Poképals and Grovyle were shown finding the pattern at the end of the dungeon, which reacted with Chimchar's Relic Fragment and summoned Lapras, ready to take them to the Hidden Land.

In other languages

Brine Cave

Language Title
  French Caverne Saline
  German Salzwasserhöhle
  Italian Grotta Salmastra
  Korean 바닷가 동굴 Badatga Donggul
  Spanish Cueva Aguamar

Lower Brine Cave

Language Title
  French Caverne Saline profondeurs
  German Untere Salzwasserhöhle
  Italian Antro Salmastro
  Korean 바닷가 동굴 최심부 Badatga Donggul Choesimbu
  Spanish Fosa Aguamar

Brine Cave Pit

Language Title
  French Caverne Saline Fond
  German Salzwasserhöhlengrube
  Italian Fossa Salmastra
  Spanish Sima Aguamar

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