Grovyle (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

ジュプトル Juptile
253Grovyle PMD Explorers.png
Grovyle in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness
Gender Male
Ability Overgrow
Current location In the future
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Grovyle Masaki Terasoma Dan Green

Grovyle is a major character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Grovyle and the player both came back from the future to stop time from freezing and the planet's paralysis. Early in the game, Grovyle is discovered to be stealing the Time Gears, and is labeled as a criminal. But later in the game, the player and their partner team up with Grovyle to stop Temporal Tower's collapse.

In the games

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Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky

Prior to the events of the story, Grovyle and the player met in the paralyzes future and, upon discovering they both wanted to reverse the sad fate they live in, resolve to work together to undo the circumstances that caused the planet's paralysis. Once it was discovered that the player had a rare ability called the Dimensional Scream, they used this power to find the locations of Time Gears, ancient relics that regulated the flow of time when the world wasn't paralyzed. During this time, they recruited members for a special group called the Planetary Investigation Team, including a Shiny Celebi that immediately developed a not so subtle crush on Grovyle, and gather intelligence about Temporal Tower while avoiding attempts made by Primal Dialga and his top lieutenant, Dusknoir, to prevent them from succeeding.

Upon discerning the locations of the five Time Gears necessary to stop the planet's paralysis, Grovyle and the player confer with Celebi on how to get back to the past, and she reveals that she uses a tunnel called the Passage of Time whenever she needs to travel long distances in time. However, at some point, they learn that, should they manage to succeed with their plan, they'll be erased from time due to being from a future that will no longer exist. Though disheartened by the news, they ultimately decide this is for the best as any future that isn't as bleak as the world they live in is well worth the sacrifice. However, their attempt to execute their plan in the past hits an immediate snag when an unknown attacker intercepts and attacks them mid time travel, inflicting serious damage to the player when they intercept the attack and causing them to be separated as a result.

Upon waking up in the Eastern Forest, Grovyle is greeted by the first sunrise he's ever seen in his life, which emotionally overwhelmed him and strengthened his resolve. However, he is unable to find the player anywhere, forcing him to assume they are likely searching for the Time Gears from where they are and proceed alone. He manages to collect the Time Gears from Treeshroud Forest and Limestone Cavern without resistance, but runs into a roadblock at Fogbound Lake when its guardian, Uxie, interferes with his attempt to collect it. Grovyle manages to collect the Time Gear, but Uxie escapes and warns the public of what happened, painting Grovyle as a wicked thief who is 'stealing' the Time Gears for some sinister motive.

While combing Quicksand Desert for any clues relating to that location's Time Gear, Grovyle spots an unknown exploration team looking for it as well. Following them, he eventually discovers a hidden cave system buried under a quicksand pit that eventually leads him to the Time Gear. Using this to his advantage, Grovyle allows the team to incapacitate the Time Gear's guardian, Mesprit, allowing him to swoop in and take the Time Gear with minimal resistance. With this leg of the plan nearly accomplished, Grovyle quickly heads to Crystal Cave to deal with the last Time Gear and its guardian, Azelf. He manages to defeat the Lake guardian, but before he can make a move on the Time Gear, Azelf reveals his trump card: having been forewarned that Grovyle was coming and anticipating the possibility that he might not be able to slow him down, Azelf set up a defensive barricade of crystals around the lake to prevent the 'thief' from getting near the Time Gear.

Blinded by fury over being robbed of his chance to save the world, Grovyle vents his frustration by attacking Azelf and the unknown exploration team, who followed him to the cave in order to stop him. Grovyle attempts to strike down one of the team's Pokemon, but, to his horror, he is stopped by Dusknoir, who followed him in order to protect the paralyzed future, forcing him to make a hasty retreat. As he struggles to come up with a new plan to get the Crystal Cave Time Gear, Grovyle does some reconnaissance and discovers that the Lake Trio are attempting to come up with a way to seal that Time Gear away permanently. Horrified, Grovyle rushes back to the cave to secure the Time Gear, never realizing until too late that this was actually a ruse by Dusknoir to lure him into a trap. Bound and gagged, Grovyle is dragged in front of a local village, where he learns that Dusknoir mislead a renowned exploration guild into doing his dirty work for him. Unable to speak up and defend himself, Grovyle is forced into a nearby Dimensional Hole by two of Dusknoir's Sableye minions.

Grovyle and Dusknoir

After arriving back in the future, Grovyle is immediately slated for execution along with the exploration team, whom were captured by Dusknoir as well. Confused but undeterred, Grovyle manipulates the Sableye to cut the three of them loose, then uses a combination of a Luminous Orb and Dig into order for them to escape. However, an argument breaks out when a Pokemon on the team is unable to look past Dusknoir's smear campaign to work with Grovyle, causing him to go ahead. Attempting to reach the forest where he first met Celebi, Grovyle inadvertently runs afoul a nearby Spiritomb. Fortunately, he is rescued by the exploration team, who have come to realize that, although they can't trust him, they are willing to work with him in order to get back to their own time.

After giving the team the rundown of their future and his reasons for traveling to the past, Grovyle takes them to meet Celebi, though he overlooks when she seems to recognize one of the Pokemon on the team. She informs them that a Passage of Time has opened on a nearby cliff and offers to take them there. However, just as they reach it, Dusknoir and the Sableye, along with Primal Dialga itself, intervene. Knowing they are severely outmatched, Grovyle voluntarily gives up, contending that the player will succeed where he failed. Dusknoir, however, believes otherwise and drops a major bombshell on him: one of the Pokemon in the team was actually the player the whole time, having been turned into a Pokemon and losing all memory of his past durning the time travel accident; when Dusknoir discovered this, he manipulated the player and Grovyle into unknowingly betraying each other. Utterly horrified, Grovyle's spirit is briefly crushed, but quickly bounces back when the partner, the only one not directly affected by this revelation, and Celebi manage to get them close enough to the Passage of Time for the three of them to escape back to the present.

Back in the present, due to everyone in this time believing Grovyle is a notorious criminal, the group take shelter in the partner's old home, Sharpedo Bluff, where Grovyle brings the player up to speed on everything they had forgotten. While resting to prepare to reclaim the Time Gears, Grovyle has a conversation with the partner, where he asks why they were able to keep their head in the future when they knew they were in grave danger; when the partner casually explains it was merely because the player was there, Grovyle realizes that the player has brought out the best in him. The group then resumes the plan to collect the Time Gears starting with the one at Treeshroud Forest, which Grovyle knows first hand is relatively unguarded. However, when they discover that time in Treeshroud Forest has remained frozen despite the return of the Time Gear, Grovyle realizes that Temporal Tower's collapse is progressing faster than he anticipated.

Knowing they won't be able to stop the planet's paralysis at the rate they're going, Grovyle sends the player and partner to find the Hidden Land, the mysterious area that houses Temporal Tower, while he gathers the Time Gears. This time, the collection proceeds smoothly as the Lake Trio were informed by Wigglytuff's Guild, whom the player had been connected to and who wholeheartedly believe them, of Grovyle's good intentions and, knowing they had no other explanation as to why time was still corroding away, willingly gave him their Time Gears. Once the five Time Gears necessary were in his possession, Grovyle is approached by Wigglytuff, who informs him that the player is close to finding the Hidden Land's location and that he needed to go with him to Brine Cave in order to hook up with them. Arriving just as they chase off some thugs who had injured Chatot along with the rest of the Guild, Wigglytuff sends him, the player, and the partner ahead while he takes Chatot back for treatment.

Once the group reaches the Hidden Land, Grovyle leads them into its depths in search of a Rainbow Stoneship. Arriving at some ruins, they discover that the interior temple is in fact the Rainbow Stoneship but needs the partner's Relic Fragment to activate it. However, they are intercepted before they can activate it by Dusknoir and the Sableye, having been warped there directly to intercept them rather than waste time tracking them down all over again. After a tough battle, Dusknoir is defeated, forcing the Sableye to retreat in shock and giving the partner time to activate the Rainbow Stoneship. However, Dusknoir come too and reminds them of what will happen should they go through with stopping the planet's paralysis. Grovyle admits to the player that this is the case and that they had accepted what must happen to them as inevitable, but laments one new flaw in their plan: while they can accept what will happen to them, he's not sure the partner will be able to take it as easily and fears he might regress to his old timid nature should he find out his closest friend might disappear from his life. However, this gives Dusknoir enough time to recover and attack the player, forcing Grovyle to make the ultimate sacrifice: dropping the Time Gears, Grovyle subdues Dusknoir and pushes them into a nearby Dimensional Hole, sending both of them back to the paralyzed future and giving the player and partner time to save Temporal Tower. After time has been restored, he, as well as Dusknoir, the player, Celebi, the Sableye, and Primal Dialga become erased from time. However, in return for their bravery and for the heartbroken partner, the player is restored by Dialga's time-warping powers.

In the Future of Darkness

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness shows that Dusknoir, Grovyle, Primal Dialga, and the Sableye survive, but are trapped in the dark future. Primal Dialga orders for Dusknoir to be executed for his failure by Primal Dialga's army, but gets away with the help of Grovyle. The two of them team up together to defeat Primal Dialga. In the end, he, Dusknoir, and Celebi are spared by a being even higher than Dialga, allowing them to live in the future.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Grovyle reappears in the present day in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, where he requests the player's help to rescue Celebi. The duo from the future join the player's team after completing the request. Grovyle is connected to Dusknoir and Mesprit in the Connection Orb, as well.

Personality and characteristics

Grovyle is a powerful and skilled warrior. He's also willing to do anything to alter the dark future in which he lived, even if it meant dying himself or outright killing others, as he nearly killed Azelf and the partner when they stood between him and a Time Gear.

As Dusknoir pointed out in the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness, Grovyle is shown to be rather innocent in nature, especially after he was attacked with Ice Shard by a group of three Snorunt over on Frozen Island as a prank, easily angering Grovyle; however, he also pointed out how Grovyle's innocence also shields him from being influenced by the future's darkness, indicating a strong will that exists within Grovyle. Grovyle's strong will seems to be his main driving force in restoring the dark future to what it once was. Grovyle seems to be very motivational to those around him, especially when he was able to get to Dusknoir, after recovering from battling four Glalie and a Mamoswine, changing his dark and evil ways, slowly allowing Dusknoir to redeem himself; the same thing could be said with the six Sableye when Grovyle motivates and persuades the Sableye to change their ways, as their changes of heart helped spare Dusknoir from Primal Dialga's wrath.

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Moves used

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Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky
(Ally and during In the Future of Darkness)
Grass Unknown
Held item:
Grovyle Lv.46+
Leaf Blade
Grass Physical
Ground Physical
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Grass Special

Dig can't be forgotten or replaced with another move.

In the anime

Grovyle in the anime

Grovyle appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness, where he stole the second Time Gear.

Grovyle reappeared in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness alongside Team Poképals, as they fought Dusknoir in the Hidden Land, like the end of the games the special is based on.

Moves used

Using Bullet Seed
Move First Used In
Energy Ball Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness
Bullet Seed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness
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Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Masaki Terasoma
English Dan Green
Italian Matteo Zanotti

In the manga

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing Exploration Team

Grovyle in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing Exploration Team

Grovyle appears as a major character in this manga, serving the same role he does in the games.

Grovyle first appears in an unknown area taking a Time Gear, which causes the time in the area to freeze in place. Later, he appears at the Crystal Crossing, attacking Azelf to obtain another Time Gear. He is then attacked by Honō and Totodile, who came to save Azelf from Grovyle. Despite being attacked relentlessly by the two, Grovyle manages to easily dodge and shrug off their attacks, even a super effective Flamethrower. Despite the clear advantage he has, Grovyle is shocked to find that Honō and Totodile are being helped by Dusknoir.

Seeing Dusknoir distracts Grovyle long enough for Honō and Dusknoir to defeat and capture him. Afterward, they take Grovyle back to the Guild, where Dusknoir reveals that Grovyle is actually a thief from the future. Dusknoir explains that he is from the future as well, and went back in time to take Grovyle back to his time to be executed. Using a special portal to the future, Dusknoir sends Grovyle forward in time, but soon pushes Honō and Totodile through it as well.

Later, Grovyle, Honō, and Totodile find themselves in the future about to be executed by Dusknoir. Due to Totodile not understanding why Dusknoir has tied them up, Grovyle reveals that Dusknoir is truly evil, and is following the orders of his master, Primal Dialga. Using a plan with Honō, Grovyle and the others are freed from their bindings and manage to escape with a Luminous Orb. Despite saving them from execution, Totodile refuses to believe that Grovyle is a good guy and the ensuing argument causes the group to separate.

Despite their distrust of Grovyle, Honō manages to convince Totodile to search for him since he might know how to get back to the past. When they find Grovyle, he is trapped by a Spiritomb that is easily defeated by Totodile and Honō. After they rescue him, they explain to Grovyle why they rescued him, to which he understands and lets them join him. They venture through the Deep Dusk Forest and find Celebi so that she can use the Passage of Time and send them back into the past. However, they are soon ambushed by Dusknoir, several Sableye, and their master, Primal Dialga.

As they battle them, Dusknoir reveals that Honō is actually the human partner of Grovyle's that went missing some time ago. Celebi sacrifices herself to block one of Dusknoir's attacks and sends the group back in time. After returning to the past, Totodile decides to take them to his house on Sharpedo Bluff as a place to stay due to Grovyle being a wanted criminal in the present time. The next day, Grovyle decides to re-gather the remaining Time Gears while Honō and Totodile get information on the Hidden Land to prevent the dark future from happening.

Later, Grovyle arrives at the Hidden Land with the Time Gears to help Honō and Totodile face Dusknoir. With teamwork, the three manage to defeat the powerful foe once and for all. Defeated, Dusknoir reveals that if they stop the dark future from happening, all of the Pokémon in the future will disappear, Grovyle included. Grovyle reveals that he, Honō, and Celebi all knew this was going to happen but decided to change the past anyway. Soon after, Grovyle sacrifices himself by pushing Dusknoir back to the future along with himself. Admiring his bravery, Totodile and Honō set off for the Temporal Tower to fix the future.

Moves used

Using Slam
Move First Used In
Slam Take Back the Time Gears!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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