Final Maze

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Final Maze


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Final Maze さいごのま
Final Chamber
Final Maze TDS.png
Basic info
Floors: 48
Rest stops: No
Traps: No
Monster Houses: No
Main type: None
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 0
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Final Maze (Japanese: さいごのま Final Chamber) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness as well as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has 48 floors and no relay point. It is unlocked after graduation and can only be entered through the Marowak Dojo, and upon entering the dungeon, all of their items in the Treasure Bag will be lost.


Like other Marowak Dojo mazes, the player is not allowed to bring any items. Items have to be deposited into Kangaskhan Storage before entering, or they will be lost forever. Unlike the other mazes of the dojo, the player will lose some items should they faint; additionally Pokémon can be recruited here. The player cannot be rescued if knocked out here; for purposes of Treasure Boxes, all floors are ranked E.

There's 1-4 items on each floor and 3-5 starting enemies. Unlike other postgame dungeons, there are no traps to be found here - the game will simply spawn 2 to 4 Wonder Tiles. This dungeon contains all 88 TMs present in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, including the otherwise rarely seen Dream Eater TM. In Explorers of Time and Darkness, this is also the only place where the player can find HMs.

Floors 1 through 29 are medium-sized with 3-9 rooms, while floors 30 through 48 are large-sized with 3-12 rooms.

There is light darkness in this dungeon. There is water on floors 21 through 24, 26 through 39 and 41 through 43, as well as floors 46 and 48. There is lava present on floor 40.

In Explorers of Time and Darkness, after the Marine Resort's location is revealed, the player will encounter Jirachi, Suicune, and Moltres at B23F, B29F, and B40F respectively. In Explorers of Sky, all three legendary Pokémon have been removed from the dungeon and placed in different locations.

After clearing the maze, Marowak will give the player a Brown Bow as a holdable item, which supposedly once belonged to his grandfather.

Pokémon encountered

Each time player enters a floor, only 14 of the following species that can be found on a given floor will be chosen. The unpicked Pokémon's spawn rate will be added to whichever picked Pokémon is next in the National Dex order, going back to the beginning if needed.

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Machop B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Magnemite B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Doduo B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Omanyte B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Kabuto B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Spinarak B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Mareep B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Misdreavus B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Swinub B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Houndour B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Phanpy B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Magby B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Poochyena B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Shroomish B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Mawile B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Meditite B1-B48 40, 45, 50 5.5%
  Bagon B1-B48 40, 45, 50 6.4%
  Staravia B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Skorupi B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Carnivine B1-B48 40, 45, 50 8.2%
  Jirachi B23 TD 45 -12%
  Suicune B29 TD 45 30%
  Moltres B40 TD 45 30%


Item Floors
  2-40 Poké B1-B48F
  Apple B1-B48F
  TS Blue Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Brown Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Grass Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Green Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Orange Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Silver Gummi B1-B48F
  TS Sky Gummi B1-B48F
  TS White Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Black Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Clear Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Gold Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Gray Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Pink Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Purple Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Red Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Royal Gummi B1-B48F
  DS Yellow Gummi B1-B48F
  Cheri Berry B1-B48F
  Chesto Berry B1-B48F
  Oran Berry B1-B48F
  Pecha Berry B1-B48F
  Rawst Berry B1-B48F
  Max Elixir B1-B48F
  Blast Seed B1-B48F
  DS Blinker Seed B1-B48F
  Heal Seed B1-B48F
  Pure Seed B1-B48F
  Reviver Seed B1-B48F
  Sleep Seed B1-B48F
  TS Stun Seed B1-B48F
  DS Totter Seed B1-B48F
  DS Violent Seed B1-B48F
  TS Warp Seed B1-B48F
  DS X-Eye Seed B1-B48F
  DS All-Hit Orb B1-B48F
  TS All-Mach Orb B1-B48F
  TS Blowback Orb B1-B48F
  Cleanse Orb B1-B48F
  DS Decoy Orb B1-B48F
  Escape Orb B1-B48F
  TS Evasion Orb B1-B48F
  DS Foe-Fear Orb B1-B48F
  TS Foe-Hold Orb B1-B48F
  DS Foe-Seal Orb B1-B48F
  TS Lob Orb B1-B48F
  DS Mug Orb B1-B48F
  TS One-Shot Orb B1-B48F
  TS Petrify Orb B1-B48F
  DS Rebound Orb B1-B48F
  DS See-Trap Orb B1-B48F
  TS Slow Orb B1-B48F
  DS Slumber Orb B1-B48F
  DS Spurn Orb B1-B48F
  DS Stayaway Orb B1-B48F
  TS Switcher Orb B1-B48F
  DS Totter Orb B1-B48F
  DS Transfer Orb B1-B48F
  TS Warp Orb B1-B48F
  DS Aerial Ace B1-B48F
  TS Attract B1-B48F
  TS Avalanche B1-B48F
  TS Blizzard B1-B48F
  DS Brick Break B1-B48F
  Brine B1-B48F
  DS Bulk Up B1-B48F
  TS Bullet Seed B1-B48F
  TS Calm Mind B1-B48F
  DS Captivate B1-B48F
  TS Charge Beam B1-B48F
  TS Dark Pulse B1-B48F
  Dig B1-B48F
  DS Dive B1-B48F
  DS Dragon Claw B1-B48F
  TS Dragon Pulse B1-B48F
  DS Drain Punch B1-B48F
  DS Dream Eater B1-B48F
  DS Earthquake B1-B48F
  Embargo B1-B48F
  DS Endure B1-B48F
  DS Energy Ball B1-B48F
  DS Explosion B1-B48F
  Facade B1-B48F
  TS False Swipe B1-B48F
  Fire Blast B1-B48F
  Flamethrower B1-B48F
  TS Flash B1-B48F
  TS Flash Cannon B1-B48F
  TS Fling B1-B48F
  DS Focus Blast B1-B48F
  DS Focus Punch B1-B48F
  DS Frustration B1-B48F
  TS Giga Drain B1-B48F
  Giga Impact B1-B48F
  TS Grass Knot B1-B48F
  DS Gyro Ball B1-B48F
  Hidden Power B1-B48F
  Hyper Beam B1-B48F
  TS Ice Beam B1-B48F
  TS Iron Tail B1-B48F
  TS Light Screen B1-B48F
  DS Natural Gift B1-B48F
  Overheat B1-B48F
  Payback B1-B48F
  TS Pluck B1-B48F
  Poison Jab B1-B48F
  DS Protect B1-B48F
  Psych Up B1-B48F
  TS Psychic B1-B48F
  TS Recycle B1-B48F
  TS Reflect B1-B48F
  TS Rest B1-B48F
  TS Return B1-B48F
  TS Roar B1-B48F
  DS Rock Polish B1-B48F
  TS Rock Slide B1-B48F
  Roost B1-B48F
  TS Safeguard B1-B48F
  Secret Power B1-B48F
  DS Shadow Ball B1-B48F
  TS Shadow Claw B1-B48F
  Shock Wave B1-B48F
  TS Silver Wind B1-B48F
  TS Skill Swap B1-B48F
  Sleep Talk B1-B48F
  DS Sludge Bomb B1-B48F
  TS SolarBeam B1-B48F
  Stealth Rock B1-B48F
  TS Steel Wing B1-B48F
  TS Stone Edge B1-B48F
  DS Substitute B1-B48F
  DS Swagger B1-B48F
  Swords Dance B1-B48F
  DS Taunt B1-B48F
  DS Thief B1-B48F
  Thunder B1-B48F
  DS Thunder Wave B1-B48F
  Thunderbolt B1-B48F
  DS Torment B1-B48F
  DS Toxic B1-B48F
  DS Trick Room B1-B48F
  DS U-turn B1-B48F
  Vacuum-Cut B1-B48F
  DS Water Pulse B1-B48F
  TS Wide Slash B1-B48F
  DS Will-O-Wisp B1-B48F
  X-Scissor B1-B48F
  Cut B1-B48F
  Defog B1-B48F
  Fly B1-B48F
  Rock Smash B1-B48F
  Rock Climb B1-B48F
  Strength B1-B48F
  Surf B1-B48F
  Waterfall B1-B48F
  Link Box B1-B48F


Entrance Jirachi tileset
Suicune tileset Moltres tileset


In other languages

Language Title
  French Dédale Ultime
  German Abschlusstraining
  Italian Dedalo Finale
  Korean 마지막 방 Majimak Bang
  Spanish Dojo Final

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