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Gummis (Japanese: グミ Gummi) are consumable items found in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Gummis come in a variety of colors, and have varying effects based on where they are applied. Eating a Gummi can increase a Pokémon's stats, and in most instances, will also increase the Pokémon's IQ, allowing it to learn more IQ Skills, with better-tasting Gummis increasing the IQ gain by a greater amount.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, when a Gummi is eaten inside a Friend Area, one of the recipient's stats other than HP increases by 1. If the Gummi is a "big favorite" (that is, increases IQ by at least 9 points; which is possible only on dual-type Pokémon), it has a low chance to raise all four stats instead. Inside a dungeon, eating a Gummi will fill one's Belly: 60 Belly if it matches Pokémon's type, 30 if it weakens it, 25 if it's neutral, 20 if it is resisted by, and 5 if it's ineffective on it. In case of a Pokémon with two types, the numbers are added (e.g. A Grass Gummi would refill 80 of Hoppip's Belly, as it matches its Grass type and is resisted by its Flying type), and will not increase Belly size if at maximum. Gummis can be found in dungeons: the Stormy Sea and Kecleon Shops in Mt. Faraway, Western Cave and Wish Cave contain every type of Gummi. Additionally, lower rank missions have a chance to award a random Gummi.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, stat gains occur randomly when they are eaten in dungeons and might rarely increase all stats. The Belly gain is now 30, 20, 15, 10 and 5 for the respective type matchups (dual-types taking the higher value). The player is able to buy Gummis for 800 Poké. Wonder Gummis are never available for purchase, and Gold Gummis are rarely seen in shops. Most Gummis will be found in dungeons that match the type that likes the certain Gummi the most.

There are many varieties of Gummi; each individual color is best received by a particular type. In Explorers of Time/Darkness, the Gummis are exclusive by game and the Gummis that cannot be found in the game are only found in certain dungeons, Zero Isle North and in Monster Houses or Treasure Boxes.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Gummis are reduced to two different types due to IQ Skills being replaced by rare qualities. Both types of Gummis raise one of the Pokémon's stats (including HP and Speed, the latter of which did not appear in Gummis' prior appearances) at random; the stat is usually boosted by 1, but there is a small chance of the stat being increased by 3 instead. Rainbow Gummis sometimes yield a new rare quality, while DX Gummis always yield a new rare quality. A Pokémon can only have one rare quality at a time; if it gains another when it already has one, the Pokémon can choose to get the new rare quality, replacing their existing one, or keep the current one. Unlike in prior games, Gummis are automatically deposited into Kangaskhan Storage when obtained and cannot be withdrawn into the Toolbox, only being consumable at rescue team camps.

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Lookalike Item

Main article: Lookalike Item → Wander Gummi

There is a Lookalike Item for Wonder Gummi called Wander Gummi.


  • Erroneously, the Pokémon website claimed that Electric-type Pokémon like Gold Gummis best. Actually, Electric types prefer Yellow Gummis, and Gold Gummis are preferred by Psychic types.[1]

In other languages


Language Title
  French Gelée*
  German Gummi
  Italian Caramelle Gommose*
  Korean 구미
  Portuguese Goma*
  Spanish Gomi*
English   French   German   Italian   Spanish   Korean
Black Gummi Gelée Noire Schwarzgummi Gommanera Gomi Negra 검정구미
Blue Gummi Gelée Bleue Blaugummi Gommablu Gomi Azul 파란구미
Brown Gummi Gelée Brune Braungummi Gommamarrone Gomi Marrón 갈색구미
Clear Gummi Gelée Ivoire Klargummi Gommachiara Gomi Hielo 투명구미
DX Gummi Friandise DX DX-Gummi Gelatina DX Gominola DX -
Gold Gummi Gelée Dorée Goldgummi Gommadoro Gomi Oro 금색구미
Grass Gummi Gelée Plante Floragummi Gommaerba Gomi Planta 새싹구미
Gray Gummi Gelée Grise Graugummi Gommagrigia Gomi Gris 회색구미
Green Gummi Gelée Verte Grüngummi Gommaverde Gomi Verde 초록구미
Orange Gummi Gelée Orange Orangegummi Gommarancia Gomi Naranja 주황구미
Pink Gummi Gelée Pêche Rosagummi Gommarosea Gomi Rosa 분홍구미
Purple Gummi Gelée Mauve Lilagummi Gommaviola Gomi Morada 보라구미
Rainbow Gummi Friandise Irisée Regenbogengummi Gelatina Arcobaleno Gominola Arcoíris -
Red Gummi Gelée Rouge Rotgummi Gommarossa Gomi Roja 빨간구미
Royal Gummi Gelée Royale Royalgummi Gommareale Gomi Añil 감색구미
Silver Gummi Gelée Argent Silbergummi Gommargento Gomi Plata 은색구미
Sky Gummi Gelée Azur Azurgummi Gommacielo Gomi Celeste 하늘색구미
White Gummi Gelée Claire Weißgummi Gommabianca Gomi Blanca 하얀구미
Wonder Gummi Gelée Miracle Wundergummi Gommaincanto Gomi Ingenio 이상한구미
Yellow Gummi Gelée Jaune Gelbgummi Gommagialla Gomi Ámbar 노란구미


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