Sky Tower

This article is about the location in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. For the location in Hoenn, see Sky Pillar.

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Sky Tower 天空
Sky Tower
Sky Tower RTRB.png
Basic info
Floors: 34*
Rest stops: Yes
Traps: No
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Bug, Flying*, Flying, Dragon*
Bug, Flying*
Boss: Rayquaza
Recruiting: Yes*
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3

Sky Tower (Japanese: 天空 Sky Tower) is the sixteenth dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that contains a total of 34 floors, and the final dungeon to be visited during the game's main storyline. It is home to Rayquaza.

The dungeon's first section contains 25 floors, and ends in the Sky Tower Summit (Japanese: 天空 最上階), which further contains 9 floors.

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The player and the partner must complete the dungeon in order to challenge Rayquaza, who, after being defeated, will destroy the Meteor, the cause of the constant natural disasters.


Generation III

In the original games, the Teleport Gem is used to reach it the first time but after the credits, due to the Teleport Gem being damaged, the HM Fly is required to enter, which is available after the completion of the main story.

There is no chance of finding a Kecleon Shop or buried items in this dungeon. Monster Houses have a chance of appearing on all floors except floors 1 and 2.

The default weather pattern for floor 7 and Summit's floor 6 is rain; for floors 11, 15, and 18, hail; for floors 12, 21 and Summit's floor 4, cloudy; and for floor 24 and Summit's floor 2, sunny.

Generation VIII

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In the remake, the Teleport Gem is not mentioned to have been damaged, thus Fly is no longer needed to reenter the dungeon.

Monster Houses have a chance of appearing on all floors except floors 1 and 2.

Rainy, sunny, sandstorm, and hail weather may occur randomly on floors.

Pokémon encountered

Generation III

Sky Tower

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Shedinja 1-5 5 Unrecruitable
  Forretress 1-6 23 Unrecruitable
  Shuppet 1-6 28 8%
  Masquerain 1-8 27 Unrecruitable
  Lunatone 1-11 24 5%
  Duskull 7-14 27 7.5%
  Koffing 9-16 24 7.9%
  Ledian 10-18 24 Unrecruitable
  Altaria 12-19 24 Unrecruitable
  Solrock 12-20 24 5%
  Scizor 15-21 24 Unrecruitable
  Dusclops 17-23 24 Unrecruitable
  Venomoth 20-25 18 Unrecruitable
  Aerodactyl 21-25 25 8.4%
  Flygon 21-25 27 Unrecruitable
  Tropius 22-25 27 7.6%

Sky Tower Summit

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Aerodactyl 1-8 25 8.4%
  Flygon 1-8 27 Unrecruitable
  Claydol 1-8 26 Unrecruitable
  Tropius 1-8 27 7.6%
  Salamence 1-8 29 Unrecruitable
  Metagross 1-8 30 Unrecruitable
  Rayquaza 9 35 -10% Boss
Rayquaza cannot be recruited until after the credits.

Generation VIII

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Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Forretress 1-6 31 10.8%
  Shuppet 1-6 25 10.8%
  Masquerain 1-8 25 10.8%
  Lunatone 1-11 25 10.8%
  Duskull 6-16 25 10.8%
  Weezing 8-16 35 10.8%
  Ledian 12-20 25 10.8%
  Altaria 12-20 35 10.8%
  Solrock 12-20 25 10.8%
  Scizor 19-25 25 10.8%
  Dusclops 19-27 37 10.8%
  Venomoth 21-27 31 10.8%
  Aerodactyl 22-31 25 10.8%
  Flygon 25-31 45 -2.2%
  Tropius 25-32 30 10.8%
  Claydol 31-33 36 10.8%
  Salamence 31-33 50 -2.2%
  Metagross 31-33 45 -2.2%
  Rayquaza 34 33 100% Boss
Fainted Pokémon
  Bulbasaur 2-33 27 100%
  Charmander 2-33 27 100%
  Squirtle 2-33 27 100%
  Persian 2-33 27 100%
  Kangaskhan 2-33 27 100%
  Gulpin 2-33 27 100%
Mystery House
  Pidgeot ? ? 100%
  Fearow ? ? 100%
  Farfetch'd ? ? 100%
  Dodrio ? ? 100%
  Noctowl ? ? 100%
  Xatu ? ? 100%
  Honchkrow ? ? 100%
  Delibird ? ? 100%
  Swellow ? ? 100%
  Pelipper ? ? 100%
  Altaria ? ? 100%
Rayquaza and other Pokémon in the dungeon cannot be recruited until after the credits.
After completing the main story, Rayquaza fights the player in both its regular and Mega Evolved form.


Generation III

Sky Tower

Item Floors
  4-314 Poké 1-25F
  Detect Band 1-25F
  Gold Ribbon 1-25F
  Heal Ribbon 1-25F
  Pecha Scarf 1-25F
  Persim Band 1-25F
  Power Band 1-25F
  Racket Band 1-25F
  Special Band 1-25F
  Stamina Band 1-25F
  Warp Scarf 1-25F
  Insomniscope 1-25F
  Scope Lens 1-25F
  X-Ray Specs 1-25F
  5-7 Iron Thorn 1-25F
  5-7 Silver Spike 1-25F
  Apple 1-25F
  Clear Gummi 1-25F
  Gray Gummi 1-25F
  Pink Gummi 1-25F
  Purple Gummi 1-25F
  Sky Gummi 1-25F
  Aerial Ace 1-25F
  Attract 1-25F
  Brick Break 1-25F
  Bullet Seed 1-25F
  Calm Mind 1-25F
  Dig 1-25F
  Earthquake 1-25F
  Facade 1-25F
  Fire Blast 1-25F
  Flamethrower 1-25F
  Focus Punch 1-25F
  Frustration 1-25F
  Giga Drain 1-25F
  Hidden Power 1-25F
  Ice Beam 1-25F
  Light Screen 1-25F
  Psychic 1-25F
  Reflect 1-25F
  Rest 1-25F
  Return 1-25F
  Roar 1-25F
  Safeguard 1-25F
  Secret Power 1-25F
  Shadow Ball 1-25F
  Shock Wave 1-25F
  Solarbeam 1-25F
  Taunt 1-25F
  Thief 1-25F
  Thunderbolt 1-25F
  Torment 1-25F
  Toxic 1-25F
  Link Box 1-25F

Sky Tower Summit

Item dragon
  4-314 Poké 1-8F
  Detect Band 1-8F
  Joy Ribbon 1-8F
  Heal Ribbon 1-8F
  Pecha Scarf 1-8F
  Persim Band 1-8F
  Power Band 1-8F
  Racket Band 1-8F
  Special Band 1-8F
  Stamina Band 1-8F
  Warp Scarf 1-8F
  Aerial Ace 1-8F
  Attract 1-8F
  Brick Break 1-8F
  Bullet Seed 1-8F
  Calm Mind 1-8F
  Dig 1-8F
  Earthquake 1-8F
  Facade 1-8F
  Fire Blast 1-8F
  Flamethrower 1-8F
  Focus Punch 1-8F
  Frustration 1-8F
  Giga Drain 1-8F
  Hidden Power 1-8F
  Ice Beam 1-8F
  Light Screen 1-8F
  Psychic 1-8F
  Reflect 1-8F
  Rest 1-8F
  Return 1-8F
  Roar 1-8F
  Safeguard 1-8F
  Secret Power 1-8F
  Shadow Ball 1-8F
  Shock Wave 1-8F
  Solarbeam 1-8F
  Taunt 1-8F
  Thief 1-8F
  Thunderbolt 1-8F
  Torment 1-8F
  Toxic 1-8F

Monster House

Item Floors
  4-278 Poké 3-25F
  Aerial Ace 3-25F
  Attract 3-25F
  Brick Break 3-25F
  Calm Mind 3-25F
  Bullet Seed 3-25F
  Dig 3-25F
  Earthquake 3-25F
  Facade 3-25F
  Fire Blast 3-25F
  Flamethrower 3-25F
  Focus Punch 3-25F
  Frustration 3-25F
  Giga Drain 3-25F
  Hidden Power 3-25F
  Ice Beam 3-25F
  Light Screen 3-25F
  Psychic 3-25F
  Reflect 3-25F
  Rest 3-25F
  Return 3-25F
  Roar 3-25F
  Safeguard 3-25F
  Secret Power 3-25F
  Shadow Ball 3-25F
  Shock Wave 3-25F
  Solarbeam 3-25F
  Taunt 3-25F
  Thief 3-25F
  Thunderbolt 3-25F
  Torment 3-25F
  Toxic 3-25F
  Blowback Orb 3-25F
  Escape Orb 3-25F
  Evasion Orb 3-25F
  Hurl Orb 3-25F
  Petrify Orb 3-25F
  Pounce Orb 3-25F
  Radar Orb 3-25F
  Rebound Orb 3-25F
  Rollcall Orb 3-25F
  Scanner Orb 3-25F
  Switcher Orb 3-25F
  Trawl Orb 3-25F
  Warp Orb 3-25F

Other encounters

Generation III

Image Tile Floor 1-2 Floor 3-25
  Monster House 0% 5%


Exterior Entrance Summit


By Pokémon
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In other languages

Sky Tower

Language Title
  French Tour Céleste
  German Himmelsturm
  Italian Torre Celeste
  Korean 천공의 탑 Cheongong-ui Tab
  Spanish Torre del Cielo

Sky Tower Summit

Language Title
  French Tour Céleste - SommetRTDX
Tour Céleste-SommetRB
  German Himmelsturmspitze
  Italian Vetta Celeste
  Korean 천공의 탑 최상단 Cheongong-ui Tab Choesangdan
  Spanish Techo del Cielo

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