Rainbow Wing (Mystery Dungeon)

The Rainbow Wing (Japanese: なないろのはね Prismatic Feather) is an item that allows the player to encounter Ho-Oh in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It is the final form of the Clear Wing (Japanese: とうめいのはね Clear Feather), which is transformed into the Red Wing (Japanese: しんくのはね Crimson Feather) and then the Sunset Wing (Japanese: ゆうひのはね Sunset Feather) before becoming the Rainbow Wing.

In languages other than English, this item's name is distinct from the Rainbow Wing item from the core series games.

In the games

After completing the storyline and exploring Solar Cave, Spinda may appear in town. Spinda will give the player the Clear Wing, beginning The Mystery of the Mirage Pokémon.

The player must then talk to Xatu at the Great Canyon, who will explain what the player must do next. After defeating Entei at Fiery Field, Entei will turn the Clear Wing into the Red Wing, and send the player to Lightning Field.

After defeating Raikou there, Raikou will turn the Red Wing into the Sunset Wing and send the player to Northwind Field.

After defeating Suicune here, Suicune will turn the Sunset Wing into the Rainbow Wing and send the player off to Mt. Faraway. Here, due to the power of the Rainbow Wing, the player can encounter, battle, and recruit Ho-Oh.

None of these items show up in the Toolbox.

Clear Wing sprite from Rescue Team Red Wing sprite from Rescue Team Sunset Wing sprite from Rescue Team Rainbow Wing sprite from Rescue Team


Clear Wing from Rescue Team DX Red Wing from Rescue Team DX Sunset Wing from Rescue Team DX Rainbow Wing from Rescue Team DX

In other languages

Clear Wing

Language Title
  French Plume Diaphane
  German Klarfeder
  Italian Piuma Bianca
  Korean 투명한 날개
  Spanish Pluma Blanca

Red Wing

Language Title
  French Plume Vermillon
  German Rotfeder
  Italian Piuma Rossa
  Korean 진홍색 날개
  Spanish Pluma Roja

Sunset Wing

Language Title
  French Plume Crépuscule
  German Abendgoldfeder
  Italian Piuma Tramonto
  Korean 저녁노을 날개
  Spanish Pluma Dorada

Rainbow Wing

Language Title
  French Plume Arc-en-ciel
  German Regenbogenfeder
  Italian Piuma Arcobaleno
  Korean 무지개빛 날개
  Spanish Pluma Iris

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