Magma Cavern

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Magma Cavern マグマの地底
Magma Depths
Magma Cavern PMD RTDX.png
Basic info
Floors: 26*
Rest stops: Yes
Traps: No
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Ground, Rock, Poison*, Ground*RB
Ground, PoisonRTDX
Boss: Groudon
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3
Magma Cavern Map.png

Magma Cavern (Japanese: マグマの地底 Magma Depths) is the fifteenth dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It contains 26 total floors and is the penultimate dungeon to be visited during the game's main storyline. The dungeon's first section consists of 23 floors and ends in Magma Cavern Pit (Japanese: マグマの地底 最下層 Magma Depths - Bottom Layer) which contains a further 3 floors. It is home to Groudon.

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Once the player completes Uproar Forest and finishes at least four missions, Pokémon Square will form a team to rescue Alakazam's team, which hasn't returned. The dungeon will be unlocked once the player finishes at least two missions after that happens and finishes the Team Base.

The visual theme of floors 1 to 7 is normal rock with magma leaking out, for floors 8 to 17 it is hot rock with more magma present, and on floors 18 to 23, the rock becomes blackened with heat, featuring more magma than any other dungeon in the game. In the original games, after floor 23 lies a Kangaskhan Rock and a door that leads to Magma Cavern Pit.

The music in the regular Magma Cavern is unique to this dungeon, and is present on all floors (with the exception of floors 80-89 of Wish Cave).


Generation III

Monster Houses may appear on floors 8-20. Shops may appear on floors 2-6. There is a chance of finding a buried item in floor 1 of Magma Cavern Pit. Darkness shrouds all floors, limiting field of sight to 2 tiles in hallways.

Generation VIII

The boss floor is made of solid rock floating above a layer of magma. When the boss battle starts, the ground shakes, causing the team's Pokémon to be scattered across the floor. Every few turns, magma floods the floor tiles or drains into the ground. Any non-Fire-type Pokémon that touches the magma will get burned.

Pokémon encountered

Generation III

Magma Cavern

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Raticate 1-3 19 Unrecruitable
  Sandshrew 1-6 20 10.4%
  Nidoqueen 1-6 20 Unrecruitable
  Nidoking 1-6 21 Unrecruitable
  Graveler 5-10 22 -19%
  Magmar 7-11 21 Unrecruitable
  Mawile 8-12 20 7.1%
  Arbok 8-14 21 Unrecruitable
  Magcargo 9-14 21 Unrecruitable
  Rhydon 14-20 23 Unrecruitable
  Sandslash 15-20 24 Unrecruitable
  Golem 15-20 15 -30%
  Grimer 15-21 20 12.2%
  Onix 21-23 30 9.6%

Magma Cavern Pit

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Onix 1 30 9.6%
  Steelix 1 25 Unrecruitable
  Groudon 3 27 -10% Boss
Groudon cannot be recruited until after the end credits.

Generation VIII

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Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Raticate 1-3 24 10.8%
  Sandshrew 1-6 24 10.8%
  Nidoqueen 2-5 24 10.8%
  Nidoking 2-5 24 10.8%
  Graveler 3-8 25 10.8%
  Crobat 3-8 24 10.8%
  Magmar 8-13 30 10.8%
  Arbok 8-13 24 10.8%
  Mawile 10-16 24 10.8%
  Magcargo 12-19 38 -2.2%
  Koffing 16-22 24 10.8%
  Rhydon 16-22 42 -2.2%
  Sandslash 20-23 24 10.8%
  Golem 20-25 25 10.8%
  Grimer 20-25 24 10.8%
  Onix 23-25 24 10.8%
  Steelix 24-25 24 10.8%
  Groudon 26 28 100% Boss
Fainted Pokémon
  Cloyster 2-22 28 100%
  Staryu 2-22 26 100%
  Jumpluff 2-22 29 100%
  Lunatone 2-22 26 100%
  Solrock 2-22 26 100%
  Relicanth 2-22 26 100%
Mystery House
  Graveler 2-22 ? 100%
  Onix 2-22 ? 100%
  Steelix 2-22 ? 100%
  Mawile 2-22 ? 100%
  Lunatone 2-22 24 100%
  Solrock 2-22 ? 100%
  Claydol 2-22 36 100%
  Relicanth 2-22 ? 100%
  Metagross 2-22 ? 100%
  Probopass 2-22 24 100%
Groudon cannot be recruited until after the end credits
After the credits roll, Groudon will revert to its primal state after enough damage is dealt


Generation III

Magma Cavern

Item Floors
  4-278 Poké 1-23F
  Gold Ribbon 1-23F
  Heal Ribbon 1-23F
  Pecha Scarf 1-23F
  Persim Band 1-23F
  Power Band 1-23F
  Racket Band 1-23F
  Special Band 1-23F
  Stamina Band 1-23F
  Warp Scarf 1-23F
  Insomniscope 1-23F
  Scope Lens 1-23F
  X-Ray Specs 1-23F
  3-4 Gravelerock 1-23F
  5-7 Iron Thorn 1-23F
  5-7 Silver Spike 1-23F
  Apple 1-23F
  Black Gummi 1-23F
  Gray Gummi 1-23F
  Red Gummi 1-23F
  Silver Gummi 1-23F
  Aerial Ace 1-23F
  Attract 1-23F
  Brick Break 1-23F
  Bullet Seed 1-23F
  Dig 1-23F
  Earthquake 1-23F
  Facade 1-23F
  Fire Blast 1-23F
  Flamethrower 1-23F
  Focus Punch 1-23F
  Giga Drain 1-23F
  Frustration 1-23F
  Hidden Power 1-23F
  Rest 1-23F
  Return 1-23F
  Roar 1-23F
  Safeguard 1-23F
  Secret Power 1-23F
  Shadow Ball 1-23F
  Shock Wave 1-23F
  Solarbeam 1-23F
  Taunt 1-23F
  Thief 1-23F
  Thunderbolt 1-23F
  Torment 1-23F
  Toxic 1-23F
  Link Box 1-23F

Magma Cavern Pit

Item Floors
  4-514 Poké 1F

Kecleon Shop

Item Floors
  Gold Ribbon 2-6F
  Joy Ribbon 2-6F
  Heal Ribbon 2-6F
  Pecha Scarf 2-6F
  Persim Band 2-6F
  Power Band 2-6F
  Racket Band 2-6F
  Stamina Band 2-6F
  Warp Scarf 2-6F
  Insomniscope 2-6F
  Scope Lens 2-6F
  X-Ray Specs 2-6F
  Apple 2-6F
  Big Apple 2-6F
  Cheri Berry 2-6F
  Oran Berry 2-6F
  Pecha Berry 2-6F
  Rawst Berry 2-6F
  Reviver Seed 2-6F
  Max Elixir 2-6F
  Blowback Orb 2-6F
  Hurl Orb 2-6F
  Lob Orb 2-6F
  Petrify Orb 2-6F
  Pounce Orb 2-6F
  Stayaway Orb 2-6F
  Switcher Orb 2-6F
  Warp Orb 2-6F

Monster House

Item Floors
  4-278 Poké 8-20F
  Aerial Ace 8-20F
  Attract 8-20F
  Brick Break 8-20F
  Bullet Seed 8-20F
  Calm Mind 8-20F
  Dig 8-20F
  Earthquake 8-20F
  Facade 8-20F
  Fire Blast 8-20F
  Flamethrower 8-20F
  Focus Punch 8-20F
  Frustration 8-20F
  Giga Drain 8-20F
  Hidden Power 8-20F
  Ice Beam 8-20F
  Light Screen 8-20F
  Psychic 8-20F
  Reflect 8-20F
  Rest 8-20F
  Return 8-20F
  Roar 8-20F
  Safeguard 8-20F
  Secret Power 8-20F
  Shadow Ball 8-20F
  Shock Wave 8-20F
  Solarbeam 8-20F
  Taunt 8-20F
  Thief 8-20F
  Thunderbolt 8-20F
  Torment 8-20F
  Toxic 8-20F
  Blowback Orb 8-20F
  Escape Orb 8-20F
  Evasion Orb 8-20F
  Hurl Orb 8-20F
  Petrify Orb 8-20F
  Pounce Orb 8-20F
  Radar Orb 8-20F
  Rebound Orb 8-20F
  Rollcall Orb 8-20F
  Scanner Orb 8-20F
  Switcher Orb 8-20F
  Trawl Orb 8-20F
  Warp Orb 8-20F

Buried items

Item Floors
  Gold Ribbon 1F
  3-4 Gravelerock 1F
  Silver Spike 1F
  Banana 1F
  Joy Seed 1F
  Life Seed 1F
  Sitrus Berry 1F
  Calcium 1F
  Ginseng 1F
  Iron 1F
  Protein 1F
  Zinc 1F
  Huge Apple 1F
  Black Gummi 1F
  Blue Gummi 1F
  Brown Gummi 1F
  Clear Gummi 1F
  Gold Gummi 1F
  Grass Gummi 1F
  Gray Gummi 1F
  Green Gummi 1F
  Orange Gummi 1F
  Pink Gummi 1F
  Purple Gummi 1F
  Red Gummi 1F
  Royal Gummi 1F
  Silver Gummi 1F
  Sky Gummi 1F
  White Gummi 1F
  Yellow Gummi 1F
  Cleanse Orb 1F
  Decoy Orb 1F
  Drought Orb 1F
  Escape Orb 1F
  Evasion Orb 1F
  Fill-In Orb 1F
  Hail Orb 1F
  Hurl Orb 1F
  Identify Orb 1F
  Invisify Orb 1F
  Itemizer Orb 1F
  Lob Orb 1F
  Longtoss Orb 1F
  Luminous Orb 1F
  Mobile Orb 1F
  Mug Orb 1F
  One-Room Orb 1F
  One-Shot Orb 1F
  Petrify Orb 1F
  Pierce Orb 1F
  Pounce Orb 1F
  Quick Orb 1F
  Radar Orb 1F
  Rainy Orb 1F
  Rebound Orb 1F
  Rocky Orb 1F
  Rollcall Orb 1F
  Sandy Orb 1F
  Scanner Orb 1F
  See-Trap Orb 1F
  Shocker Orb 1F
  Silence Orb 1F
  Sizebust Orb 1F
  Slow Orb 1F
  Slumber Orb 1F
  Snatch Orb 1F
  Stairs Orb 1F
  Stayaway Orb 1F
  Sunny Orb 1F
  Switcher Orb 1F
  Totter Orb 1F
  Transfer Orb 1F
  Trapbust Orb 1F
  Trapper Orb 1F
  Trawl Orb 1F
  Two-Edge Orb 1F
  Warp Orb 1F

Generation VIII

Magma Cavern

Item Floors
  10-102 Poké 1-25F
  Cover Band 1-25F
  Defense Band 1-25F
  Detect Band 1-25F
  Efficient Bandanna 1-25F
  Joy Ribbon 1-25F
  Heal Ribbon 1-25F
  Mach Ribbon 1-25F
  Nullify Bandanna 1-25F
  Power Band 1-25F
  Prosper Ribbon 1-25F
  Twist Band 1-25F
  Zinc Band 1-25F
  Fickle Specs 1-25F
  Heavy Rotation Specs 1-25F
  3-6 Geo Pebble 1-25F
  Grimy Food 1-25F
  Cheri Berry 1-25F
  Oran Berry 1-25F
  Pecha Berry 1-25F
  Rawst Berry 1-25F
  Blast Seed 1-25F
  Eyedrop Seed 1-25F
  Sleep Seed 1-25F
  Stun Seed 1-25F
  Tiny Reviver Seed 1-25F
  Totter Seed 1-25F
  Training Seed 1-25F
  Max Ether 1-25F
  Dazzling Gleam TM 1-25F
  Giga Impact TM 1-25F
  Ice Beam TM 1-25F
  Return TM 1-25F
  Rock Polish TM 1-25F
  Snarl TM 1-25F
  Stone Edge TM 1-25F
  Sunny Day TM 1-25F
  Surf TM 1-25F
  Foe-Hold Orb 1-25F
  Revive All Orb 1-25F
  2-4 Confuse Wand 1-25F
  2-4 Petrify Wand 1-25F
  3-5 Slow Wand 1-25F
  3-4 Slumber Wand 1-25F
  3-4 Stayaway Wand 1-25F
  3-4 Switcher Wand 1-25F
  3 Whirlwind Wand 1-25F

Sparkling Floor

Item Floors
  Big Apple 1-25F
  Sitrus Berry 1-25F
  Eyedrop Seed 1-25F
  Heal Seed 1-25F
  Life Seed 1-25F
  Reviver Seed 1-25F
  Tiny Reviver Seed 1-25F
  Max Elixir 1-25F
  Calcium 1-25F
  Carbos 1-25F
  Protein 1-25F
  Zinc 1-25F
  Foe-Hold Orb 1-25F
  Foe-Seal Orb 1-25F
  Health Orb 1-25F
  Nullify Orb 1-25F
  Revive All Orb 1-25F
  Rollcall Orb 1-25F
  Slumber Orb 1-25F
  Trapbust Orb 1-25F

Monster House

Item Floors
  10-101 Poké 1-25F
  Cover Band 1-25F
  Mach Ribbon 1-25F
  3-6 Geo Pebble 1-25F
  Grimy Food 1-25F
  Oran Berry 1-25F
  Rawst Berry 1-25F
  Eyedrop Seed 1-25F
  Tiny Reviver Seed 1-25F
  Totter Seed 1-25F
  Max Ether 1-25F
  Max Elixir 1-25F
  All Dodge Orb 1-25F
  Foe-Hold Orb 1-25F
  Revive All Orb 1-25F
  Slow Orb 1-25F
  Slumber Orb 1-25F
  Trapbust Orb 1-25F
  3 Confuse Wand 1-25F
  2 Petrify Wand 1-25F
  3-4 Slow Wand 1-25F
  4 Slumber Wand 1-25F

Traps encountered

Generation VIII

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Note: The % are rough estimates.

Image Trap Floor 1-25
  Gust Trap ? %
  Hunger Trap ? %
  Slow Trap ? %
  Slumber Trap ? %
  Spin Trap ? %
  Warp Trap ? %
Warp Trap is visible at the start of the floor surrounded by three items and lava.

Other encounters

Generation III

Image Tile Floor 1, 7, 21-23 Floor 2, 5-6 Floor 3-4 Floor 8-20
  Kecleon Carpet 0% 5% 10% 0%
  Monster House 0% 8%


Generation VIII

First encounter Rematch (Phase 1) Rematch (Phase 2)
Ground Unknown
Held item:
Groudon Lv.28
HP: 1572
Hammer Arm
Fighting Physical
Precipice Blades
Ground Physical
Normal Status
Lava Plume
Fire Special
Ground Unknown
Held item:
Groudon Lv.50
HP: 2187
Hammer Arm
Fighting Physical
Precipice Blades
Ground Physical
Fire Special
Ground Physical
Ground Fire
Desolate Land
Held item:
Primal Groudon Lv.50
HP: 1942
Hammer Arm
Fighting Physical
Precipice Blades
Ground Physical
Fire Special
Ground Physical


Entrance Magma Cavern interior Magma Cavern Pit Bottom

In the anime

Magma Cavern in the anime

Magma Cavern briefly appeared in a flashback in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!. Snubbull informed the Whiscash Elder at the Whiscash Pond that Team A.C.T. had left on a mission to save a Plusle and a Minun there.

In the manga

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team

Magma Cavern was the location where Ginji and Mudkip headed in order to meet Ninetales and find out if Ginji was truly the cursed human causing natural disasters. They finally reached the Magma Cavern in Why I Became a Pokémon. The Answer Finally Revealed!!, but were surprised by the arrival of Team A.C.T., who had come to take Mudkip away. Refusing to be taken away, Ginji and Mudkip engaged in a battle against the Gold Rank team, but soon Ninetales arrived, halting the fight. Ninetales then revealed that the real cursed human being was actually Gengar, whose appearance in the Pokémon world was resulting in Groudon's awakening, thus causing all the natural disasters that had happened recently.

In Tears and Emotions - It's the Final Chapter!, Groudon was completely awakened. Gengar revealed that he intended to have Groudon destroy the entire Pokémon world, as it was the cause of his current state. Groudon, however, didn't listen to him, and almost crushed him under falling rocks, only to be saved by Mudkip. All of Ginji's friends from Pokémon Square, as well as the Absol he and Mudkip had met in Frosty Forest, arrived to their help. Thanks to Gengar, who had finally realized the error of his ways, distracting Groudon with his Double-Edge, everybody got a chance to attack Groudon together, successfully defeating the Continent Pokémon and saving the Pokémon world.

In other languages

Magma Cavern

Language Title
  French Mine Magma
  German Magmahöhle
  Italian Caverna Magma
  Korean 마그마 지하 Magma Jiha
  Spanish Caverna Magma

Magma Cavern Pit

Language Title
  French Mine Magma - FondRTDX
Mine Magma-FondRB
  German Magmahöhlentiefe
  Italian Antro Magma
  Korean 마그마 지하 최하층 Magma Jiha Choehacheung
  Spanish Sima Magma

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