Remains Island

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Remains Island された
Left-Behind Island
Remains Island RTRB.png
Basic info
Floors: 20RB/13RTDX
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: FlyingRB/NoneRTDX
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3

Remains Island (Japanese: された Left-Behind Island) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that contains 20 floors.

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, it cannot be accessed by normal means in the game and is only available through a Nintendo Event, using the Wonder Mail Code: ??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1. Pokémon in this dungeon can also be found in the Northern Range and Pitfall Valley, with the exception of Wingull. In Rescue Team DX, it is unlocked after clearing Sky Tower for the first time. The last floor contains 2 Pretty Boxes, and 1 False Swipe TM.

Pokémon encountered

Generation III

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Hoothoot 1-3 6 7%
  Swellow 1-5 20 Unrecruitable
  Ninjask 1-5 25 Unrecruitable
  Pidgeot 1-6 16 Unrecruitable
  Farfetch'd 1-6 30 7.2%
  Ledyba 1-6 25 12.1%
  Beautifly 1-6 36 Unrecruitable
  Butterfree 4-9 35 Unrecruitable
  Raticate 5-8 25 Unrecruitable
  Hoppip 5-8 8 8.5%
  Doduo 7-12 25 7.2%
  Swablu 7-12 24 7.5%
  Wingull 7-14 23 12.5%
  Spearow 9-13 34 11.9%
  Yanma 9-15 25 7.4%
  Masquerain 10-14 40 Unrecruitable
  Scyther 13-19 32 10%
  Skiploom 15-20 25 -19%
  Spinarak 16-20 11 7.8%
  Togetic 16-20 25 Unrecruitable
  Dodrio 20 25 Unrecruitable

Generation VIII

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Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Weedle 1-2 35 14.4%
  Pidgey 1-2 35 14.4%
  Rattata 1-2 35 14.4%
  Nidoran♀ 1-2 35 14.4%
  Nidoran♂ 1-2 35 10.8%
  Clefairy 1-2 35 6.4%
  Zubat 1-2 35 10.8%
  Snubbull 1-12 35 8.2%
  Chingling 1-12 35 8.2%
  Bonsly 1-12 35 8.2%
  Munchlax 1-12 35 8.2%
  Oddish 3-4 35 14.4%
  Paras 3-4 35 14.4%
  Poliwag 3-4 35 14.4%
  Graveler 3-4 35 10.8%
  Ponyta 3-4 35 6.4%
  Doduo 4 35 10.8%
  Seel 4 35 10.8%
  Grimer 4 35 10.8%
  Shellder 4 35 8.2%
  Gastly 5-6 35 8.2%
  Hypno 5-6 35 8.2%
  Voltorb 5-6 35 14.4%
  Exeggcute 5-6 35 14.4%
  Hitmonlee 5-6 35 8.2%
  Lickitung 5-6 35 6.4%
  Tangela 7-9 35 10.8%
  Mr. Mime 7-9 35 8.2%
  Electabuzz 7-9 35 8.2%
  Pinsir 7-9 35 14.4%
  Magmar 7-9 35 10.8%
  Sentret 7-9 35 14.4%
  Ledyba 7-9 35 14.4%
  Flaaffy 10-12 35 8.2%
  Marill 10-12 35 6.4%
  Hoppip 10-12 35 8.2%
  Skiploom 10-12 35 10.8%
  Aipom 10-12 35 10.8%
  Wooper 10-12 35 8.2%
  Murkrow 10-12 35 10.8%
  Misdreavus 10-12 35 8.2%
Fainted Pokémon
  Butterfree 2-12 39 100%
  Jigglypuff 2-12 37 100%
  Golem 2-12 39 100%
  Magikarp 2-12 37 100%
  Kabuto 2-12 37 100%
  Totodile 2-12 37 100%
  Pineco 2-12 ?? 100%
  Teddiursa 2-12 ?? 100%
  Armaldo 2-12 42 100%
Strong Foe
  Espeon 1-12 60 Unrecruitable
Bonsly will appear only after reaching Bronze rank.
Shiny Espeon can only be recruited with a Friend Bow.


Generation III

Remains Island

Item Floors
  4-74 Poké 1-20F
  Def. Scarf 1-20F
  Power Band 1-20F
  Special Band 1-20F
  Zinc Band 1-20F
  Cheri Berry 1-20F
  Oran Berry 1-20F
  Pecha Berry 1-20F
  Rawst Berry 1-20F
  Max Elixir 1-20F
  Gravelerock 1-20F
  Blast Seed 1-20F
  Heal Seed 1-20F
  Warp Seed 1-20F
  Apple 1-20F
  Blue Gummi 1-20F
  Brown Gummi 1-20F
  Gold Gummi 1-20F
  Gray Gummi 1-20F
  Orange Gummi 1-20F
  Purple Gummi 1-20F
  Red Gummi 1-20F
  Royal Gummi 1-20F
  White Gummi 1-20F
  Yellow Gummi 1-20F
  Blowback Orb 1-20F
  Cleanse Orb 1-20F
  Escape Orb 1-20F
  Evasion Orb 1-20F
  Hurl Orb 1-20F
  Petrify Orb 1-20F
  Pounce Orb 1-20F
  Radar Orb 1-20F
  Rebound Orb 1-20F
  Rollcall Orb 1-20F
  Scanner Orb 1-20F
  Switcher Orb 1-20F
  Trapbust Orb 1-20F
  Trawl Orb 1-20F
  Warp Orb 1-20F

Kecleon Shop

Item Floors
  Gold Ribbon 1-20F
  Joy Ribbon 1-20F
  Heal Ribbon 1-20F
  Pecha Scarf 1-20F
  Persim Band 1-20F
  Power Band 1-20F
  Racket Band 1-20F
  Stamina Band 1-20F
  Warp Scarf 1-20F
  Insomniscope 1-20F
  Scope Lens 1-20F
  X-Ray Specs 1-20F
  Apple 1-20F
  Big Apple 1-20F
  Cheri Berry 1-20F
  Oran Berry 1-20F
  Pecha Berry 1-20F
  Rawst Berry 1-20F
  Reviver Seed 1-20F
  Max Elixir 1-20F
  Blowback Orb 1-20F
  Hurl Orb 1-20F
  Lob Orb 1-20F
  Petrify Orb 1-20F
  Pounce Orb 1-20F
  Stayaway Orb 1-20F
  Switcher Orb 1-20F
  Warp Orb 1-20F

Buried items

Item Floors
  Aerial Ace 10-20F
  Blizzard 10-20F
  Bulk Up 10-20F
  Dig 10-20F
  Earthquake 10-20F
  Fire Blast 10-20F
  Focus Punch 10-20F
  Giga Drain 10-20F
  Hyper Beam 10-20F
  Iron Tail 10-20F
  Overheat 10-20F
  Protect 10-20F
  Psychic 10-20F
  Return 10-20F
  Safeguard 10-20F
  Shadow Ball 10-20F
  Skill Swap 10-20F
  Sludge Bomb 10-20F
  Solarbeam 10-20F
  Steel Wing 10-20F
  Thunder 10-20F
  Toxic 10-20F
  Water Pulse 10-20F
  Cleanse Orb 10-20F
  Decoy Orb 10-20F
  Drought Orb 10-20F
  Escape Orb 10-20F
  Evasion Orb 10-20F
  Fill-In Orb 10-20F
  Hail Orb 10-20F
  Hurl Orb 10-20F
  Identify Orb 10-20F
  Invisify Orb 10-20F
  Itemizer Orb 10-20F
  Lob Orb 10-20F
  Longtoss Orb 10-20F
  Luminous Orb 10-20F
  Mobile Orb 10-20F
  Mug Orb 10-20F
  One-Room Orb 10-20F
  One-Shot Orb 10-20F
  Petrify Orb 10-20F
  Pierce Orb 10-20F
  Pounce Orb 10-20F
  Quick Orb 10-20F
  Radar Orb 10-20F
  Rainy Orb 10-20F
  Rebound Orb 10-20F
  Rocky Orb 10-20F
  Rollcall Orb 10-20F
  Sandy Orb 10-20F
  Scanner Orb 10-20F
  See-Trap Orb 10-20F
  Shocker Orb 10-20F
  Silence Orb 10-20F
  Sizebust Orb 10-20F
  Slow Orb 10-20F
  Slumber Orb 10-20F
  Snatch Orb 10-20F
  Stairs Orb 10-20F
  Stayaway Orb 10-20F
  Sunny Orb 10-20F
  Switcher Orb 10-20F
  Totter Orb 10-20F
  Transfer Orb 10-20F
  Trapbust Orb 10-20F
  Trapper Orb 10-20F
  Trawl Orb 10-20F
  Two-Edge Orb 10-20F
  Warp Orb 10-20F

Traps encountered

Generation III

Note: The % are approximated.

Image Trap Floor 1-20
  Chestnut Trap 5.95%
  Explosion Trap 2.38%
  Grimy Trap 5.95%
  Gust Trap 2.98%
  Mud Trap 2.98%
  Poison Trap 5.96%
  Pokémon Trap 5.95%
  PP-Zero Trap 5.96%
  Seal Trap 2.97%
  Selfdestruct Trap 1.78%
  Slow Trap 5.95%
  Slumber Trap 6.15%
  Spin Trap 5.35%
  Sticky Trap 2.97%
  Summon Trap 5.96%
  Warp Trap 5.95%

Other encounters

Generation III

Image Tile Floor 1-20
  Wonder Tile 23.81%
  Kecleon Shop 7%

In other languages

Language Title
  French Île VestigeRTDX
Ile VestigeRB
  German Verlassene InselRTDX
  Italian Isola Desolata
  Korean 남겨진 섬 Namgyeojin Seom
  Spanish Isla Desolada

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