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Food (Mystery Dungeon)

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Food encompasses all items that can be eaten in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. All of these items have an "eat" option rather than a "use" or "ingest" option, can be turned into Grimy Food by stepping on a Grimy Trap (with the exception of Grimy Food itself), and can be blended into drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar. Being hit by thrown food has the same effect as eating it (also deals 2 damage if sticky).


List of food items

Perfect Apple

Perfect Apples are very big and delicious apples in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Although not actually obtainable by the player, they are seen multiple times throughout the games. They are found in Apple Woods and the Guildmaster, Wigglytuff, is shown to be very fond of them.

They were later introduced as an obtainable item in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Other food items


Main article: Berry


Main article: Gummi

Gummis are food items in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky. Depending on the consumer's type and the gummi's color, it will raise the Pokémon's stats and IQ.

Lookalike Items

Main article: Lookalike Item

The Gravelyrock is an edible Lookalike Item that doesn't imitate an edible item.


Main article: Seed



MDBag Apple Sprite.png MDBag Apple V Sprite.png MDBag Apple VI Sprite.png MDBag Apple Fresh VI Sprite.png MDBag Perfect Apple Sprite.png MDBag Golden Apple Sprite.png MDBag Golden Apple VI Sprite.png
Apple, Big Apple, Huge Apple from Rescue Team and Explorers series Apple and Big Apple from Gates to Infinity Apple, Big Apple, Huge Apple Super Mystery Dungeon Apple (fresh) from Super Mystery Dungeon Perfect Apple from Super Mystery Dungeon Golden Apple from Explorers series Golden Apple from Super Mystery Dungeon
MDBag Grimy Food III Sprite.png MDBag Grimy Food Sprite.png MDBag Grimy Food V Sprite.png MDBag Grimy Food VI Sprite.png MDBag Mega Donut V Sprite.png MDBag Mega Donut VI Sprite.png
Grimy Food from Rescue Team series Grimy Food from Explorers series Grimy Food from Gates to Infinity Grimy Food from Super Mystery Dungeon Mega Donut from Gates to Infinity Mega Donut from Super Mystery Dungeon

Apple PMD GTI.png Apple PSMD.png Big Apple PMD GTI.png Big Apple PSMD.png Perfect Apple PSMD.png Grimy Food PMD GTI.png
Apple from
Gates to Infinity
Apple from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Big Apple from
Gates to Infinity
Big Apple from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Perfect Apple from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Grimy Food from
Gates to Infinity and
Super Mystery Dungeon
Golden Banana PSMD.png Four-Leaf Cookie PSMD.png Sweet Chocolate PSMD.png Mini Donut PSMD.png Donut PSMD.png Mega Donut PSMD.png
Golden Banana from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Four-Leaf Cookie from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Sweet Chocolate from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Mini Donut from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Donut from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Mega Donut from
Super Mystery Dungeon


In other languages


Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Mad*
Canada Flag.png Canadian French Aliment, Nourriture*
Germany Flag.png German Essen
Italy Flag.png Italian Cibo
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Comida*
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Mat*

English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Apple Pomme Apfel Mela Manzanita 사과 Sagwa
Big Apple Grosse Pomme Großer Apfel Melagrande Manzana 큰사과 Keun Sagwa
Huge Apple Pomme Géante Riesenapfel Gigantomela Manzanota 특대사과 Teukdae Sagwa
Golden Apple Pomme d'Or Goldapfel Mela Dorata Manzana Oro 황금사과 Hwanggeum Sagwa
Perfect Apple Pomme Parfaite Perfekter Apfel Mela Perfetta Manzana Perfecta 거대사과 Geodae Sagwa
Banana Banane Banane Banana Plátano 바나나 Banana
Golden Banana Banane d'Or Goldbanane Banana d'Oro Plátano Oro -
Grimy Food Morviture Sleimkost Grimerpappa Grimmerola 질퍽음식 Jilpeok Eumsik
Chestnut Châtaigne Kastanie Castagna Castaña 밤송이 Bamsongi
Donut Donut Donut Ciambelle Rosquilla -
Mini Donut Mini Donut Mini-Donut Miniciambella Mini rosquilla -
Mega Donut Gros Donut Maxi-Donut Megaciambella Rosquilla Grande -
Four-Leaf Cookie Cookie Fleur Blütenkeks Biscotto Fiore Galleta Flor -
Sweet Chocolate Chocodoux Schokolade Cioccodolce Chocodulce -

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