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Disambiguation pages are used on a wiki in order to differentiate between several things which can be written about, but have the same name. For example, there are several characters who share a name with another character, like Jimmy (AG092), a character of the day who appeared during Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, and Jimmy (Johto), one of the protagonists of the The Legend of Thunder! special.

Whereas on other wikis, disambiguation pages are used and created after the fact, Bulbapedia has many disambiguation pages which are already prepared to be used in case of a Pokémon's capture in the anime or one of the many manga series, among other instances. These disambiguation pages are utilized mostly to assist in linking within other articles using link templates so that an article that is incorrectly linked can be found and corrected more quickly.

For a list of all Bulbapedia disambiguation pages, please see Category:Disambiguation pages.