Far-Off Sea

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Far-Off Sea 最果ての
Farthest-Off Sea
Far-off Sea RTRB.png
Basic info
Floors: 75
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Water
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3

Far-Off Sea (Japanese: 最果ての Farthest-Off Sea), formatted as Far-off Sea in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that contains 75 floors. It is automatically unlocked on purchasing the Serene Sea Friend Area, available after the completion of the main story.


Generation III

HM Dive and a Water Pokémon are required to enter the dungeon. The leader cannot be switched, unlike in most postgame dungeons.

Two TMs unique to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon are found in this dungeon, both requiring keys to obtain. Wide Slash is found on B50F and Vacuum-Cut is found on B72F. Multiple DeepSeaTeeth can also be found in this dungeon from B56F to B75F, even if the player already has one or more in their Toolbox or storage. This dungeon is also the only place where Lapras can be found in the game. Additionally, floors 14 to 63 are shrouded in darkness, limiting field of view in hallways to 2 tiles. On floors 64 to 75, the field is limited further, to just one tile.

Generation VIII

The last floor of the dungeon contains 3 Deluxe Boxes, 2 Life Seeds, 1 Accuracy Drink, 1 Power Drink, and 1 PP-Up Drink.

Pokémon encountered

Generation III

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Shellder 1-8 25 12.2%
  Omanyte 1-9 30 8%
  Krabby 1-10 32 8%
  Slowpoke 6-14 25 12%
  Seel 6-14 18 3.9%
  Spheal 10-19 22 8.8%
  Anorith 14-23 26 8.7%
  Vaporeon 20, 30, 50, 60, 70 25 Unrecruitable
  Grimer 20-29 20 12.2%
  Omastar 20-29 35 Unrecruitable
  Kingler 26-35 35 Unrecruitable
  Slowbro 30-36 27 Unrecruitable
  Carvanha 30-39 27 8.9%
  Starmie 35-44 22 Unrecruitable
  Armaldo 35-44 33 Unrecruitable
  Sealeo 35-44 24 -19%
  Wailmer 41-50 35 8.2%
  Lapras 45-50 B 30 6.7%
  Luvdisc 45-54 30 8.6%
  Dratini 50-59 30 11%
  Slowking 50-59 38 Unrecruitable
  Dewgong 55-64 35 Unrecruitable
  Octillery 55-64 30 -30%
  Muk 60-69 36 Unrecruitable
  Sharpedo 60-69 35 Unrecruitable
  Walrein 60-69 28 Unrecruitable
  Clamperl 65-75 35 8.5%
  Kingdra 70-75 40 Unrecruitable
  Wailord 70-75 40 Unrecruitable

Generation VIII

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Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Shellder 1-8 44 ??%
  Omanyte 1-9 44 ??%
  Krabby 1-10 44 ??%
  Slowpoke 6-14 44 ??%
  Seel 6-14 44 ??%
  Spheal 10-19 44 ??%
  Anorith 14-23 44 ??%
  Grimer 20-29 44 ??%
  Omastar 20-29 44 ??%
  Vaporeon 20, 25, 30,
50, 60, 70
44 ??%
  Kingler 26-35 44 ??%
  Slowbro 30-36 44 ??%
  Carvanha 30-40 44 ??%
  Starmie 35-44 44 ??%
  Armaldo 35-44 44 ??%
  Sealeo 35-44 44 ??%
  Wailmer 41-50 44 ??%
  Lapras 45-50 44 ??%
  Luvdisc 45-54 44 ??%
  Dratini 50-59 44 ??%
  Slowking 50-59 44 ??%
  Dewgong 55-64 44 ??%
  Octillery 55-64 44 ??%
  Muk 60-69 44 ??%
  Sharpedo 60-69 44 ??%
  Walrein 60-69 44 ??%
  Clamperl 65-74 44 ??%
  Kingdra 70-74 44 ??%
  Wailord 70-74 44 ??%
Fainted Pokémon
  Bellsprout 2-74 46 ??%
  Exeggutor 2-74 46 ??%
Mystery House
  Krabby 2-74 44 ??%
  Staryu 43 44 ??%
  Corsola 2-74 60 ??%
  Sharpedo 2-74 44 ??%
  Clamperl 43 44 ??%
Strong Foe
  Corsola 6-14, 20-74 60 ??%


Generation III

Far-off Sea

Poké first appears in groups of 4-314. The maximum increases to 478 on 31st floor.

Item Floors
  Poké 1-75F
  Bounce Band 1-75F
  Curve Band 1-75F
  Detect Band 1-75F
  Diet Ribbon 1-75F
  Gold Ribbon 1-75F
  Heal Ribbon 1-75F
  Joy Ribbon 1-75F
  Patsy Band 1-75F
  Pecha Scarf 1-75F
  Plain Ribbon 1-75F
  Power Band 1-75F
  Racket Band 1-75F
  Sneak Scarf 1-75F
  Stamina Band 1-75F
  Tight Belt 1-75F
  Warp Scarf 1-75F
  Insomniscope 1-75F
  Scope Lens 1-75F
  Whiff Specs 1-75F
  X-Ray Specs 1-75F
  7-9 Geo Pebble 1-75F
  3-4 Gravelerock 1-75F
  Cheri Berry 1-75F
  Allure Seed 1-75F
  Blinker Seed 1-75F
  Heal Seed 1-75F
  Sleep Seed 1-75F
  Totter Seed 1-75F
  Deepseascale 51-75F
  Deepseatooth 51-75F
  Key 51-75F
  Aerial Ace 1-75F
  Attract 1-75F
  Brick Break 1-75F
  Bullet Seed 1-75F
  Calm Mind 1-75F
  Dig 1-75F
  Earthquake 1-75F
  Facade 1-75F
  Focus Punch 1-75F
  Frustration 1-75F
  Giga Drain 1-75F
  Hidden Power 1-75F
  Ice Beam 1-75F
  Light Screen 1-75F
  Psychic 1-75F
  Reflect 1-75F
  Rest 1-75F
  Return 1-75F
  Roar 1-75F
  Safeguard 1-75F
  Secret Power 1-75F
  Shadow Ball 1-75F
  Shock Wave 1-75F
  Solarbeam 1-75F
  Taunt 1-75F
  Thief 1-75F
  Thunderbolt 1-75F
  Torment 1-75F
  Toxic 1-75F
  Blowback Orb 1-75F
  Cleanse Orb 1-75F
  Escape Orb 1-75F
  Evasion Orb 1-75F
  Hurl Orb 1-75F
  Petrify Orb 1-75F
  Pounce Orb 1-75F
  Radar Orb 1-75F
  Rebound Orb 1-75F
  Rollcall Orb 1-75F
  Scanner Orb 1-75F
  Switcher Orb 1-75F
  Trapbust Orb 1-75F
  Trawl Orb 1-75F
  Warp Orb 1-75F
In the locked chambers
  Vacuum-Cut 72F
  Wide Slash 50F
  Link Cable 50, 72F

Monster House

Item Floors
  Poké 14-75F
  Aerial Ace 14-75F
  Attract 14-75F
  Brick Break 14-75F
  Bullet Seed 14-75F
  Calm Mind 14-75F
  Dig 14-75F
  Earthquake 14-75F
  Facade 14-75F
  Fire Blast 14-75F
  Flamethrower 14-75F
  Focus Punch 14-75F
  Frustration 14-75F
  Giga Drain 14-75F
  Hidden Power 14-75F
  Ice Beam 14-75F
  Light Screen 14-75F
  Psychic 14-75F
  Reflect 14-75F
  Rest 14-75F
  Return 14-75F
  Roar 14-75F
  Safeguard 14-75F
  Secret Power 14-75F
  Shadow Ball 14-75F
  Shock Wave 14-75F
  Solarbeam 14-75F
  Taunt 14-75F
  Thief 14-75F
  Thunderbolt 14-75F
  Torment 14-75F
  Toxic 14-75F
  Blowback Orb 14-75F
  Escape Orb 14-75F
  Evasion Orb 14-75F
  Hurl Orb 14-75F
  Petrify Orb 14-75F
  Pounce Orb 14-75F
  Radar Orb 14-75F
  Rebound Orb 14-75F
  Rollcall Orb 14-75F
  Scanner Orb 14-75F
  Switcher Orb 14-75F
  Trawl Orb 14-75F
  Warp Orb 14-75F

Buried items

Item Floors
  Bounce Band 33-75F
  Def. Scarf 33-75F
  Detect Band 33-75F
  Dodge Scarf 33-75F
  Goggle Specs 33-75F
  Lockon Specs 33-75F
  Mobile Scarf 33-75F
  Munch Belt 33-75F
  Special Band 33-75F
  Stamina Band 33-75F
  Tight Belt 33-75F
  Trap Scarf 33-75F
  Zinc Band 33-75F

Traps encountered

Generation III

Note: The % are rough estimates.

Image Trap Floor 1-75
  Grimy Trap 16.67%
  Mud Trap 16.67%
  PP-Zero Trap 22.22%
  Seal Trap 22.22%
  Sticky Trap 16.66%
  Summon Trap 5.56%

Other encounters

Generation III

Image Tile Other floors Floor 1-13 Floor 14, 29, 46 and 64
  Monster House 6% 0% 100%


In other languages

Language Title
  French Mer des Confins
  German Fernes Meer
  Italian Mare Sperduto
  Korean 세상 끝의 바다 Sesang Kkeutui Bada
  Spanish Mar Lejano

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