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Wands (Japanese: えだ Branch) are types of items in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series that were introduced in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Many wands have effects similar to those of Wonder Orbs (and in fact, some are replacements for certain Orbs). Unlike Orbs, however, their effects are always localized to a single target, including allies. Every kind of wand is stackable, up to a maximum of 40 uses.

When a wand is used, or waved, a projectile is launched in the direction the user is facing, traveling in a straight line until it hits a Pokémon, wall, or the edge of the map. When the projectile hits something, the wand's effect, if applicable, will occur. While traveling, the projectile will ignore corners.

Wands can be found in dungeons, purchased from Kecleon Shops, or received as prizes from certain expeditions. Wild Braixen and Delphox are able to use wands, and will always spawn holding a random one.

Types of wands


Sprites and models

Sprite from
Super Mystery Dungeon
Sprite from
Rescue Team DX
Model of a wand from
Super Mystery Dungeon


In other languages

English   French   German   Italian   Spanish
Wand Branche Zweig Ramo Rama
Blast Wand Branche Détonation Sprengzweig Scoppiettaramo Rama Explosión
Confuse Wand Branche Confusion Konfusionszweig Confondiramo Rama Confusión
Guiding Wand Branche Guide Richtungszweig Ramo Guida Rama Guía
HP-Swap Wand Branche Permu-PV KP-Tausch-Zweig Ramo Scambia PS Rama Cambio PS
Petrify Wand Branche Pétrifiante Erstarrzweig Pietrificaramo Rama Petrificación
Pounce Wand Branche Bond Wuchtzweig Tufforamo Rama Salto
Quarter Wand Branche Quart Viertelzweig Ramo Smorzaforze Rama Cuarteo
Slow Wand Branche Lenteur Reduzierzweig Rallentaramo Rama Ralentí
Slumber Wand Branche Sommeil Schlafzweig Addormentaramo Rama Sueño
Stayaway Wand Branche Envoûte Wandelzweig Scacciaramo Rama Separación
Surround Wand Branche Encercle Umzingelzweig Accerchiaramo Rama Rodeo
Switcher Wand Branche Permute Wechselzweig Ramo Cambiaposto Rama Intercambio
Truant Wand Branche Paresse Schnarchnasenzweig Ramo Pigrone Rama Ausente
Tunnel Wand Branche Tunnel Tunnelzweig Ramo Tunnel Rama Túnel
Two-Edged Wand Branche Fracasse Heikelzweig Ramo Doppiotaglio Rama Doblefilo
Warp Wand Branche Téléport Warpzweig Teleramo Rama Teleporte
Whirlwind Wand Branche Cyclone Wirbelzweig Ramo Spazzavia Rama Remolino

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