Uproar Forest

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Specifically, it needs Rescue Team DX.
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Uproar Forest ぎの
Uproar Forest
Uproar Forest RTRB.png
Basic info
Floors: 10RB
Rest stops: No
Traps: No
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Grass, Poison
Boss: Mankey ×3
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3

Uproar Forest (Japanese: ぎの Uproar Forest) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX that contains 10RB/4RTDX floors. It is the focus of a sidequest.

Once player completes Mt. Freeze and finishes at least 3 missions, Wynaut and Wobbuffet will appear outside the Pelipper Post Office to ask someone to take the "Punish Bad Mankey" mission on the noticeboard. Accepting it will unlock Uproar Forest. The first time the dungeon is completed, there is a boss battle against three Mankey on the final floor. On completion, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Caterpie, and the Mankey will help to remodel the rescue Team Base. However, the Mankey go on strike half-way through until they are given two chestnuts. Once the remodeling is completed, the main storyline picks up again with the events around Magma Cavern.

Chestnuts can be found on the ground on the ninth floor of the dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, and any floor in Rescue Team DX.


Generation III

There is a random weather effect on floors 3 and 6. Additionally, all floors except final are shrouded in darkness, limiting field of vision to 2 tiles outside of rooms.

This is the first dungeon to have the possibility of Monster Houses.

Generation VIII

This is the first dungeon to have the possibility of Mystery Houses.

Pokémon encountered

Generation III

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Venonat B1F-B5F 17 11.4%
  Aipom B1F-B6F B 15 7.2%
  Seedot B1F-B9F 16 11.2%
  Roselia B4F-B7F R 16 7%
  Nuzleaf B5F-B9F 10 -19%
  Mankey B8F-B10F 11 10.9%
There are three Mankey at B10F as boss the first time the dungeon is cleared.
Mankey cannot be recruited until after the first completion of the dungeon.

Generation VIII

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Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Venonat B1F-B3F 23 10.8%
  Aipom B1F-B3F 23 10.8%
  Nuzleaf B1F-B3F 23 10.8%
  Seedot B2F-B3F 23 10.8%
  Mankey B3F 23 10.8%
  Roselia B3F 23 10.8%
  Mankey B4F 23 Unrecruitable Boss
Fainted Pokémon
  Lotad 1-3 20 100%
  Ledyba 1-3 20 100%
  Noctowl 1-3 20 100%
  Grimer 1-3 20 100%
  Raticate 2-4 20 100%
  Koffing 2-4 20 100%
Mystery House
  Kadabra ? ? 100%
  Onix ? ? 100%
  Steelix ? ? 100%
  Haunter ? ? 100%
  Krabby ? ? 100%
  Staryu ? ? 100%
  Jynx ? ? 100%
  Honchkrow ? ? 100%
  Misdreavus ? ? 100%
  Dunsparce ? ? 100%
  Delibird ? ? 100%
  Mawile ? ? 100%
  Sharpedo ? ? 100%
  Wailord ? ? 100%
  Altaria ? ? 100%
  Lunatone ? ? 100%
  Solrock ? ? 100%
  Duskull ? ? 100%
  Clamperl ? ? 100%
There are three Mankey as a boss the first time the dungeon is cleared.
Mankey cannot be recruited until after the first completion of the dungeon.


Generation III

Uproar Forest

Item Floors
  4-226 Poké 1-8F
  Apple 1-8F
  Chestnut 9F
  Grass Gummi 1-8F
  Green Gummi 1-8F
  Cheri Berry 1-8F
  Oran Berry 1-8F
  Pecha Berry 1-8F
  Blast Seed 1-8F
  Heal Seed 1-8F

Monster House

Item Floors
  4-226 Poké 1-9F
  Aerial Ace 1-9F
  Attract 1-9F
  Brick Break 1-9F
  Bullet Seed 1-9F
  Calm Mind 1-9F
  Dig 1-9F
  Earthquake 1-9F
  Facade 1-9F
  Fire Blast 1-9F
  Flamethrower 1-9F
  Focus Punch 1-9F
  Frustration 1-9F
  Giga Drain 1-9F
  Hidden Power 1-9F
  Ice Beam 1-9F
  Light Screen 1-9F
  Psychic 1-9F
  Reflect 1-9F
  Rest 1-9F
  Return 1-9F
  Roar 1-9F
  Safeguard 1-9F
  Secret Power 1-9F
  Shadow Ball 1-9F
  Shock Wave 1-9F
  Solarbeam 1-9F
  Taunt 1-9F
  Thief 1-9F
  Thunderbolt 1-9F
  Torment 1-9F
  Toxic 1-9F
  Blowback Orb 1-9F
  Escape Orb 1-9F
  Evasion Orb 1-9F
  Hurl Orb 1-9F
  Petrify Orb 1-9F
  Pounce Orb 1-9F
  Radar Orb 1-9F
  Rebound Orb 1-9F
  Rollcall Orb 1-9F
  Scanner Orb 1-9F
  Switcher Orb 1-9F
  Trawl Orb 1-9F
  Warp Orb 1-9F

Other encounters

Generation III

Image Tile Floor 1-9
  Monster House 6%


In other languages

Language Title
  French Bois Brouhaha
  German Tumultwald
  Italian Foresta Baraonda
  Korean 소동의 숲 Sodong-ui Sup
  Spanish Bosque Alboroto

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