Croagunk's Swap Shop

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Croagunk's Swap Shop (Japanese: グレッグルのトレードてん) is a shop where rare items can be traded or received in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky.

Squirtle and Chimchar in front of the Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is found on sublevel two (the lowest level) of Wigglytuff's Guild, across from the area where one must climb into for Sentry Duty. It is, as its name suggests, run by Croagunk. At the beginning of the game, the Swap Shop is not open. However, shortly after going through Apple Woods to find Perfect Apples, Croagunk calls the player and their partner over and explains how the shop is run. Croagunk has a fee of 150 Poké for each swap.

In Explorers of Time and Darkness

If one were to have two Pokémon-specific items, known as exclusive items, they could trade it for a rarer exclusive item of that species. For some species, there is a third rank, where the rarer exclusive item must be traded with the two other exclusive items in order for the rarest of the exclusive items for that species to be received. However, this only works if the species has more than one exclusive item. An example is Bulbasaur. The Bulba-Claw and Bulba-Fang can be traded for a Grass-Guard, which then can be traded with the Bulba-Claw and Bulba-Fang for a Leafy Tie, the rarest exclusive item for Bulbasaur. Also, the items in the Treasure Bag and the items in Kangaskhan Storage are presented together.

Exclusive items can be identified by the stars in their item summaries. The number of stars represents the rarity of the item. It also shows which Pokémon the item can be used with.

In Explorers of Sky

Explorers of Sky introduced exclusive items for all species, which can be obtained by trading in non-related exclusive items. However, one must wait for a desired item to appear, and will need to trade more items that would be needed if they were related. For a three star item (☆☆☆) five items must be traded, for a two star item (☆☆) three items must be traded, and for a one star item (☆) two items must be traded. The Swap Shop is more likely to offer items exclusive to Pokémon that participated in the previous day's expedition.

In other languages

Language Title
  Danish Croagunks byttesforretning*
  French Stand de Troc de Cradopaud
  German Glibunkel-Tauschbörse
  Italian Centro Cambi Croagunk
  Korean 삐딱구리 트레이드샵 Ppitakguri Teureideusyap
  Portuguese Loja de Trocas Croagunk*
  Spanish Trueques Croagunk
  Swedish Crogunks bytesaffär*

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