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Zero Isle Center ゼロのしま ちゅうおうぶ
Zero Isle Center
Zero Isle Center main S.png
Basic info
Floors: 50
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: None
Boss: None
Recruiting: No
Items: 16
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Zero Isle Center (Japanese: ゼロのしま ちゅうおうぶ Zero Isle Center) is a new dungeon introduced in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is similar to Zero Isle North, in that it doesn't allow the gaining of experience or the recruiting of Pokémon. However, the Pokémon here are higher leveled and all possess 850 IQ (granting them all of their effective IQ skills) and, like Zero Isle East, only 16 items are allowed. There are two restrictions that don't appear in the other Zero Isles:

  • The player can't call for a rescue upon being defeated.
  • Hidden traps that do not affect the leader remain invisible.

Zero Isle Center is unlocked after recycling 150 times at the Spinda's Café Recycle Shop. The dungeon is 50 floors, with the last floor containing four Deluxe Boxes, each holding an Exclusive item for the team's leader, along with a Warp Zone taking the player out of the dungeon.


Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
055 Golduck B1-B7 90-93 Unrecruitable
320 Wailmer B1-B7 90-93 Unrecruitable
369 Relicanth B1-B7 90-93 Unrecruitable
458 Mantyke B1-B7 90-93 Unrecruitable
076 Golem B1-B18 90-98 Unrecruitable
299 Nosepass B1-B20 90-99 Unrecruitable
305 Lairon B1-B20 90-99 Unrecruitable
443 Gible B1-B20 90-99 Unrecruitable
095 Onix B1-B27 90-99 Unrecruitable
106 Hitmonlee B1-B30 90-99 Unrecruitable
057 Primeape B1-B49 90-99 Unrecruitable
227 Skarmory B1-B49 90-99 Unrecruitable
260 Swampert B1-B49 90-99 Unrecruitable
395 Empoleon B1-B49 90-99 Unrecruitable
448 Lucario B1-B49 90-99 Unrecruitable
248 Tyranitar B8-B20 93-99 Unrecruitable
302 Sableye B8-B20 93-99 Unrecruitable
175 Togepi B10-B13, B17-B18, B21-B22 5 Unrecruitable
124 Jynx B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
221 Piloswine B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
362 Glalie B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
365 Walrein B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
461 Weavile B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
471 Glaceon B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
473 Mamoswine B14-B16 96-97 Unrecruitable
112 Rhydon B14-B35 96-99 Unrecruitable
048 Venonat B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
049 Venomoth B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
267 Beautifly B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
269 Dustox B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
284 Masquerain B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
313 Volbeat B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
414 Mothim B19-B20 99 Unrecruitable
107 Hitmonchan B19-B49 99 Unrecruitable
444 Gabite B21-B35 99 Unrecruitable
306 Aggron B21-B49 99 Unrecruitable
476 Probopass B21-B49 99 Unrecruitable
153 Bayleef B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
154 Meganium B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
191 Sunkern B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
192 Sunflora B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
274 Nuzleaf B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
275 Shiftry B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
357 Tropius B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
470 Leafeon B23-B25 99 Unrecruitable
006 Charizard B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
058 Growlithe B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
126 Magmar B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
218 Slugma B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
219 Magcargo B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
228 Houndour B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
229 Houndoom B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
467 Magmortar B28-B30 99 Unrecruitable
208 Steelix B28-B49 99 Unrecruitable
149 Dragonite B31-B49 99 Unrecruitable
334 Altaria B31-B49 99 Unrecruitable
082 Magneton B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
125 Electabuzz B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
171 Lanturn B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
239 Elekid B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
405 Luxray B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
462 Magnezone B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
466 Electivire B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
479 Rotom B33-B35 99 Unrecruitable
035 Clefairy B33-B45 5 Unrecruitable
445 Garchomp B36-B49 99 Unrecruitable
023 Ekans B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
024 Arbok B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
088 Grimer B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
089 Muk B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
109 Koffing B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
110 Weezing B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
453 Croagunk B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
454 Toxicroak B38-B40 99 Unrecruitable
064 Kadabra B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
065 Alakazam B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
122 Mr. Mime B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
343 Baltoy B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
344 Claydol B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
436 Bronzor B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
437 Bronzong B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable
439 Mime Jr. B43-B45 99 Unrecruitable


There are no Wonder Tiles found in this dungeon.

Image Trap Floors
Explosion Trap RTRB TDS.png Explosion Trap B1-B49F
Grimy Trap RTRB TDS.png Grimy Trap B1-B49F
Grudge Trap S.png Grudge Trap B1-B49F
Gust Trap RTRB TDS.png Gust Trap B1-B49F
Mud Trap RTRB TDS.png Mud Trap B1-B49F
PP-Zero Trap RTRB TDS.png PP-Zero Trap B1-B49F
Random Trap S.png Random Trap B1-B49F
Seal Trap RTRB TDS.png Seal Trap B1-B49F
Selfdestruct Trap RTRB TDS.png Selfdestruct Trap B1-B49F
Slow Trap RTRB TDS.png Slow Trap B1-B49F
Slumber Trap RTRB TDS.png Slumber Trap B1-B49F
Spin Trap RTRB TDS.png Spin Trap B1-B49F
Sticky Trap RTRB TDS.png Sticky Trap B1-B49F
Summon Trap RTRB TDS.png Summon Trap B1-B49F
Trip Trap RTRB TDS.png Trip Trap B1-B49F
Warp Trap RTRB TDS.png Warp Trap B1-B49F


Tileset #1 Tileset #3 Tileset #4
Zero Isle Center 1-7 S.png Zero Isle Center 14-16 S.png Zero Isle Center 19-25 S.png
Tileset #5 Tileset #6 Tileset #7
Zero Isle Center 28-30 S.png Zero Isle Center 33-35 S.png Zero Isle Center 38-40 S.png
Tileset #8 B50F
Zero Isle Center 43-45 S.png Zero Isle Center B50F S.png


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Île Zéro Centre
Germany Flag.png German Null-Insel-Zentrum
Italy Flag.png Italian Isola Zero Centro
Spain Flag.png Spanish Corazón Isla Cero

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