Sky Stairway

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Sky Stairway
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Sky Stairway てんくうのかいだん
Sky Stairway
Basic info
Floors: 50
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Ghost, Steel, Flying
Boss: Rayquaza
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Sky Stairway (Japanese: てんくうのかいだん Sky Stairway) is a location in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky that is unlocked using a Secret Wonder Mail Mission. Rayquaza can be battled and recruited at Sky Stairway Apex (Japanese: てんくうのかいだん ちょうじょう). Defeating Rayquaza will get the player the Sky Melodica.

Mewtwo also appears via challenge request on a random floor between 25F-49F in Explorers of Sky only.

7 Treasure Wonder Mail S Code

=TTYT 8P42887 Q-M5#

[email protected] 6S&8MJW Q%9PC

Pokémon encountered

Most of the Pokémon encountered in the "future" dungeons (Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin and so on) appear in Sky Stairway. Dusknoir appears only after unlocking Marine Resort.

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Rhydon 1-10 33-35 -10%
  Gabite 1-10 33-35 8.2%
  Gastly 1-15 30-33 8.2%
  Magnemite 1-25 12-17 8.2%
  Ambipom 1-30 42-48 8.2%
  Raichu 1-49 42-50 -12%
  Vulpix 1-49 14-22 8.2%
  Muk 1-49 30-38 -4.5%
  Ditto 1-49 28-36 8.2%
  Jumpluff 1-49 33-41 -10%
  Misdreavus 1-49 30-38 8.2%
  Forretress 1-49 30-38 1%
  Steelix 1-49 33-41 -10%
  Skarmory 1-49 28-36 8.2%
  Claydol 1-49 30-38 1%
  Banette 1-49 30-38 -10%
  Duskull 1-49 30-38 6.4%
  Shelgon 1-49 30-38 1%
  Metang 1-49 33-41 1%
  Mothim 1-49 33-41 8.2%
  Tangrowth 1-49 33-41 8.2%
  Leafeon 1-49 33-41 -10%
  Gliscor 1-49 30-38 -4.5%
  Probopass 1-49 33-41 8.2%
  Togekiss 5-49 28-36 -12%
  Spiritomb 7-14 50-51 -10%
  Haunter 16-29 33-35 1%
  Mewtwo 25-49 S 80 100%
  Magneton 26-49 50-53 -4.5%
  Gengar 30-49 36-38 -10%
  Drifloon 31-49 34-36 5%
  Dusknoir 49 55 -12%
Mewtwo can only be fought through challenge request

Sky Stairway Apex

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Rayquaza Apex 49 50% Boss

Traps encountered

Image Trap Floors
  Chestnut Trap 1-40F
  Explosion Trap 1-49F
  Grimy Trap 1-49F
  Gust Trap 1-49F
  Mud Trap 1-49F
  Poison Trap 1-40F
  Pokémon Trap 1-49F
  PP-Zero Trap 1-49F
  Seal Trap 1-49F
  Selfdestruct Trap 1-49F
  Slow Trap 1-49F
  Slumber Trap 1-49F
  Spin Trap 1-49F
  Sticky Trap 1-49F
  Summon Trap 1-49F
  Warp Trap 1-49F
  Wonder Tile 1-49F



In other languages

Sky Stairway

Language Title
  French Escalier Céleste
  German Himmelsstufen
  Italian Scala del Cielo
  Korean 천공의 계단 Cheongong-ui Gyedan
  Spanish Escalera Celeste

Sky Stairway Apex

Language Title
  French Escalier Céleste - faîte
  German Himmelsstufenspitze
  Italian Vetta del Cielo
  Korean 천공의 계단 정상 Cheongong-ui Gyedan Jeongsang
  Spanish Pico Celeste

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