Zero Isle East

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Zero Isle East ゼロのしま とうぶ
Zero Isle East
Basic info
Floors: 40
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: No
Main type: None
Boss: None
Recruiting: No
Items: 16
Money: Allowed
Starting level: 1
Team members: 4

Zero Isle East (Japanese: ゼロのしま とうぶ Zero Isle East) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness as well as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is one of the hardest dungeons in the game. Unlike Zero Isle North, the player can gain Experience points. However, the player must start at Level 1 (both moves and statistics) and can only bring 16 items with them (items beyond the 16th slot of the Treasure Bag will be lost upon entry). The player's level and stats will be restored once they leave the dungeon and will retain any items found within. In addition, if the player teaches a Pokémon a TM during the dungeon, it will be lost. Zero Isle East has a total of 40 floors and the Pokémon naturally found there cannot be recruited.

At the end of the dungeon, the player can pick up a White Silk and a Deluxe Box with either a Joy Seed or Life Seed.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Dewgong B1-B3 1-3 Unrecruitable
  Shellder B1-B3 1-3 Unrecruitable
  Corsola B1-B3 1-3 Unrecruitable
  Kabuto B1-B5 1-5 Unrecruitable
  Azumarill B1-B5 1-5 Unrecruitable
  Slowpoke B2-B4 2-4 Unrecruitable
  Yanma B2-B5 2-5 Unrecruitable
  Mankey B3-B5 3-5 Unrecruitable
  Tentacruel B3-B5 3-5 Unrecruitable
  Voltorb B3-B5 3-5 Unrecruitable
  Spearow B3-B6 3-6 Unrecruitable
  Seedot B3-B7 3-7 Unrecruitable
  Heracross B4-B8 4-8 Unrecruitable
  Primeape B6-B8 6-8 Unrecruitable
  Golbat B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Ditto B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Hoothoot B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Natu B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Houndour B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Wailmer B6-B10 6-10 Unrecruitable
  Mr. Mime B8-B12 8-12 Unrecruitable
  Venonat B9-B13 9-12 Unrecruitable
  Hitmonlee B9-B13 9-12 Unrecruitable
  Magneton B11-B14 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Beedrill B11-B15 DS 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Vulpix B11-B15 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Feraligatr B11-B15 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Spinarak B11-B15 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Slugma B11-B15 11-13 Unrecruitable
  Chansey B11-B15, B26-B32 11-13, 16-18 Unrecruitable
  Krabby B12-B16 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Magmar B13-B17 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Pineco B13-B17 12-14 Unrecruitable
  Wartortle B14-B18 13-14 Unrecruitable
  Omanyte B14-B18 13-14 Unrecruitable
  Graveler B15-B19 13-15 Unrecruitable
  Haunter B16-B20 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Eevee B16-B20 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Togetic B16-B20 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Shroomish B16-B20 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Bronzor B16-B20 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Plusle B16-B21 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Minun B16-B21 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Scyther B18-B22 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Pinsir B18-B22 14-15 Unrecruitable
  Rhyhorn B20-B24 15 Unrecruitable
  Shedinja B20-B24 15 Unrecruitable
  Ivysaur B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Drowzee B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Sudowoodo B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Lunatone B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Anorith B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Drifloon B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Mime Jr. B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Electivire B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Porygon-Z B21-B25 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Pikachu B23-B28 15-16 Unrecruitable
  Illumise B24-B29 15-17 Unrecruitable
  Murkrow B25-B30 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Makuhita B25-B30 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Bayleef B26-B30 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Baltoy B26-B30 16-17 Unrecruitable
  Nidoran♂ B26-B31 16-18 Unrecruitable
  Camerupt B30-B34 17-19 Unrecruitable
  Absol B30-B34 17-19 Unrecruitable
  Nidoking B30-B35 17-19 Unrecruitable
  Meditite B30-B35 17-19 Unrecruitable
  Medicham B30-B35 17-19 Unrecruitable
  Quilava B31-B35 18-19 Unrecruitable
  Remoraid B31-B37 18-20 Unrecruitable
  Charmeleon B31-B39 18-21 Unrecruitable
  Misdreavus B31-B39 18-21 Unrecruitable
  Zangoose B31-B39 18-21 Unrecruitable
  Kingdra B33-B38 18-20 Unrecruitable
  Weezing B33-B39 18-21 Unrecruitable
  Electrode B34-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Horsea B35-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Octillery B35-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Delibird B35-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Carvanha B35-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Butterfree B36-B39 TS 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Loudred B36-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Manectric B36-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Torkoal B36-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable
  Wynaut B36-B39 19-21 Unrecruitable


Sealed chambers

There are multiple sealed chambers (which can be opened with keys) in this dungeon. The items found inside the chambers are:

Item Floors
  Joy Seed B10F
  Royal Silk B20F
  2 Joy Seed B30F
One of the following three per visit to B15
  Edify Robe B15F
  Charity Robe B15F
  Hope Robe B15F


Image Trap Floors
  Chestnut Trap B1-B39F
  Explosion Trap B1-B39F
  Grimy Trap B1-B39F
  Gust Trap B1-B39F
  Mud Trap B1-B39F
  Poison Trap B1-B39F
  Pokémon Trap B1-B39F
  PP-Zero Trap B1-B39F
  Seal Trap B1-B39F
  Selfdestruct Trap B1-B39F
  Slow Trap B1-B39F
  Slumber Trap B1-B39F
  Spin Trap B1-B39F
  Sticky Trap B1-B39F
  Summon Trap B1-B39F
  Trip Trap B1-B39F
  Warp Trap B1-B39F
  Wonder Tile B1-B39F


Tileset #2 Tileset #3
Tileset #4 B40F

In other languages

Language Title
  French Île Zéro Est
  German Null-Insel Ost
  Italian Isola Zero Est
  Korean 제로의 섬 동부 Zero-ui Seom Dongbu
  Spanish Isla Cero Este

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